General Messages

  1. Tennis to join 2010 New Dehli Commonwealth Games
  2. Ivanisevic def Rios 7-6 6-3 in Frankfurt (Tour of Champions)
  3. Nadal to pass Roger for #1 spot
  4. Federer def. Blake, 6-0 6-3 6-4
  5. Will Roger ever topple 2006?
  6. Etienne de Villiers
  7. Player of the year?
  8. Goodbye Joh Barett :'(
  9. When these masters gave the greetings...
  10. Which players will NOT be in the top 10 by the end of 2007?
  11. Who will win the AO 2007 ?
  12. best match of the year?
  13. Federer's backhand
  14. is Kolya a counter-puncher or not ???
  15. Champions Trophy in Frankfurt(Goran won 7-6 7-6)
  16. Which player(s) can get their **** together to challenge Roger in 2007?
  17. Who will win the AO 2008?
  18. Nadal: "I don't know if Roger respects me..."
  19. what was your favourite point this year??
  20. Our Favourite Pictures of 2006
  21. ><..Cliff DRYSDALE just dissed his old mate Tony ROCHE with a backhand insult!
  22. AO 2007: Hawk-eye will only be used at Rod Laver Arena
  23. Blake needs to get mean, quickly.
  24. The difference between Federer and Nadal is serve
  25. Federer and Ivanovic Forehand
  26. Which of these players (currently not in top 10) will end 2007 in the top 10?
  27. does someone have videos from 2004 oz open matches?
  28. Best tennis month of 2006
  29. Youzhny to play Davis Cup final?
  30. Do you think Fed-Srichaphan or Fed-Roddick is more closed?
  31. Congrats Fed and Fedtards.
  32. Anyone waiting for AO
  33. Federer should start to play more doubles!
  34. What happened between Rafa and Tomas in Madrid?
  35. for Fed-Sampras fighters delight...
  36. ...Just Thought a Friendly Little "Top 20" Would Be Fun
  37. Video of Sharapova playing tennis against 5 amateur tennis players
  38. So what's gonna happen with Roddick?
  39. Hawk eye - query
  40. your fav player baby pics
  41. are FED`s `rivals` content to lose to `the maestro` in finals?
  42. Richard Gasquet Will Be Like Federer When He Is 25 Years Old
  43. Financial struggles on the tour: The high cost of a labour of love Post #170
  44. Pictures of the players' families
  45. FINAL POLL HERE!!!!!!! Favourite players 2006 Edition!!
  46. Roger Federer's records in 2006
  47. Fed/Nadal pics from Seoul press conference
  48. Matches I Would Love To See Next Year
  49. WOW! Take a look at this one!
  50. Thank You 2006 Message From Andy Roddick
  51. Roger Federer - Celebrating Beauty
  52. Davis Cup changes?
  53. Fed has worked out Nadal
  54. if you were federer, would you prefer winning the FO or the other 3?
  55. Season 2006...What were the best/worst changes in top 20 players' game?
  56. Who is the greatest dissapointment of 2006?
  57. Predict who will make to Shanghai(TMC) in 2007
  58. Bubka - Norman 6-4 6-6(6-2) ret
  59. Which players have played most often against each other?
  60. Federer vs Sampras 2001 Wimbledon Highlights
  61. An interesting Bryan Brother fact
  62. Is it worth it for me
  63. Do you think other Asian player will have higher ranking than Paradorn (number 9)?
  64. Any British fans fancy winning a training session with Murray and Gilbert?
  65. five set stats
  66. Greatest Shotmaker Ever
  67. Best moment of 2006?
  68. What if Tennis Was Scored Like the NBA?
  69. Open Letter to Nick Bollettieri
  70. Most dissapointing tournament of 2006?
  71. Decision made tomorrow (Friday) on whether ATP Kitzbuhel will continue
  72. Passing Shots
  73. How much longer can Roddick and Blake be friends?
  74. Roland Garros 2006 and Wimbledon 2006 Finals, detailed and point of view 4 Loremaster
  75. Do you think if Paradorn plays in good form then he can back to top 20?
  76. 2006 ATP Matchfacts
  77. non tennis
  78. What Players Have You Become A Fan Of In 2006?
  79. How to run a stringing business?
  80. Is Gilbert losing his mind? Murray-out "guts" Gasquet":
  81. off-season joy: bagel time!!!
