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  1. dont tell me argentins is better off with gaudio
  2. And I haven't even posted yet....
  3. What kind of idiot is Patrick McEnroe?
  4. A Date With A Roddickfan Or A Date With Death?
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  10. Sucked it shit Roger/Switzerland
  11. Sportsmanship???
  12. Lleyton Hewitt acting like a WIGGLE!
  13. wanna video of tennis matches
  14. Marat Safin moonlighting as a .....
  15. RoDuck fined for missing Thailand...
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  17. Must be a new record ...
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  19. The Tennis Channel
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  21. Question about the Tennis Masters Cup
  22. Who loves Andre?!!
  23. You Guyz R Crazy
  24. Who is your fav Argentine player?
  25. separated at birth...
  26. Eric Taino: one to watch?
  27. Safin poised to return :)
  28. Davis Cup 2004 seedings
  29. funny satire story about the davis cup
  30. 2004 Davis Cup Draw: I just knew this would happen :mad:
  31. was this the best Tie in Davis Cup??
  32. Who's prettiest?
  33. McEnroe takes a set off Agassi
  34. Norman ponders retirement
  35. The Battle!!! Fem vs. Yvo (everybody else allowed to fight too!)!!!!!
  37. Don't cry.......Paradorn T.T
  38. My Palermo's pics
  39. Agassi withdraws from all European tourns
  40. Pictures : Carlos Moya in Thailand
  41. Comeback
  42. Ferrero 'may miss Australian Open'
  43. Ljubicic injured
  44. Best clay court player?
  45. Best clay court player? (THIS ONE)
  46. Scud^@_@^Back for Good....
  47. Congrats Taylor Dent
  48. Rios cleared of assault in 'bar brawl'
  49. Who makes the worse face?
  50. Any Albert Costa fans??
  51. Challenger Finals
  52. When will Ferrero lose his #1?
  53. Men's Look Forward: Moscow, Tokyo, Metz
  54. The Ultimate Poll
  55. Ivanisevic to face Henman
  56. Top 20 watch
  57. Eurosport international schedule
  58. Aussies chose grass for DC match against Spain...
  59. Coria qualifies for Masters Cup!!!!!
  60. Who else will go to the Tennis Masters Cup
  61. How Young Is Too Young?
  62. Safin battle!
  63. Which country breeds/produces the best looking crop of ATP players?
  64. Australian Open, 2004....what will they look like?
  65. Points to Defend for rest of Season (Top 3)
  66. JCF may skip the AO
  67. Best looking sneakers ever?
  69. Igor Andreev
  70. Kafelnikov hints at impending retirement
  71. TMS MADRID coverage on TSN
  72. ATP Tour at #10 on Most Hated Spectator Sports
  73. an article off of Tennis Week - Schedule Shift: Australian Open May Move In 2006
  74. I don't do housework...(C/P)
  75. Davis Cup ceremony before Mathieu's match
  76. Ferrero Withdraws From Vienna
  77. Why is size and power more important in women's tennis than in men's tennis?
  78. Should Agassi retire?
  79. The 100 W&L: Miami Edition. Who did Mrs. Guga meet last year?
  80. Is this True? (re: Madrid WC)
  81. I just read something interesting about Ivanisevic
  82. Scud wins first title in 2 years
  83. Champions race standing - updated
  84. Anyone living in France ? ...
  85. What's wrong with TennisCorner ?
  86. Challenger Finals
  87. PAW players, please note
  88. Schuettler improves his chances of making it to Houston...
  89. Entry System question
  90. Congrats Andre and Steffi -- It's a girl!
  91. Recent Marat Safin Interview
  92. Give your votes > who's the best looking?
  93. who knew tennis was THIS cut-throat???
  94. who faces more pressure, Tim (Henmania) or Paradorn (Thaimania?)...
  95. Roddick to host Saturday Night Live
  96. Publisher Pete: Sampras Joins Tennis Magazine
  97. Agassi interview with Men's Health magazine
  98. To slow down tennis and to speed it up at the same time!
  99. Whos more talented...Lleyton or Marat?
  100. Hewitt skips rest of season
  101. Good luck is with Andy Roddick this season.
  102. new "new balls please"
  103. Schuettler qualifies for TMC in Houston
  104. What Does Roger Need To Do To Get To Number One?
  105. ~~~~~~~~RAINER SCHUETTLER just qualified for HOUSTON~~~~~~~~!!!!
  106. Marat Wins every poll even if he doesnt deserve it!
  107. Will Hewitt be again #1?
  108. Yes or no?
  109. Do you like to debate with other posters here?
  110. QUESTION: Regarding Masters Cup Points
  111. Madrid: How far will defending champ fall and 6 other confounding thoughts
  112. Which player do you like the most out of this choices?
  113. Which player do you like the most out of this choices?
  114. Tournament Entry question
  115. Challenger Finals
  116. What player would you like to see in the top 10?
  117. 1998: Bumper Crop Year in Juniors
  118. Shhhh, write quietly! This discussion of real news story has been censored!
  119. Who Is The Most Talented Active Player On Tour
  120. What is your name and your favorite tennis player?
  121. Tournament Sets question
  122. .
  123. Henman Faces Fish Test
  124. ATP Tennis: Madrid Preview
  125. Ivan Ljubicic-Combination of bad luck and injustice
  126. Why Rafael lost in Madrid
  127. Ferreira to Retire at End of 2004
  128. Who has the most perfect teeth?
  129. Kafelnikov's Madrid Interview
  130. ..
