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  1. Is Marat Safin gay?
  2. Who do you expect in the top 10 next year (2004)
  3. Philippoussis injury not serious
  4. Spreen to join Team Roddick
  5. Is Agassi done now or can he still win another slam?
  6. Men's veteran tennis is alive
  7. Athens 2004
  8. What will Lleyton Hewitt's 2004 year-end rank be?
  9. Who here on the board, has ever met a professional tennis player
  10. Favourite Argentine Player
  11. Is Goran officially retired?
  12. Will 2004 be Xaviers year?
  13. 2003 Tennis-X Awards: The Best and Worst in Pro Tennis
  14. Mac says "Smarten up"
  15. Congrats to G-man Coria (gettin' married)
  16. Stefan Edberg: The Tennis Week Interview
  17. ESPN Classic showing tennis during AO
  18. Ode to Andy's Extraordinary Mind
  19. Federer fires coach Lundgren
  20. Aussie Open Piks
  21. There was an exhibition match in Geneva with federer last night!!!
  22. Countries confirm locations/surfaces for 2004 DC
  23. Argentinean cup of tennis (a silly exhibition tournament)
  24. Who's that?
  25. ATP 2004 Preview
  26. Who is your number one player (for 2004) and WHY?
  27. What is the one thing u really want your fav to do in 2004?
  28. Any news on the Spaniard Masters
  29. omg, LMAO at the new yahoo poll
  30. New site for tennis fans...;-)
  31. For guys who know how the entry to tournaments work...
  32. Early Predictions For Grand Slams...
  33. Tennis-x: Look back at 2003 in Pro Tennis *looooong*
  34. TennisX's 2003 Year-End Predictions
  35. ..
  36. Question about Carpet...
  37. your best tennis player's photo or the most funny
  38. Bogomolov engaged (to Harkleroad)
  39. Good News: THG tests all negative
  40. John Wertheim's 2003 Baggie Awards
  41. Roger Federer Interview: article
  42.'s take on the AO Superheroes
  43. Non-British perspective on Tim Henman
  44. Guga: Olympic medal would complete my career
  45. On The Line's 2003 Year-End Awards
  46. Mark's serve
  47. Players' Retirement
  48. Tennis Childhood Romanian style from Andrei Pavel
  49. Pictures on my site!
  50. olympics
  51. Going to Roland Garros 2004
  52. Hewitt to skip Olympics
  53. What age do you think you should start playin proessionaly?
  54. What age do you think you should start playin proessionaly?
  55. Alex Bogomolov interview.
  56. Tennis Week Interview: Taylor Dent
  57. Olympic Wild Card Likely for Ivanisevic
  58. Jon Wertheim's 2003 Tennis Ups and Downs
  59. Beware all Roland Garros winners! This could happen to you!
  60. Who do you dread your favourite player coming up against?
  61. Tommy Haas in 2004
  62. Why do people dislike Andy Roddick?
  63. Guga not the only one who wants Olympic gold
  64. Wimbledon to build roof over Centre Court
  65. Worldwide TV finally going to show TMC Documentary!
  66. vhs tennis matches
  67. Speaking of the Athens games, are there any good Greek tennis players?
  68. Watsons Water Champions Challenge
  69. Explanation please
  70. new ATP site
  71. What will Marat Safin's year-end rank be in 2004?
  72. Is Jim Courier gay?
  73. Tattoos
  74. Sport-Man Of The Year. Any tennis-player in your country?
  75. When to get autographs
  76. who u want to pair in the doubles for ur favourite player???