  82. Top 5 holding streaks among active players
  83. Who do you think has the best "A" game?
  84. Nadal's topspin vs. Carlsson's
  85. Best Active Players Failing To Win Each Slam
  86. Who will win the Aberdeen Cup??
  87. Guga defeats N. Lapentti in exhibition
  88. Aberdeen Cup: Murray d. Rusedski 6-4 3-6 6-4
  89. Who will win: Murray v Rusedski REMATCH!!
  90. According to the Chinese Zodiac.....
  91. General Messages Best Poster 2006 Nominations!!!
  92. Luxembourg Exhibition: O. Rochus def Berdych 6:2, 6:1
  93. where you think Safin will be ranked by end of 2007
  94. Flavio Saretta - will his career always swing between ATP and challengers?
  95. Why oh why are there Exhibitions?
  96. How do you think the inclusion of round-robin tournies will affect results?
  97. Ode To Miss Murray
  98. So when are the other three Slams going to start live streaming?
  99. non tennis
  100. Aberdeen Cup Day 2: Murray d. Rusedski 6-3 6-4!!!
  101. Great Matches on DVD?
  102. Player's to do list for 2007
  103. Challenger roundup: Kawana, Naples, Puebla, Shrewsbury
  104. Tennis Channel to air "Top 10 Matches" of year (list included)
  105. Björn Borg music video
  106. Kolya's Wedding Album
  107. Have you ever been to a Live Tennis Tournament?
  108. Agassi Vs Baghdatis Us Open 2006-Best Match
  109. non tennis
  111. Article: Without Prejudice
  112. The ATP casting game
  113. Rafa Nadal get's his own Nintendo DS Game, take THAT Fedtards!
  114. Nadal's off season routine caught on camera
  115. non tennis
  116. Rios to compete at Vina Del Mar
  117. will Tim Henman win another title?
  118. RECORD for consecutive years with a title
  119. Roddick and Blake a budding rivalry?
  120. Players worth watching in 2007
  121. WTF Does have Marat in his pocket
  122. time zones - do players adjust to it week in and week out?
