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  1. Please explain the rankings!!!
  2. Don't understand why Andy is #1 (a side-by-side comparison with Ferrero in 2003)
  3. #1 Roddick: "I like to be greedy."
  4. Andy Roddick, the youngest number one ranked player of
  5. Which Grand Slam trophy is your favorite?
  6. who has a better shot at the upset?
  7. Paris SF: The Duck vs The Farmer.............
  8. Who's better, Sampras or Agassi?
  9. JCF's Twin?
  10. Year end ranking nightmare!
  11. MTF SHOWDOWN 2: Agassi v. Sampras...vs. Rogaine!
  12. Farmer shoots down the duck in two breakers
  13. Does Rainer schuettler play too much??
  14. TMS Paris FINAL: Pavel vs Henman
  15. Duckboy loses temper, hits self in head with racket...
  16. Roddick vs one handed BH's
  17. OMG! Roddick: Henman's return puts pressure on you"??
  18. Ideal Tennis Masters Cup draw
  19. Tennis Magazine's Ten Greatest Matches of the Open Era
  20. Is it confirmed Agassi will play Houston?
  21. Will Roddick be the **only** good American player after Agassi retires?
  22. Henman slays 3 GS champs to win Paris Masters title
  23. Most improved player of 2003?
  24. One Masters Wonders !!!!!!!!!!!
  25. U.S. tv schedule for Houston :sad:
  26. Masters Cup Preview _ Ray Bowers' long-ass but decent CP
  27. Old Balls Appreciation Thread (part deux)
  28. WHAT THE??
  29. Will you watch Roddick on Saturday Night Live?
  30. Spain call up Lopez
  31. Doubles Masters
  32. Has any man been Triple Bageled in a GS?
  33. Roddick Heads for Houston to End Exhausting Year in Style (Wrapup)
  34. Which surface brings the most exciting matches?
  35. question
  36. the most beautiful man
  37. who has geeat phots to send of marat shirtless
  38. Will Marat Safin come back next year and have a fine year?
  39. Roddick to have reality show
  40. Mal on Houston: With Pete retired, it's easier to become #1. Race between JC and Duck
  41. Becker after divorce: Men aren't made to be monogamous
  42. Grand Slam Predictions for 2004
  43. What was the most boring GS final among these?
  44. Woodbridge Aiming For Fourth Olympics
  45. Agassi juggling demands of sport with parenthood
  46. Talented trio give tennis global spark
  47. Masters Cup Draw out
  48. Head-to-heads, including surface, for Houston players
  49. Who will win Masters Cup?
  50. Houston: Roddick and Agassi in separate groups. Can't meet until semis
  51. Masters Cup points question
  52. TMC Houston Doubles Draw
  53. I'm new here.
  54. Jurgen Melzer
  55. personnal experience
  56. Sorry, Fedfans. Roger is the bitch of two people in his Houston draw :o
  57. More Mal on Houston: Ferrero draws some tough opponents
  58. Who will win on Monday?
  59. Who's the best-looking player with long hair?
  60. Ranking question
  61. What was your favorite tennis year (in the past 10 years)?
  62. Some truths about Andy Roddick
  63. Roddick, Ferrero and Federer have plenty of time to vie for top spot
  64. Roddick's Milk Ad!
  65. Lleyton the caddie???
  66. Greg Rusedski Article*Ranking Slipped to 113*sorry a little late on this...
  67. Rivalries you'd like to see develop over the next few years
  68. TMC HEAD TO HEAD(S): Analysis
  69. Rule of 21: An Analysis of the No. 1 Players
  70. Andy is so cute!
  71. Challenger Finals
  72. H2H : The pigeons a minimum of 5 matches with +4 difference (It's not changing)
  73. Stupid Journalism at Press Conferences. RG/ITWA bans press transcripts
  74. Which player would be the best Saturday Night Live Host?!
  75. Twin Doubles!
  76. New 'slant' on race for top spot
  77. Masters Cup opens with thrilling doubles matches
  78. Boys to Men in Houston
  79. Some good articles from Houston
  80. TMC Doubles Weekend Results (Top seeds survive scare, other leaders fall)
  81. anyone has a great adress for great phtos ?
