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  1. Andy at the Open!
  2. Andy close to his prime!
  3. New Member
  4. Tonights the night
  5. Do you know what matters...?
  6. My Andy poem
  7. My US Open Pics!
  8. pictures for the Roddickaholics
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  10. We Need A Name!
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  12. Just more Andy!
  13. The "Significant Other" thread
  14. Andy and Tarik are never splitting!
  15. EYE CANDY: Boys, Boys, Boys...Boys, I do Adore!
  16. Hey All
  17. Anticipating Andy's chat...
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  19. Greatest match to date
  20. Interesting article before the semifinal
  21. Heartbreaker
  22. Andy on Craig Kilborn in....15 minutes!!
  23. Andy pulled out Davis Cup?
  24. No new tennis news...sooo who has met Andy?
  25. Rodsgal...
  26. Soccer Thread!
  27. When and how do you start to like Andy?
  28. Don't You People Have a Picture Thread?
  29. Mandy Picks Up Tennis Knowledge from Boyfriend
  30. Andy Prepares for Memphis
  31. Andy Does Photo Shoot For W Magazine
  32. Andy and Mandy pic!!!
  33. Let's take it one match at a time Andy
  34. Andy Roddick cheering thread for the rest of the year
  35. I sell photos and autograph of Roddick
  36. The Andy-El Aynaoui match up for an ESPY! (yikes, not an Emmy, NO!)
  37. I need some advice, some opinions!!!
  38. Mandy not in love with Andy anymore... she's OBSESSED!
  39. Andy on Conan soon
  40. Mandy & Andy: HTD movie premiere pics!
  41. Andy's improvements. what do you think?
  42. Andy in Indy
  43. 2003 picture thread
  44. Nice, Smart Fans' Club
  45. I saw Brad Gilbert today!
  46. Andy in Washington
  47. Andy in Montreal
  48. Roddick photos in montreal
  49. Montreal Final: Roddick vs. Nalbandian!
  50. Andymonium©
  51. Andy in Cincinnati
  52. M/Andy's date: Vahaly's LOSS to GONZO!!! MUAH HAAAAAAAAH!
  53. Brad Gilbert is a wanker, true or false?
  54. Andy in RollingStone
  55. Forum Name?
  56. Blick Article: Watch Out, Roger!
  57. Andy in New York
  58. Andy to Open NASDAQ Market Wednesday
  59. Chela Retired today against Kiefer????
  60. New Andy's #1 fan!
  61. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANDY!!!!!!!!!
  62. Naldo, I love you!
  63. Your End of year TOP 10 prediction?
  64. Andy Roddick:2003 US Open champ!!!!!!!
  65. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  66. Pick On the Brainwashed Bashers (No Bashers Allowed Here)
  67. #1?
  68. Why do you think their is so much animosity against roddick these days?
  70. Andy in Pictures
  71. Andy on Cover of 2003 Tennis Magazine!
  72. Roddick Avatars?
  73. What is it like to spend two weeks with Andy at the US Open? (A driver's POV)
  74. French videos..
  75. Paris
  76. #1 in the World!!!
  77. OMIGOSH...andy like so doesnt deserve to be number 1 this ranking system is screwed!
  78. Positivity thread
  79. Saturday Night Live
  80. oh. good. lord.
  81. Wallpaper (new one added)
  82. the grande finale-HOUSTON
  83. Andy and the Olympics
  84. Hey Guys!!
  85. Andy and Pop Stardom
  86. woohoo! (I got my tix!!!!)
  87. so how did Andy do???
  88. Houston (Press, etc)
  89. Houston Practice Report
  90. New Andy Article (a little help please?)
  91. What kind of music do us Andy fans listen to?
  92. Andy creeps his way closer to the year end no.1 spot!
  93. Andy Fans Are Nice to Everyone!
  94. Best Andy Roddick matches?
  95. Andy ends year #1!
  96. Six matches that shaped Roddick's year
  97. Loss temporarily mars Roddick's day
  98. No. 1 Is a Role Roddick Is Playing for Keeps
  99. Roddick has star quality, if America would notice
  100. Roddick has earned rest (great article!)
  101. well.... bring on 2004!!!
  102. Our Sexy People!
  103. Andy withdrawal
  104. Andy's one of People's Sexiest Men Alive :p
  105. Attention!! We have idea to contact Andy Roddick!!
  106. so what about us? (everyone introduce yourself here!)
  107. Andy's charity night a big success! (now w/pics!)
  108. Newbie
  109. Reality TV Show
  110. Creativity Thread
  111. Andy Articles!!!!!!
  112. Get Your Butts In Here, lol!!
  113. Andy signs deal with Rolex
  114. what's going on here???
