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  1. Should there be more nudity in tennis?
  2. Will Hewitt ever beat Pete?
  3. who will be the #21 ranked #1 player?
  4. 2003 prize money discovery
  5. Pretty good Michael Stich article:
  6. Roddick beats Agassi in exhibition match
  7. what will greg do in 2003?
  8. DC 2003
  9. Baring Biceps: ATP Approves Sleeveless Shirts For First Half Of 2003
  10. Hi, I'm new !
  11. Goran to play doubles for Croatia in Davis Cup
  12. top juniors and where are they now?
  13. ATP Hottie Lists, all in tha good name of fun!
  14. Pakistan upset at Davis Cup switch
  15. Ivanisevic expects to play doubles against the US...
  16. prize for women's tennis higher than men's
  17. Nice picture of Marat in action in this week's issue of sports illustrated
  18. Marat vs. Lleyton head to head 4-4
  19. I need some help about the year 2000
  20. Hewitt Helps Launch Special Olympics Tennis Initiative
  21. Marat wears Briefs!! Nice pic
  22. WtaWorld Situation
  23. Can Hewitt win the Grand Slam?
  24. Who will win the Hopman Cup?
  25. Schalken's Ranking - Looking Forward
  26. Is Tommy's game a boring snooze?!
  27. Tournaments, Broken Down By Surface
  28. Srichaphan VS Jan Michael Gambill : Exhibition Matches
  29. Marat: Davis Cup Better than Sex
  30. Hewitt and Philippoussis to play double together
  31. Top Players With Poor Oz Records
  32. What do folks here think of the ATP?
  33. Eurosport: Legendary Australian Open matches
  34. Injury doubt for Johansson
  35. Sampras targets San Jose for first '03 appearance
  36. ATP Milan: some players committed
  37. Sampras keeps going in 2003
  38. Please sign Petition for the TENNIS CHANNEL!!
  39. Aie!!! A pic of Mandy and Andy!!!!!!!!!!!
  40. Daily Tennis Player Awards: The Men
  41. ATP Will Test For EPO
  42. Kuerten to play at Wimbledon !!!!!!
  43. What would you consider a great match?
  44. "Should be Better Than He Is" Type of Players
  45. Norman 'considered quitting'
  46. Haas to miss Australian Open
  47. What is your favorite upset ever?!
  48. The Results of the Top 10 Hotties Lists :D
  49. The Best
  50. Buenos Aires cancelled?
  51. "Better than he should be" Type of Player
  52. Tennis Channel to pick up European TMSes
  53. Go Jarkko Nieminen for 2003 !!!
  54. Fantasy Oz Open Main Draw: Vote in Round 1
  55. posting pictures
  56. Hewitt questions Rusedski's exit
  57. Fantasy Oz Open Main Draw: Vote in Round 2
  58. Krajicek primed for comeback
  60. 3 Round Fantasy Oz Open Main Draw: Vote
  61. Hopman Cup on TV
  62. Henman out of Aus Open
  63. Do you like Paradorn
  64. SF Fantasy Oz Open Main Draw: Vote
  65. Jan-Michael Gambill Website!!
  66. Ivanisevic promises final display of fireworks
  67. ATP
  68. Disappointing AO, many great players quit!
  69. Who's your pick for the AUS OPEN ????
  70. Which player has the most intimidating presence on tour?
  71. Hey, you can change colors :)
  72. Make a joke about your favorite player!
  73. ..
  74. PHM - One More Player to Miss the AO
  75. ATP Prize Money down
  76. Blake defeats Hewitt at Hopman Cup.
  77. Goran Will Play in DC against the USA!!
  78. where is tennischick ??
  79. Happy Birthday to Dominik Hrbaty
  80. Gambill+hardcourts=Top 20?
  81. I was really impressed by Koubek!
  82. For those who didn't know.
  83. Im back for the year!!!!
  84. Men's Look Forward: Sydney, Auckland
  85. Does anyone know the address to Grand Salm contest?
  86. Bring on Hewitt, says confident Moya
  87. Let's post cute pix...
  88. Men's players complain of too little time off
  89. Preview of Hewitt's toilet paper ad
  90. Calf Injury Could Knock Malisse Out Of Open
  91. Gasquet, Mozart with a racquet
  92. Photo of the Week: ATP Best Booties
  93. ATP player's "Package" pics
  94. Australian Open in March?
  95. Marat Safin pulled out
  96. Agassi gives Cahill credit for rescuing his slumping career...
  97. Safin slams EPO testing; others support its introduction
  98. Pat Rafter announces official retirement
  99. So Who Will Be the First Player Since 1999....
  100. Safin in serious doubt for AO
  101. Guga won his quarterfinal AND semifinal matches in Auckland!
  102. The real draw is out!!!
  103. AO Coverage
  104. Sexy Marat Photo
  105. Who's your absolute favorite?
  106. Who's the player you dislike the most?
  107. Son of a Potato Farmer wins title!
  108. CNN's Wertheim's Seed report
  109. Can you recognize all of them?
  110. Enqvist backs himself
  111. Guga wins Heineken Open
  112. Paradorn and Lee Willing Do to Give amazed in The world Tennis
  113. Men's Look Forward: The Australian Open
  114. Last Chance To Win $100!!(FREE to enter, guests can enter too!!)
  115. Can anyone post photos of AO!!!
  116. Is James Blake the first sleeveless shirt player in a slam match?
  117. Greg says "sorry" about Pete. Sorta
  118. Roddick bound for top, in due course
  119. ATP moves third tournament to China, another to Bangkok
  120. Scud blast Thai outta here!
  121. Semi-finalists at all four slams
  122. Feliciano Lopez.........another exciting player from Spain
  123. Aussies cooking something fishy
  124. Who is more talented - Andy Roddick or Juan Carlos Ferrero?
  125. Fish :rolleyes:
  126. Malisse: Intervention after Australian Open.
  127. ESPN is to blame!
  128. Does anyone else find Mark Philippoussis sexy?
  129. Oh my God Marat
  130. Breaking news: Marat Safin is out!
  131. A Group Hug
  132. Is Boris Becker Youzhny's idol ?
  133. "Tennis is becomg too physical" Safin says...
