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  2. Patrick Rafter
  3. I hope this will be as good as WTAWORLD!
  4. How about a Potato Peelers Cheering Thread ????
  5. Fun Statistics!
  6. Jonas Bjorkman-The talent!
  7. a question for the moderator...
  8. Sampras changes coaches...again!
  9. Andre Sß: late-boomer?
  10. Should Sampras retire?
  11. So far, this place ROCKS!
  12. I AM HOME!!!!!!!!
  13. Mods: Guga board please!
  14. Help?
  15. forum request PLEASE-Grosjean
  16. Format of ATP tour finals
  17. Is Marcelo Rios over?
  18. Forum Request - Frenchmen!
  19. Carlos Moya Cheer Thread.......
  20. How do you put your own avatar on?
  21. Marcelo Rios biography
  22. Who are your favorite ATP players?
  23. Who knows how to get into coaching?
  24. If you could do anything to Henmans Hill.......
  25. Moving Signature
  26. The best servers.....
  27. With all players at their peak (& healthy)...
  28. Who will have the best hardcourt season overall?
  29. What two player in peak form would you like to see match up and why?
  30. Any news on Tommy Haas?
  31. Agassi/Sampras upcoming schedule?
  32. Please can we have a A-Rod forum!!
  33. Mods: Guga avatar please!!!
  34. Becker trying to save Hamburg TMS
  35. excellent interview with Marat
  36. Check the statistics page!
  37. Max Mirnyi forum please!
  38. Who is your favourite french tennis player ?
  39. Happy birthday, Xavier!!!
  40. Jan-Michael Gambill forum??
  41. Shanghai field: already pretty much decided..
  42. GM forum on these boards should ..
  43. Favourite Moments/Memories Of The US Open 2001
  44. Energis Open finalists
  45. Thomas Enqvist
  46. Mikhail Youzhny wins his 1st title !!!!!!!!
  47. What rivalries do you miss/enjoy?!
  48. Congratulations to Juan Ignacio Chela!!!!
  49. Prize money already going downhill ?
  50. Bob Larson's Preview July 22
  51. German Bundesliga results
  52. Lookalikes
  53. Drugs: John van Lottum accuses Canas, Puerta.
  54. 1 month early, but who'll win the US OPEN ?
  55. No goran forum?
  56. Who should have made more out of the talent they had.....Arazi or Rios?
  57. Whose groundstrokes would you like to have?
  58. Carlos and his UMAG trophy.
  60. I'M LOST, No James Blake forum?
  61. Hey, can't find a James Blake Avatar either
  62. How about a Young American Balls Forum?
  63. Happy Birthday, Jarkko!
  64. Foxtel owners rejoice.......
  65. Who is a better returner Agassi or Hewitt
  66. Sampras of old
  67. Biggest OVERachiever?
  68. In Their Primes : Agassi or Sampras?
  69. In an Ideal World......
  70. Who Makes a Case For the Hall of Fame?
  71. Ads popping up here!
  72. me!
  73. Can someone please explain to me the tier structure in place for the ATP?
  74. Which Slam Champion has shocked you the most with one of there Slam wins?
  75. Which Grand Slam champion made you the happiest to see then win?
  76. Underacheivers on the tour?
  77. Is Wimbledon really a "grass" tourny??
  78. Julie, what's going on at ATP and WTA World?
  79. How good is Richard Gasquet?
  80. Stefan Edberg - very recent photos
  81. Who among the new establishment have the x-factor to bring back fans to ATP?
  82. Who is the 4th player in the ATPworld logo?
  83. I went to Toronto Masters today !
  84. Mods: Change the Federer forum name PLEASE!!!
  85. Tim Henman forum
  86. The player to cheer for is ...
  87. If Guga wins Pavel, how he will act against Safin?
  88. Sampras expecting child?
  89. Quality Control C/P
  90. Can Sushi make a Dent???
  92. who is Jose Acasuso?
  93. Jose Acasuso Cheer Thread
  94. Do you think ATP should use the Entry list as the only ranking?
  95. Agassi pulls out of Toronto tournament!!!
  96. Gambill throws temper tantrum in press conference
  97. Is Fed done ?
  98. Team Agassi Vs Team Guga last week in LA :)
  99. It is true!!!
  100. Guga expains why he retired from match today
  101. _
  102. Haas talks about his parents recovery
  103. Nico throws a fit
  104. Rafter A Father!
  105. Rios vs Safin!!
  106. When will Goran play again?
  107. Tennis Stories
  108. which country has the best program to support players and why?