  77. Henin, Roddick are 2003 ITF World Champs
  78. 'Last match was best I ever played,' says Sampras
  79. 2003: Year the New Balls Finally Emerge (article)
  80. Quotes from Goran Ivanisevic
  81. POLL: Best serve
  82. Australian tennis star Rafter to play doubles in Adelaide
  83. Lleyton and Kim are engaged!
  84. Best Backhand in Women's Tennis
  85. Pete Sampras: doubles
  86. Tying the knot...again and again...
  87. Who has the best volley in men's tennis
  88. Agassi on Dr. Phil today! (CBS, Dec. 24)
  89. The continuing Rafter 'unretirement': To play doubles at Australian Open
  90. Greg's top ten Americans (Eurosport)
  91. Happy Holidays!
  92. Someone care to enlighten me?!
  93. Do you know that Gaudio and Zabaleta came from rich upper class!!!!!!!!
  94. Best Dropshot in Mens tennis
  95. Best Player
  96. Who's strongest mentally?
  97. Something that Safin and Roddick can't win
  98. Would you like to see a longer Grasscourt season?
  99. article: the player of the year 2003
  100. Escude and Arthurs get AO Wild Card, Draper out
  101. This thread should be dead and buried.
  102. Guillermo Coria married!
  104. Players Who are Right/Left Handed but Play With Their Left/Right Hand?
  105. The Artful Roger Part 1 by Suzi Petkowski in Inside Sport Magazine
  106. Rafter, comeback
  107. How Will Costa Fare in 2004?
  108. Which match was greater: Borg/McEnroe Wimb. 1980 or Roddick/El Aynaoui AO2003?
  109. I received Roger's autograph today in the post!!!!!!
  110. WTA players' ATP rankings
  111. The Top 10 yearly match wins of all time
  112. our aunt mary carillo
  114. Tennis-X New Year Resolutions 2004
  115. Rios is skipping OZ
  116. Melbourne exhibition before the Australian Open
  117.'s Best of 2003
  118. Haas withdraws from Doha - Aus Open unsure
  119. Who owns the carpet?
  120. A few changes in 2005 calendar
  121. Players' Hotels
  122. Best Endurance and Level of Fitness
  123. Happy New Year
  124. Eurosport's Hotshots for 2004
  125. Will Henman Ever Win Wimbledon?
  126. Philippoussis feels good as he heads for Qatar (article)
  127. Fish rises to challenge with a liking for the net
  128. Karlovic: Ivanisevic in good form...
  129. The Good Serve and Volleyers
  130. Finalists for Australian Open?
  131. "Stars Ordered to be Media Friendly"
  132. Best 5 Set Records Active Players Only. Robredo leads
  133. Did Agassi announce his retirement in 2004 or not?
  134. ATP: Kafelnikov Withdraws From Australian Open
  135. Daily Tennis Player Awards 2003:The Men
  136. What other sports would the top tennis players be good at?
  137. David Nalbandian may withdraw from AO...
  138. New Fantasy Tennis League 2004!!!!
  139. Assie Open preview
  140. Tennis-X 2004 ATP Tennis Preview: All Hail the Three Boy Kings and their Grandfather
  141. Prospects for future champions and inner-city initiatives
  142. Federer takes aim at Roddick by Charles Bricker
  143. Kuerten's Track Record at Aussie Open
  144. Federer's Future Ranking
  145. Which underused surface would you like to see more of?
  146. wtaworld down?
  147. Are there some gay-players on the tour?
  148. Men's Look Forward: Week of January 5
  149. Hewitt vs Roddick, who will have the better overall Slam results?
  150. shirtless tennis player
  151. MARAT WON
  152. Safin smashes bogeyman Santoro (article)
  153. Tennis-x 2004 year-end predictions
  154. Looking for Rafter VHS tapes of 1997 and 1998 US Open
  155. Best Player in the Open Era? Laver, Sampras, other?
  156. Looking for VHS of '97 and '98 Rafter US Open Victories
  157. Youzhny def. Schuettler 6-3, 7-6
  158. ATP tennis jinx continues
  159. Is Roger playing any warmup tourneys?
  160. ..