  115. Just Cuz I'm Nice
  116. To all the regulars
  117. Um... er... I never win anything.
  118. Andy's 2004 Schedule.....ish.
  119. An Andy Post from the past (May 2001)
  120. Andy's past journal entries regarding Rios
  121. Andy on TV (ALERT: Check post #1720 for info!)
  122. The Andy Roddick funny photos thread
  123. Predict Andy's Slam Wins
  124. Welcome to the newbies!
  125. Roll eyes heehee
  126. Nice things other people say
  127. APAT (Another Pointless Andy Thread)
  128. Olympics
  129. This is worthy of a new thread
  130. Roddick Online is finally open!
  131. Andy vs. Roger
  132. Favorite Roddick match.
  133. Which traits do you share with Andy?
  134. Mandy on Andy=awwww (XXX Warning ;))
  135. The Andy moment...
  136. APAT Part Deux
  137. Boy, do I feel sorry for Safin!
  138. 2004 Picture Thread!
  139. Doing the Damage in Doha
  140. Classic Andy
  141. Doha articles
  142. A well fought out slam, Andy. You'll get em' next time.
  143. Reality Show Officially NOT Happening
  144. Really good article about Brad
  145. Pass The Bong - It's Time For Kooyong!
  146. The Big Interview: Andy Roddick - London Sunday Times
  147. Brad writes from Melbourne
  148. Another loooooooong one - Siebel Open Teleconference
  149. Andy Articles 2
  150. Aus Open
  151. The Hat, The Visor or no head wair you decide
  153. Roddick's Climb to the Top
  154. For those who don't believe...
  155. Really cool old article - "Fast Andy No Longer?"
  156. You know you've made it when...
  157. Something about Andy being the next sexiest man in people mag.
  158. Exactly What Bands/Artists does Roddick Like?
  159. Web sites
  160. The Andy Roddick Drinking Game
  161. For Star (WARNING, it's gross: just the way she likes it!)
  162. Hey Everyone
  163. bunk, help me
  164. Doping questions revisited
  165. The 2004 DC Thread is Now Retired
  166. No Andy, No.
  167. Mach that 155!
  168. Slammin' At the Siebel Open to take first title of 2004!!!!!
  169. What does Andy need to do to become the best?
  170. Coach Roddick
  171. Robby Ginepri
  172. Does Roger have wimbly in the bag?
  173. Roleplay Andy Roddick
  174. This is what I meant!
  175. Online Coach
  176. Buyin' Food and singing Hey Jude (Andy Kicking Butt in Memphis!)
  177. Andy's Home in Austin
  178. coach
  179. Acing Arizona (The Scottsdale thread)
  180. Wishing at the Wells
  181. Andy Roddick Trivia!!
  182. The Nasduck - 150
  183. tennis video trade
  184. What do you guys think about this?
  185. *clears throat* ahem ahem
  186. Blast from the Past
  187. Andy Roddick's "Who Cut the Cheese?" Thread!!!!
  188. Skylers Picks
  189. I'm new here
  190. Not tryin' to be rude but who is this Spadea dude?
  191. did andy and mandy broke up?
  192. Andy's 200th career win
  193. Check this out.. weird
  194. Sorry Everyone, but im Officially Back to Cheer On Andy!
  195. Quack Attack at Mack's
  196. Records are made to be broken
  197. Guys, i need your help, please!
  198. I want his navy trucker hat!!!! HELP!!!!
  199. Quackin' at home instead of Monte Carlo
  200. Back by popular demand...
  201. check him OUT!!!
  202. check out these cool roddick sites
  203. Ode to Andy...
  204. For Skyler: My Erotic poem, parental guidence suggested (this means you star) thread
  205. match facts
  206. Andy's "wtf was he thinking?" pics :)
  207. closed thread
  208. Getting the hell OUT of Rome!!
  209. Most Boring Player?
  210. Like Sands Through the Hourglass, This is the Life of the Roddicks (Brooke's fanclub)
  211. Nicknames for Andy
  212. Andy an der Alster
  213. Would you buy this shirt?(The Andy clothing thread)
  214. Andy withdraws Hamburg
  215. Tant Pis! Mais l'herbe est meilleure!
  216. Congratulations Deb! On your Graduation!!!
  217. Andy and Americans on European clay court
  218. Even a tree can flip you off!
  219. Andy Roddick Sighting In Austin..........
  220. LOOK at photo first before you read.
  221. Andy at the Pacer/Heat Game
  222. Happy Birthday, Mister Q!!
  223. Childless couple told to try sex
  225. dough boy rants
  226. Andy *loses* to Mutis in the second round..
  227. Andy's new girl?!?!?!
  228. This better not be a mistake!
  229. The King of Queens Reigns Supreme!!!!
  230. question to all of you guys!
  231. Is Andy mentally/emotionally all there?!
  232. Too short, Too light, Too Fat
  233. Double Trouble!!
  234. Wimbleduck--This year is the charm. 05' is alive...
  235. Andy trashes Flipper!!!
  236. Spies that never post
  237. television
  238. I sell photos and autograph of Roddick!
  239. Andy makes the cover of Deuce Magazine two years in a row!
  240. Andy on The Weakest Link UK
  241. Donde esta Senorita Bedford?
  242. ahem....*clears throat*
  243. New site!
  244. Schenectady Buzz and other WTT stuff
  245. An Andy Roddick Fan Fiction Site
  246. Cool Avatars (hosted by Avatar master Tangy the Tangerine)
  247. shows Andy's new summer outfit!!
  248. never goddamn mind
  249. Official Launch of the First Ever Roddick FanFic Site
  250. Where is Heya????