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  1. Magnus Norman Having an awesome week
  3. Marat's Sugar Daddy Shows Love Courtside
  4. Agassi d. Sampras @ Elton John AIDS Charity
  5. Asian Tennis Championship
  6. Becker rescues Hamburg Masters :o
  7. Zhenya failed in his six-peat record....
  8. Lleyton's other side (c/p)
  9. Ranking Experts in here please!
  10. Join the ACE tour
  11. Men's Look Forward: Vienna, Lyon
  12. Rusedski out for season
  13. 10 weirdest moments in tennis history
  14. Marat's Comments On Gasquet!
  15. Hewitt better be careful...
  16. Did you know.......
  17. Race Leaderboard
  18. Australia plan clay court
  19. Annacone hints at Sampras possible return for French and Wimbledon 2003
  20. for Chang fans...C/P
  21. Top-ranked Hewitt withdraws from tournament in Spain
  22. Finally!! an article that blames the ATP for "decline" of popularity of men's tennis
  23. will Tim Henman enter the finale?
  24. Congratulation !!! Paradorn for Asian Games' Gold Medal
  25. Are they stupid in ATP?
  26. All 3 of my favorites are in a final!!! Hella sweet!!!
  27. How much of it is natural talent and how much is opportunities and hard work?
  28. ..
  29. Paradorn defeated Kuerten : Tennis Masters Madrid
  30. Paradorn Srichaphan VS Tim Henman
  31. Paradorn Srichaphan: Most Improved Player of the Year?
  32. Hello Marat, anybody home?
  33. Advice for Tim Henman...:eek:
  34. Paradorn defeated Henman
  35. Alex Corretja's website!
  36. Srichaphan's ranking
  37. any possiblity the thai qualify shanghai?
  39. Can Agassi finish @ #1
  40. entry list
  41. A Star is Born....
  42. ..
  43. 2003 schedule
  44. masters cup shanghai update
  45. A tribute poem to Dominik Hrbaty
  46. To Fluke or not to Fluke
  47. Tim Henman is a father
  48. ..
  49. Wilander: "Drop Tennis From Olympics"
  50. Do the Henmans have a future champ at home?
  51. For Those Wondering What Hewitt Wipes Himself With....
  52. Grand slam wins after nearly losing early
  53. How low will Pete sink till he retires
  54. Upcoming Edberg-Becker exhibition
  55. Boris Becker given 2 years of probation in tax evasion trial
  56. Corretja pulls out of Paris
  57. Sampras wins another Slam if?
  58. Pictures of the best booties ever to come out on the ATP.:)
  59. Question for Norman fans
  60. Join FATP
  61. any good tennis tape sites?
  62. Congrats to Paradorn for the 2nd Title
  63. Congrats Nalbandian!!!!!!!
  64. Mens Look Forward: Paris
  65. ATP - Entry Ranking - help needed
  66. does everyone just get a turn to be hot???
  67. ATP Rankings Update-Entry System
  68. Fernando Gonzales-Future Grand Slam Champion?
  69. Isn't Thomas hot?
  70. Should Paradorn drop Chanachai?
  71. Paradorn reaches Round of 16 : Tennis Master Series, France
  72. Doubles WC cancelled !!!
  73. Henman threatens Aussie absence
  74. Do French have to resort to these tactis?
  75. Which player do you like to go on a date with???
  76. What Does Andy Roddick Have To Do In Paris To Qualify For Shanghai?
  77. Nicolas Escude Saving Grace for Serve & Volley Tennis?!
  78. Agassi to umpire: "Every time you think about overruling [a call]. . . don't do it"
  79. My Ferrero dream
  80. What does Llyeton say when he swears to himself ?
  81. TMS for PC... Any good?
  82. Mark Miles/the ATP scheduled Hewitts hearing for next week.
  83. Finally a Marat/Lleyton final
  85. Spanking Safin Style
  86. I now hate Andy Roddick...
  87. This is my happy dance!!!!
  88. Im so Happy..-
  89. Pioline retires
  90. Marat, Paris Master again!
  91. Wow ATPworld Hasn't changed!
  92. Marat and Lleyton's interviews
  93. Paris=ATP 2003
  94. Am I Alone On This, Or....
  95. New Jan Michael Gambill Wesbite!
  96. who will win award hottest player of the year?
  97. the secret of Paradorn's success...C/P
  98. ..
  99. Can someone tell me what Richard Gasquet's been doing post USOpen?
  100. Some very interesting "Boys" singles matches at
  101. Funny, funny Marat....
  102. Tennis Players as Actors
  103. who will win award hottest player of the year?
  104. Henman waits as lawyers step in !!!!
  105. Hamstad and Stockholm
  106. Johansson Takes Alternate Spot
  107. Masters Cup Draws
  108. Alright, So Which Looks Stupider?
  109. So Who Pulls off the Long Haired Bandana Look Best?
  110. Davis Cup-Russians are better than us, says Forget
  111. Guga thinks he will play Wimbledon 2003
  112. Fernando Gonzalez named second alternate at Masters' Cup
  113. Henman rueing Cup heroics
  114. Is Lleyton The Only One Keeping Something In His Pants??
  115. Pics of the Sexiest ATP Legs!
  116. Bad news for Spudites
  117. So... Who is the strongest DC nation at full force?
  118. People I want to tell you all something...
  119. Masters Cup Rankings Update
  120. Doubles Reforms Finalized
  121. Marat got jilted
  122. Hewitt reignites ATP row
  123. Moya won, 6-4 7-5
  124. Andreas Vinciguerra for the Vince Spadea award 2002 ???
  125. now that the Potato's woman just won the year end tourny in LA...