  109. Would Anyone be interested in a Fantasy Season for the ATP?
  110. Safin, Kafelnikov admit link to alleged mobster
  111. Swiss DC Coach Dies in Car Accident
  113. Tim Henman's Piggy Tails
  114. The Stupid Uninformed Things that People Say ;)
  115. What happens to Alex Corretja?
  116. E for Effort (Slams and Masters)
  117. Looking for...
  118. MODERATORS!!!: Please read regarding the Guga and Federer forums
  119. Canas in his first Master Series FINALS!!!!!!
  120. Vamos Guillermo!!!
  121. tommy is a perfect sweetheart
  122. Nice article on Taylor Dent in the latest issue of Tennis Week magazine!
  123. Safin looks within after loss
  124. The perfect quote for Andy
  125. MODS, where are you?!:::: Andy Roddick Forum Please!!!
  126. Roddick will do what Safin did in 2000, and win both the Canadian and U.S. Opens!
  127. Stefan Edberg comes to New England
  128. Questions for Xavier Malisse?
  129. Why isn't Ferrero better on Hard Courts?
  130. When Will Haas Breakthrough at a Slam?
  131. Congrats Guillermo!!
  132. Tennis
  133. Eggy must be nervous! Argentina can go into Moscow and beat the Russians in DC!
  134. HELLO!
  135. Henman admits he loves Ferrero :eek:
  136. Mark Philippoussis qualifies for Cincinnati main draw
  137. Will Safin win another Slam?
  138. Bob Larson's Cincinatti Preview
  139. From Wertheim: appearance fees
  140. Will Thomas Johansson qualify for the Tennis Masters Cup?
  141. What do u think of Sampras being given night matches all the time?
  142. Ferrero pics: TORONTO
  143. Becker to face McEnroe
  144. Not enuff.... Guga lose again...
  145. OMG Hewitt def. Ginepri 6-0 6-0!
  146. Congratulations Michael Chang
  147. Hewitt fined, considers forfeiting match
  148. Did Lleyton take his anger out on Poor Robby?
  149. What can i do?? I love Serve/Vollyers!
  150. Pat and Cliff are Mingers :@(keep it alive!)
  151. How far away from Manhattan is the "Hamlet Cup" tournement?
  152. Happy Birthday Roger.....
  154. James Blake is a good player but is not Slam material...
  155. Taylor Dent having a good hard court season..
  156. Simply Patrick
  157. Davis Cup Semis
  158. Ms Bogdanovic....
  159. Is this necessary?
  160. Becker questions current ATP schedule
  161. Canas: ATP player of the month (July)
  162. The Black Family's Heritage in Zimbabwe Might be Threatened
  163. Can Agassi Beat Hewitt in Cincy???
  164. Ferrero/Arthurs: Live Scores
  165. Question
  166. Can we have a "Crazy Croats" Forum?
  167. not working!?!?!
  168. Hewitt routines Agassi
  169. Where do I find Player INterviews?
  170. What is the difference between Safin's game and Roddick's game?
  171. Agassi & Sampras should retire now before...
  172. Hehe, look at this quote!
  173. This pic says it all
  174. Do you like Andy Roddick?
  175. Tennis Channel offical site
  177. Carlos Moya Wins Cincinatti!!!!
  178. Men's Look Forward: Week of August 12
  179. Blake snags first career title...
  180. Grrrrrr...
  181. Spanish Tennis Players Are DAMN Sexy!
  182. Im having thoughts about the US-France semi-final
  183. What slam is the last predictable on the men's side?
  184. Who is next to surpass Safin in career achievements? - E D I T E D
  185. Has Hewitt difficulties when playing against topspin?
  186. American fans just got lucky
  187. Johansson likely to miss U.S. Open -- newspaper
  188. Why Henman has never win Wimby?
  189. Greg Rusedski has a new look
  190. Who are we? can you identify us?
  191. INTRO
  192. Safin withdraws from RCA
  193. Just saw Pat Rafter modelling Bonds underwear...
  194. Can't think of a title
  195. Whats going on in Indianapolis?
  196. Is Lleyton Hewitt a "phenomenon?"
  197. U. S. Open Seeding Preview: The Men
  198. Meet French sensation Richard Gasquet
  199. Injury forces Henman out
  200. The General Messages: GO POTATO thread
  201. The General Messages Andy Thread
  202. The Future
  203. Nice new website!
  204. Copy - Intro....hehehe
  205. How many Andy threads Becca is going to start this week?
  206. I like so many atp players
  207. Who is the greatest male tennis player ever?
  208. Pistol Pete takes new aim (c/p)
  209. Who I want to win the vs. who will win at the USOPEN
  210. Hewitt considers legal action :rolleyes:
  211. Achivments list
  212. Blake defeats Agassi 6-3; 6-4
  213. CA Challenge(Delta Tour of Champions)
  214. Autograph Competition!
  215. A fine article on James Blake in todays N.Y. Times. And should JB play DC singles?
  216. Hello, i┤m a newbie :)
  217. Can Guga or Marat get back to no. 1?!
  218. Will James get stuck right there?
  219. James wins his first singles title!!!!!
  220. LLeyton diehards may hate me
  221. From the US Open site.
  222. Hewitt 'could quit tennis'
  223. Men's Look Forward: Week of August 19
  224. Question About Fan Forums
  225. Sampras says he'll decide at end of 2003 whether to quit
  226. Which American young player will end up having a better career?
  227. I just want to send some love and support to my baby Marat
  228. Philippoussis back in Davis Cup team
  229. Lleyton visits a couple of teens for the Make-a-Wish foundation.
  230. Apology to tennischick
  231. Lindsay vs Iroda scores?
  232. Pioline about to retire?
  233. Now Matthieu spanks Sampras!!!!!!
  234. seeded players us open 2002
  235. 'But I'm still one of the favorites.' [posted by biggest fool on earth]
  236. Just cheering on my players!
  237. Tim Henman poems/pics
  238. its Alex Bogomolov Jr.
  239. US Open draw...
  240. How Will Dickhead Handle Richard Gasquet Having all the Attention This Year and Next?
  241. Magnus Larsson could be playing in his last U.S. Open
  242. Patty Mac causes a stir
  243. Werthiems Seeding Report
  244. Hingis Vs Myskina Scores?
  245. no video cameras allowed in the U.S. Open
  246. Oh no, Richard Gasquet is ousted in the qualies...
  247. It's Marat-Guga for free August 23 in NY's Grand Central Station...
  248. Going To The US OPEN!!! !!!
  249. What is "Gold Members Package"? A New Austin Powers Movie??!!
  250. Hey guys what's up?