  82. GreenSet?
  83. Men's Look Forward: HOUSTON!
  84. Federer defeats Agassi and saves 2 match points!
  85. Hello Canadians, Hello everyone
  86. Fantasy season is back in the Game Forum
  87. Was that Nalbandian's mother in the stands ?
  88. Agassi: Roger reminds me of Pete
  89. Agassi: I got the Tennis Channel and Steffi doesn't like it
  90. Website on Tennis!
  91. Schuettler defeated Coria in a strange match
  92. supperset tennis
  93. Roddick Edges Moya 6-2 3-6 6-3
  94. Fish on "Cold Pizza" :)
  95. Schuettler able to cope when the heat is on
  96. Nalbandian will dominate Roger once again
  97. Federer def. Nalbandian 6-3 6-0
  98. Federer defeats Nalbandian 6-3, 6-0!
  99. Mary Carillo sucks
  100. Roddick is 2003's year-ending #1
  101. Agassi defeats Ferrero 2-6, 6-3, 6-4
  102. Lleyton Hewitt = Finished?
  103. Surgery for Nalbandian?
  104. Please, explain me some nicknames!!
  105. Only 6% of people think Ferrero is the best player in men's tennis
  106. Does Schuettler own Roddick? 4-6 7-6 7-6
  107. should roddick have gotten a code violation today (twice)?
  108. Doubles trouble
  109. Where are great lefties?
  110. Andre beats Davide 7-6 3-6 6-4
  111. Will Nalbandian Ever Win A GS?
  112. The most fun and celebratory photo of the year in tennis!
  113. any tennis on TV today?
  114. Federer def. Ferrero 6-3 6-1
  115. What does everyone think of Jim McIngvale ???
  116. Guille leads Andy 3-6 7-6 3-1
  117. Roddick V Federer
  118. Roddick V Federer
  119. Least Favourite Grand Slam Tournament
  120. Most Overrated Player On ATP tour
  121. Do you believe in the "Hawkeye" ?
  122. Coria will play in Auckland
  123. Don't you think we have the most gorgeous Top 10 at the moment?
  124. Anyone want to venture why the native spanish-speaking players bombed in Houston?
  125. Agassi defeated Schuettler 5-7, 6-0, 6-4!
  126. Federer defeats Roddick 7-6(2), 6-2!!!
  127. If Agassi wins Houston tomorrow, it will be the first time in 13 years!
  128. Federer in Agassi trap?
  129. Final match of the year, FEDERER - AGASSI
  130. What is wrong in the doubles final ?
  131. Bryan Brothers win Masters Cup Final in 5 tough sets!
  132. Tennis Songs That Should Be Released
  133. Challenger Finals
  134. Tennis feels snub by national media
  135. some tennis urine samples to be re-tested...
  136. another reason why the Mattress Guy should not have so much influence...
  137. Champions Race points for year-end #1's
  139. REGARDING Olympics Doubles pairing for AUS and CAN
  140. Mal: Federer is the best player in the world right now
  141. C'mon Roger, have a heart....
  142. Federer wins Masters Cup!!!
  143. Is Roger separating himself from the rest of the pack?
  144. so what are ya gonna do until January 18th...?
  145. The Top Four Players in the World
  146. Did you like more ATP or WTA tennis in 2003?
  147. Old Baldy: Federer is an inspiration to me
  148. Head Prestige Classic 600 XL!
  149. Words of wisdom from Mal (could it be?)
  150. Roger is the real #1!
  151. Who should win Player of the Year award?
  152. Predict the decision of..
  153. Entry Ranks?
  154. This is sad...
  155. Paradorn's love story : Romeo-Juliet 2003
  156. Tape request: Schüttler vs. Agassi - Masters Cup Houston - German Eurosport Version
  157. Federer, Roddick are future of game (article)
  158. Who had the best GS defeats this year?
  159. It is a GOOD Thing they finished the TMC yesterday
  160. Jon Wertheim weighs in on Houston (tennis in US, etc)
  161. the THIRD most important shot in tennis IYO...