  126. Andy Roddick going out with...
  127. FATP has opened again!
  128. FedEx spanks Sushi 6-3, 6-4
  129. Who will win Roland Garros next year?
  130. Kudos to the Shanghai crowd...
  131. OMG, Shanghai today is :eek:
  132. Hewitt warns against Spanish collusion
  133. Battle of Giants : Ivo Karlovic vs. Mark Rosset
  134. Its over
  135. Aahhh those damn claycourters!
  137. Paul-Henri Mathieu to Play in DC Final
  138. Well I'm through
  139. Whoever you are rooting for-- STOP!!! Give up... because
  140. The forgotten interpreter
  141. The ATP: a complete and total mess
  142. Gonzalez Answers Your Emails
  143. i am very proud of Albert Costa...
  144. Who's in the Semi-Final?
  145. Rogi's on the TV!!!
  146. Wow. Hewitt is Moya's slave!
  147. What is your dream final
  148. yet again
  149. Australian Open Question (well, also RG and Wimby)
  150. A question about Juan Carlos...
  151. Breaking News from Shanghai
  152. Kafelnikov may delay retirement to chase Davis Cup dream
  153. Final: Who will win?
  154. Does Roger Suffer...
  155. Are ther no sexy pics of male players?
  156. What is your favorite Masters Series event?
  157. Today was a great day!!!
  158. To Ferrero and his fans
  159. Stunning win by Hewitt
  160. All Thanks to Carlos Moya.......
  161. @ 2003 predictions: Grand Slams Champions @
  162. the ATP Year 2002
  163. Hewitt is no.1, as long as...
  164. Kudos to Cliff Drysdale, Tennis' hardest working broadcaster!
  165. Hi all! I'm new
  166. how to pronounce 's-Hertogenbosch?
  167. 2002 End of Year Ranks (ESP)
  168. Why this is the very best of times in men's tennis
  169. Desperate plea to the tennis gods for Marat
  170. I sense hostility!!!!!!!!!! Federer does not like Hewitt!
  171. Can 2 Slams be worth more than 3?
  172. Will he or won't he?
  173. This has to be a good sign, right?
  174. Richard Gasquet is going pro next year
  175. For whoever cares: esoteric discussion about random events which have yet to happen
  176. Guga 2000 vs Hewitt 2001 (claycourt vs harcourt biases)
  177. I just saw this headline and freaked out
  178. Any of you like Ivan Ljubicic?
  179. Kafelnikov Faces Leg Surgery Following Davis Cup Final
  180. Embarrassed Champions: head-to-heads
  181. David Nalbandian (ITA)
  182. Does anyone...
  183. Alex's Return Game
  184. Marat playing in Adidas International, Sydney!
  185. Commonwealth International 2003, Kooyong, Australia
  186. Ferrero Commits To Sydney
  187. Best on-court disputes of all time ?
  188. Doha, Qatar - Week of December 30, 2002 commitments
  189. Adelaide, Australia - Week of December 30, 2002 commitments
  190. Chennai, India - Week of December 30, 2002 commitments
  191. Call Pete Sampras 'daddy'
  192. Poll : How Successful will Paradorn be in 2003?
  193. Which young players will have a breakthrough year?
  194. the guy with the biggest dick......
  195. Who has it
  196. ESPN to televise Davis cup final!!!
  197. How does everyone feel about a coed masters cup?
  198. Prospective AUS OPEN Seedings
  200. Russian team doctor stopped by customs
  201. Who will reach 1000 first?
  202. Blake Brothers To Teach Harlem Tennis Center Clinic
  203. Dent Hires Stine As New Coach
  204. Uncertainty Lies Within Rusedski
  205. Henman misses Edberg showdown
  206. Race vs ESP
  207. 2002 Ranking figures
  208. Sydney:adidas international Player List
  209. Auckland Entry List
  210. Tommy Haas wins t-shirt battle
  211. PHM vs Arnauld
  212. Davis Cup FINAL: the Draw
  213. Tennis statistics
  214. Interesting Kafelnikov Article (Worth the Read)
  215. Random question(s) about Yevgeny Kafelnikov
  216. Aren't these two guys gorgeous?
  217. who has the best serve?
  218. who else would you classify as a returner other than Andre and Lleyton
  219. So Let's Make Sure I Have This Right..(regarding recent crap threads)
  220. it sure seems it was a lot of fun...
  221. FMTT Players: Make your commitments!
  222. Russia wins Davis Cup
  223. Andy has a big one too.......
  224. ATP 2003 calendar
  225. Mario Ancic ends year in three set thriller!
  226. Hand it Over :p
  227. Vote on the 2002 Player Awards
  228. Marat comforts Paul-Henri :))
  229. Err... (Davis Cup)
  230. So if 2002 was the "year of mr nobody", what does 2003 have in store?
  231. Davis Cup uniforms? Just don't do it, Nike argues
  232. Guy Forget: Risk-Taker Extraordinaire C/P
  233. Honda Challenge: London
  234. I need a break from cramming for finals and I want to reach 300 posts
  235. The tennis news drought is killing me!
  236. lleyton vs. ATP
  237. Kafelnikov has varicose vein removed
  238. Best serve/vollyer?
  239. Harel Levy wins Israeli Championships
  240. Clement out for 2 months
  241. McEnroe goes bezerk !!!!!!!!
  242. Werthless has his call on Kafel's career
  243. Continuing the quest
  244. Any news about Pat Rafter returning?
  245. If you could build your own player
  246. Rusedski could be out for months
  247. ATP european player of the year award
  248. London exhibition match
  249. Edberg not prepared to give up the quiet life
  250. Kafelnikov scraps retirement plans