  134. Straight road for Hewitt in AO
  136. what r the best....
  137. Heilbronn Challenger website has a live scoreboard and a webcam :eek:
  138. Why are tall men's tennis players such as Safin and Krajicek so injury prone?
  139. Heilbornn R1: Ivanisevic (WC) vs. Stoliarov (WC)
  140. When was the Last Time We Had A Player from Argentina In the Top Ten?
  141. Bubka looking to scale heights
  142. how lucky can roddick get?
  143. WAY TO GO DAVID!!
  144. Who is Your Favorite Player? ( Poll)
  145. TENNISHACK!!! I AM SORRY!!!!!!
  146. Countdown Until Roddick Wins His 1st Grand Slam
  147. Should the Aussie Open Organizers ...
  148. WoW!!! Andre & Steffi set for mixed doubles
  149. To Roddick Haters
  150. Who's the biggest choker
  151. this week's Bladder dedicated to "pea-brained" Sushi...
  152. Can Wayne finally win another set off Andre ???
  153. help with custom avatar
  155. Only 90 minutes until Andy starts to win/lose!!
  156. now that Andy won can you call him a top ten player
  157. Is Rainer Schuettler HOT?
  158. Love him or hate him, but DH just tripled the number of posters in this joint
  159. Andy Roddick
  160. How many Andy thread we'll see by the end of Oz?
  161. To Roddick Lovers
  162. Agassi in the finals!!!!!
  163. Agassi wins several bets!!!
  164. is Agassi in Madame Tussaud's??
  165. Davis Cup: AUS vs GB: How many games will GB win ???
  166. jutting ARod butts
  167. Who is a fan of both Hewitt AND Safin (or other rivalry combos)?
  168. ..
  169. can Rainer take down the 4-cornered kissing bandit?
  170. Goran Injured Again
  171. Caption
  172. daviscup
  173. I deleted the 'Wow Andy' thread
  174. Ivanisevic doubtful for Davis Cup match against the United States
  175. Funny article of things to come in the tennis world over the next 12 months...
  176. my Caribbean boi loses at doubles...
  177. Is Magnus coming back, and if, when?
  178. We wuz robbed!!!!!
  179. The Grand Slam Freeze Club
  180. ..
  181. Boo Marat!
  182. New Balls scorecard
  183. Grand Slam Upsets
  184. Chang to retire after the US Open
  185. Aggasi's win according to Richard Hinds
  186. calling all Marat fans.......!!
  187. Who has the best hairdo?
  188. Men's Look Forward:Milan
  189. Steven Capriati
  190. Lets admit it: Agassi was lucky.
  191. Is it a trend?
  192. How many years more Andre will play?
  193. How many slams Safin would have won if...
  194. Poll: Who has the best bandannas/headbands?
  195. Poll: Who has the best bandannas/headbands?
  196. Ancic has won 14 of his last 15 matches!
  197. What does arrogance got to do with winning slams?
  198. Why did Andre not play the AO before 95?
  199. Who pulls the most ludicrous faces?
  200. What Happened to Taylor Dent????
  201. FAO Hurley!
  202. World Group Predictions 2003
  203. When was the last time that....
  205. Golf (yes this is tennis related)
  206. Ulirach positive to nandrolone
  207. When you think of a top player, what shot comes to your mind?
  208. Ulihrach fails drug test
  209. Actually, I quite like Greg Rusedski
  210. Goran WILL PLAY DAVIS CUP vs. the US
  211. Happy New YearMerry X-Mas and Happy Thanksgiving!!!!
  212. Sampras: "I can win Roland Garros"
  213. Youzhny Close To Signing Fila Deal
  214. Brilliancy Prize C/P
  215. Aperas or Double Head?
  216. Argentina's Injury Worries
  217. winning titles every year..
  218. What Agassi needs to do for his career to be considered good or better than Pete's?
  219. Timo Nieminen?
  220. How to avoid cramps when playing tennis?
  221. ESPN Presents The Agassi Open
  222. DC: Croatia vs. USA - Who will win?
  223. When you think of a top player, what sound comes to mind?
  224. South African player Jeff Coetzee - car crash
  225. New Shirts Please...C/P
  226. Ancic wins yet another tournament!
  227. Martin Verkerk
  228. Gambill turned down Davis Cup, cites fear of injury
  229. DAVIS CUP!
  230. Generation N?
  231. Changs Retirement Decision...
  232. Davis CuP First Round Predictions...
  233. moyafanclub
  234. Krajicek out injured, Verkerk in DC squad.
  235. old article Sampras vs Agassi
  236. WTA Tour Championships switches to round robin format
  237. Mirnyi picks Safin, Moya, and Novak, but overlooks Hewitt, Agassi in his fantasy team
  238. Are you patriotic in who you root for?!
  239. Sampras delays comeback
  240. What is the best tennis meeting spot?
  241. spanish information about ATP
  242. Do black athletes have a natural advantage?
  243. Best place to meet other Tennis Players?
  244. 2002 ATP Awards
  245. For those in the UK - ATPTennis show tonight!
  246. Early domination/late domination
  247. - - -
  248. Who do you pick to WIN THE SIEBEL?
  249. Giovanni Lapentti beats Rios to give Ecuador a 2-0 lead
  250. Our condolences to The Boiled Egg