  161. Rotterdam commitments
  162. Wimbledon finally gets a roof
  163. Escude def. El Aynaoui 6-3, 6-0!
  164. Tennis site ...
  165. Another doping case....
  166. Koubek def. (3)Philippoussis 3-6, 6-1, 6-4
  167. Ljubicic def. (5)Massu 6-3,6-3
  168. Agassi, Borg and Sampras: The only players with a 50%+ win rate at a given slam!
  169. A double for Spain
  170. Updated entry rankings??
  171. What Kind Of Underwear Do Players Wear?
  172. Kafelnikov still contemplating about future.. ...
  173. Out of the 3 young Americans, who is the best prospect?
  174. Buenos Aires commitments (Coria, Nalbandian, Moya, Kuerten and Gasquet)
  175. Doublespeak
  176. Australian Tennis Summer ...
  177. Henman chances to win Qatar?
  178. Roddick on Qatar loss: I couldn't see the court
  179. Live scores for HK?
  180. Ivan Ljubicic website
  181. New Shirt for 2004
  182. MARAT WON (again)
  183. Comparison of the big five
  184. Australian Tennis Summer ...
  185. Aussie 19 yr old TODD REID doing awesome in Adelaide
  186. Rafter lost in doubles in 3 sets
  187. I.Ljubicic def. (4)S.Grosjean 6-3,5-7,6-4
  188. Rusedski fails drugs test
  189. Glory of Tennis
  190. Ferrero
  191. Enqvist practicing hard for sydney
  192. Marat lost!
  193. marat
  194. I.Ljubicic def. (7)T.Henman 7-6,3-6,7-6
  195. Haas withdraws from Australian Open
  196. Rusedski issues statement
  197. Wertheim's Worthless predictions for 2004
  198. a
  199. Which player is the most "facially challenged"?
  200. I'm new here
  201. can some1 do me a favor
  202. Australian Summer ...
  203. sour grapes my ass
  204. Best derriere in men's tennis
  205. Federer's Next Exhibition??
  206. Tennis Off-Season
  207. 'Rusedski the eager misfit' c/p
  208. Preserving signatures?
  209. Goran will comeback soon!!!!!
  210. Men's Look Forward: Week of January 12
  211. Court hunks too sexy for their shorts (article)
  212. TODD REID beats Nicolas Massu 7-6, 2-6, 6-4, FROM 4-0 DOWN IN THE THIRD!!!
  213. John McEnroe & Steroids
  214. Sydney: Joachim Johansson d. Rainer Schuettler 64 64
  215. Please help me!! Who's that mystery player?!
  216. Woodbridge anger at Rusedski
  217. Which player has the best body?
  218. Who has reached the top ten rankings without winning a single title?
  219. Who do you think will drop out of the Top Ten in 2004?
  220. Draw for Kooyong Classic
  221. just when you think he's getting back his form...
  222. Rios accuses Andre of drug use?
  223. Tennis Leagues for all Skill Levels
  224. Update on Safin, Norman and Haas Please...?
  225. (WC) Guccione d. (1) Ferrero 6-3, 7-6
  226. Guiness records
  228. Doubles For David Rikl
  229. I like players from Argentina because......
  230. Rafael falls to Hrbaty in Heineken final, 4/6 6/2 7/5
  231. Coria out with injury, doubtful for AO...
  232. Do you play tennis naked?
  233. New tennis pictures from OZ ...
  234. Nalbadian changes hairstyle & sponsor
  235. Australian Tennis Summer ...
  236. How fast will Marat win another title?
  237. New AO advertising slant
  238. John McEnroe to host his own talk show on CNBC
  239. Player pics - Ones they wish were not taken
  240. Korda not sympathetic with Rusedski's situation...
  241. Full list of seeds out for AO
  242. Agassi defeats Federer 6-2, 6-4 at kooyong
  243. Do you HATE players for always beating your favorite players?
  245. I saw Kuerten today at the AO, but he should be in Auckland!!?!
  246. Players seeded players don't wanna meet in the 1st round at the AO
  247. Goran to be back soon?
  248. Edberg, Graf, Cheney Are Hall of Fame Inductees
  250. Which aspect do you like most on a tennis player?