  131. Rankings question
  132. Ferrero Receives World No. 1 Trophy
  133. Gaudio performs third choke of the year to let another Spaniard out of jail free
  134. World #1 Trophy Questions
  135. Which of these players is your favorite?
  137. Roddick's winning streak ends
  138. Race to Houston Update
  139. LOL at this article...
  140. Masters Cup questions
  141. Roger Federer's look is arrogant
  142. Is Paradorn overrated?
  143. JC v. Roger: Who will win Madrid semis?
  144. Biggest upset of the year in men's tennis?
  145. Most surprising title run in 2003?
  146. Who is more talented, Marat or Roger?
  147. What do I do? Help me choose.
  148. Who will finish the year ranked #1?
  149. Here is a wonderful article on Ferrero and photos of him from a decade ago!
  150. No Fluke
  151. Who is the most arrogant player on tour?
  152. What is the best time to hold the Australian Open?
  153. Why do players itch so much?
  154. Was Federer controlling the match?
  155. Ferrero wins Tennis Masters Madrid
  156. Challenger Finals
  157. Sweden to appeal over Davis Cup seedings
  158. How I would change the tennis calendar
  159. "squealing tennis player"...???
  160. who tennis player smoke in real life?
  161. Will Ferrero be fined?
  162. Why I think the season should be shorter
  163. What do you think of the Davis Cup format?
  164. Men's Look Forward: Basel, Saint Petersburg, Stockholm
  165. AP Roddick/Federer article
  166. Will Agassi defend Aus Open?
  167. Best match of the year?
  168. Marat Loses Again
  169. Who has the best serve?
  170. Which tour has the better ranking system?
  171. What would be your dream final for each Grand Slam?
  172. Underachievers
  173. Do you own a fan website?
  174. I would like to congratulate roddick...
  175. The Mighty Five: Roger, JC, Lleyton, Andy, & Marat
  176. Oli Rochus :-O
  177. Another win for Feliciano Lopez!
  178. Marat has withdrawn from Bercy
  179. Title defense
  180. Ljubicic def. Federer 7-6(5) 6-7(5) 6-4 in Basel!!!
  181. has anyone seen pictures of Agassi's baby girl?
  182. When should the season end?
  183. Should there be a Grass TMS or 500?
  184. Corretja beats Grosjean!
  185. Moyá qualified for Tennis Masters Cup.
  186. Your favorite slams in order!
  187. Can Tompa do a Bagel-Fish ???
  188. What players have won the most Masters events?
  189. Safin Calls It A Year
  190. Ljubicic upset at Swiss crowd
  191. Master Series Interesting Stats (BUMPED and edited to date)
  192. Best Grand Slam match of the last 3 years?
  193. Roger Federer may withdraw from TMS Paris Bercy
  194. Aachen website has a webcam!!
  195. Favorite Masters Series Event
  196. Ljubicic vs Roddick part 2
  197. Indian Wells to have 96-player draw next year
  198. share ur craziest with playas experiences
  199. Nalbandian defeated Roddick in Basel
  201. Who has the best chance to win Roland Garros and Wimbledon in the same season?
  202. How many active players have won on all 6 surfaces?
  203. Roger Federer will never beat David Nalbandian
  204. Who will win the ATP 2003 AWARDS?
  205. Join Feli Lopez Group!
  206. Guga wins St-Petersburg Indoors!!!!!
  207. Nalbandian injured again (his wrist) Coria wins..
  208. Do players need more days off between matches?
  209. Would you like to see more round robin tournaments?
  210. After coming close 3 times, Mardy wins 1st ATP title at Stockholm
  211. Fans of players with injuries have faith...Scud back in top 10
  212. Do you prefer when your fave is not too much popular?
  213. Who DESERVES more the year-end NO.1?
  214. Men's Look Forward: Paris
  215. TMS PARIS on TSN
  217. Is Queen Rebecca
  218. Henman defeats Davydenko
  219. Chile (almost) qualified to Dusseldorf
  220. Philippoussis to begin season in Doha
  221. Champions race standing - updated after final
  222. Who do you think will win his second major first?
  223. PLEASE VOTE For Monica Seles: Help Correct An Injustice
  224. Moya, Ferrero, Hewitt and Philippoussis will play in Adidas International in 2004
  225. Watch Ferrero & Roddick practising together!! + JC's interview
  226. Indoor / outdoor
  227. Alex Corretja's Tennis Top
  228. TTC Expands in NYC
  229. Plan for new indoor complex at Flushing Meadows...
  230. Who has usually the greatest clothes?
  231. OMG..,
  232. Who has the best chance to win his home country's major?
  233. Who will dominate the most?
  234. Who do you think will be the next first time Slam winner?
  235. Kuerten def. Philippoussis, saves 5 match points!
  236. James Blake's new look?
  237. Hewitt meets President Bush
  238. Coria withdraws from Paris
  239. Grosjean whipped, Scud spanked, Shrichapan out = Nalbandian qualifies???
  240. Now that Ferrero lost... Roddick no.1?
  241. Great returners of serve and their backhands
  242. Andy Roddick is the new No. 1
  243. Roddick on top of the world
  244. delete ?
  245. What's with Roddick and his tongue?
  246. How Long Will It Take Before They Give Roddick A Number 1 Trophy?
  247. Roddick the 4th youngest player to reach #1
  248. Why does Roddick always get the best draws?
  249. Which has been the most exciting/epic way to be the #1?
  250. Can we please stop clogging GM with threads about Andy? (The moon tennis thread)