  123. Rafael Nadal - Not only destroying current tennis but also future generations......
  124. Wow Championship Tennis Tours!
  125. In which decade did you start watching tennis and how you became a fan?
  126. Merklein to work with Blake
  127. Aussie Open court colour
  128. Felix Mantilla Interview: Talking about his battle against skin cancer and coaching
  129. What'll u do with this golden opportunity?
  130. The Tennis Season - Davis Cup
  131. Faster courts for AO 2007
  132. does anyone have
  133. Player Pronounciations on ATP Website
  134. Win a date with Nadal
  135. Match request - Murray v Hrbaty Paris Masters 2006
  136. Volkov to continue coaching Safin next year
  137. Hawk-eye without limit of challenges will use in DC final tie!!!!
  138. DC final, 1st rubber: Davydenko vs. Chela - who will win?
  139. DC final, 2nd rubber: Nalbandian vs. Safin - who will win?
  140. Live stream davis cup?
  141. Edberg - tragic incident in 1983
  142. Russia takes first blood: Davydenko def. Chela 6-1 6-2 5-7 6-4
  143. LTA - Paul Annacone new men's head coach.
  144. DC Final (Match #2): David Nalbandian def Marat Safin 6-4 6-4 6-4
  145. Tommy Robredo questions?
  146. Argentina playing "Home" at Moscow
  147. Only Vilas and Nalbandian....
  148. THE BLACKROCK MASTERS: which of the old people will win?
  149. Stone & Frank: Lleyton Hewitt must change his game
  150. ATP Gossip Thread
  151. DC Final: Doubles Who will win?
  152. DC Final Reverse Singles: Nikolay Davydenko vs. David Nalbandian - Who will win?
  153. Is Doubles 2of3 sets or 3of5?
  154. Safin/Tursunov rip Calleri & Nalbandian a new one 6-2 6-3 6-4
  155. first post shrewsbury
  156. Planning to play in 2007 !! - I entered for 15 Jan Events
  157. Demystifying about some players and their rackets: HERE'S THE AWFUL TRUTH!!
  158. Interesting article by Peter Bodo
  159. Who can trouble Nadal at the French Open 2007?
  160. Matt Cronin says Federer's dominance is hurting interest in the tour
  161. Draw for the Asian Games
  162. Next Tournament??
  163. Arnaud Clément vs Kristof Vliegen LIVE
  164. Nalbandian defeats Davydenko 6-2 6-2 4-6 6-4 to keep Argentina in the Davis Cup
  165. Thanks to Argie players!!!!!!!
  166. Davis Cup: LIVE Commentary!
  167. Safin def Acasuso 6-3 3-6 6-3 7-6 (5) to lead Russia to Davis Cup victory
  168. A Shoutout to Davis Cup Radio
  169. Who will win the 2007 Davis Cup?
  170. 2006:another tennis year ends
  171. Russia 2-Time DC Champs Photo Thread
  172. Disney Club Member takes over ATP Europe
  173. Burgsmüller: "Rochus and Nadal have the best backhand."
  174. Djokovic thinking big for 2007;)
  175. Sportsman of the Year?????
  176. Sing Jimmy, Sing
  177. Houston the Greatest Ever Clay event goes to green clay but still better than RG
  178. Zero Points for 1st Round losses?
  179. Real Tennis
  180. Is this really Goran or has Jerry brainwashed him??!!
  181. Who should get Stefan Edberg award (Sportmanship of year)?
  182. Lleyton Hewitt to make serious run at the 2007 Australian Open?
  184. Ivanisevic def. Steeb 6-1 6-4
  185. Apart From Federer.............
  186. If not Federer, Who Has The Best Chance of Winning AO?
  187. Philippoussis working with Andre Agassi's team
  188. ``>Classic video: New balls when they were new! #Roddick`s tantrum & Hewitt`s passion
  189. Baggie Awards 2006 (, December 6, 2006)
  190. Goran Ivanisevic
  191. Apparently RODDICK is the 3rd GREATEST tennis player of ALL TIME: admit it~who voted?
  192. Interesting Forehand Topspin Article
  193. Pim-Pim Johansson coachless
  194. Which of these two Grandslams do you enjoy more and why?
  195. Bodo's "What were they thinking" 2006 edition
  196. McEnroe not happy Rios is allowed to play on senior tour
  197. Blake wins the match but Agassi wins over the crowd
  198. How are Matches Called in USTA Juniors?
  199. Visiting Roland garros
  200. Predictable tour??
  201. Funniest Tennis Clip Ever
  202. Federer, Borg win BBC sports awards
  203. Where did my post/poll go?
  204. Mercedes dropping sponsorship of ATP
  205. USTA Invests millions in TTC
  206. Mobility at the top-10
  207. "ivanisevic Rallies Against Changes"
  208. player new years resoluton should be...
  209. Maintaining being Number 1
  210. If you could sack Etienne De Villiers, who would you replace him with?
  211. our 2006 AO memories and feelings
  212. Johnny Mac Radio Interview
  213. No joke: ATP changing name to "ATP Worldwide Tour"
  214. world number ones ranking
  215. What did Lamar Hunt do for tennis?
  216. what did bhupati say?
  217. Altur-Alvariño Tennis Academy
  218. %^%.The TOP 22 male players of the last 40-YEARS as determined by TENNIS MAGAZINE><!!
  219. ..
  220. ATP Queen's Tournament Director Ian Wight: "WE ARE KILLING OUR GAME"
  221. Why is there an off season in tennis?
  222. How do you find an Athlete of the Year?
  223. 07' Australian Open Semi Finals You Would Like To See?
  224. Should Andy Roddick start playing doubles much more??
  225. Marcos Baghdatis publishes book :lol:
  226. 2006 (Tennis) Academy Awards
  227. odd or interesting single match stats
  228. Gasquet having a "small" go at Federer and Nadal
  229. Article : Famous Feuds in Tennis History
  230. How's this for an innovation?
  231. It's legal, but I've only see it used once...
  232. J.C.Ferrero wins SPANISH MASTERS 06!!!! Def. Robredo 6/2 6/4
  233. Hewitt`s talking the TALK<:) but can he walk the WALK again??!!***
  234. Time to go back to WCT or something like it?
  235. Copa Argentina: Cañas wins defeating Massu 6-2 6-2
  236. Did JEAN-RENE LISNARD switch back to French nationality???
  237. Okay, on request - here's the Undisputed "Rabbit Cooker of 2006"!
  238. worst tennis fan base in general?
  239. Parmar to retire from Tennis.
  240. Where the hell is Sanguinetti?
  241. Ancic French Open Question
  242. Will tennis ever boom again (article)?
  243. Difference Between Walkover and Default
  244. Can ATP players wear skirts on the tennis court if they want?
  245. Which player on tour would be the best 16th/17th century pirate?
  246. ********What is the oscar for the tennis players*********
  247. What's the deal with the ATP Tennis Show?
  248. Serving Slump!
  249. Spanish Government promotes a Doubles Team for DC !!!
  250. ATP trying to move Davis Cup to week after Slams