  162. Commissioner Martina?
  163. Will Agassi win the Aussie open AGAIN!
  164. Tennisisim WoW!
  165. with who would you want to have sex
  166. Coria is evil :p
  167. Mac wants TMC + WTA Final in Houston Permanently
  168. Favorite Tennis Masters Cup?
  169. Has Hewitt made a big mistake?
  170. Will Roger Federer be the next big non-American star in the US?
  171. If you were Patrick McEnroe... (Part 1)
  172. Davis Cup Final!!!!!
  173. Most Underrated Feats in Tennis
  174. SuperSet Tennis (update w/results)
  175. Roddick Named To People Magazines Sexiest Man Alive Issue
  176. Mardy Fish - the Tennis Week Interview
  177. Help!!!!!!!!!!
  178. Hewitt "I'll get my #1 back"
  180. Roddick's Serve; His Secret?
  181. Pete Sampras' best year?
  182. Most memorable moment of 2003?
  183. An Ode to non-Americans playing in the USA
  184. Superset Tennis scores?
  185. Question for Rosie...
  186. Yet another useless stat: rankings with only 5 tournys
  188. I don't care really
  189. omg poor Marc rosset ....
  190. Biggest Comebacks in history (individual matches)
  191. 2003 Race/Entry Rank Comparison
  192. Which Grand Slam winners will defend their titles in 2004?
  193. Tennis at a Crossroads
  194. " 2003 Paradorn Super Tour "
  195. Marat not impressed by Roddick's game...
  196. The Spaniards, especially Corretja, will be on for a lot of heat...
  197. Of these 3 players who is least likely to get...
  198. 2003 Davis Cup Final draw made
  199. Safin Sets Sights On Top 10 Return
  200. Gay Tennis Pros?
  201. Hewitt Still Bitter About Barcelona Final:
  202. ATP Tour 2004 on Eurosport
  203. Hewitt and Ferrero in a thriller Hewitt Leads! 3-6 6-3 3-6 7-6(0) 2-0
  204. DC: Aussie's Play The Wrong Anthem For Spain....
  205. Will Flip show up for his 2nd match?
  206. QUESTION - Help me, please!!
  207. Hyundai Hopman Cup, Perth, Australia, Jan 3-10: Safin saves tennis this week!
  208. ATP Tennis tapes for trade
  209. Injured Scud puts heart and soul into match wins 7-5 6-3 1-6 2-6 6-0
  210. Australia: 2003 Davis Cup Champions
  211. After all is said and done, does Lleyton get the last laugh?
  212. How often should Davis Cup be held?
  213. Ferrero commits to Aus Open
  214. Funny funny yahoo poll.....
  215. Haas gets set for comeback (FL Sun-Sentinel)
  216. Davis Cup Final Question
  217. DOUBLES questions
  218. Mark Philippoussis married in secret???
  219. Schüttler was doubles-bagels
  220. Greetings all!
  221. Peter Luczak's manager
  222. Guga still without a sponsor for clothes!
  223. French Open or Wimbledon?
  224. First time Grand Slam
  225. Ferrero won the 4 Grand Slams.
  226. Wasted Talent: Who have you written off?
  227. The 10 best matches of the year according to atp
  228. How much is a slam worth? How do you compare careers?
  229. Johansson speaks about Roddick, Federer, Agassi
  230. Players among us
  231. Why Federer is ALWAYS gonna have problems with Hewitt
  232. Henman appoints new coach
  233. 2003 Tennis Masters Series Review: Tough to Master (ATPtennis)
  234. Becker tips Henman for glory
  235. Wanted: Tape: Hewitt/Federer Sept '03
  236. Tennis 2003: Of big matches and the stars who made them
  237. New to board
  238. Your Christmas Wish for ATP Players
  239. ATP: Hot Players to Watch in 2004!
  240. Costa & Corretja To Set World Record During Football Match
  241. More grounded, Blake flying high (article)
  242. Can sb fill me on on these questions?
  243. Anyone in the States willing to help?
  244. 2003 Player Awards (who will u award???)
  245. Matthew Cronin: Men’s 2003 Year-END Top 20
  247. Up-close & Personal Experiences with Male Tennis Players
  248. Jakob Hlasek has beaten 22 GS Champions. Can any other 'journeyman' say that?
  249. Hi every1 i'm new here & i've got a question about Jim Courier
  250. Top 5 rivalries to watch (according to atp)