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  1. Who else is really bored of Fedal?
  2. Who Is That Psycho Next To Peter Lundgren In Wawa's Coaching Camp?
  3. Is Soderling a true contender?
  4. Night Sessions: Woman almost always play after men!
  5. Favourite Day/Night Session Of A Grand Slam
  6. watch out for youzhny..
  7. I think Fed injured his back again.
  8. college tennis
  9. What would you despise the most this Sunday
  10. Peter Lundgren and the rest of Wawrinka's box?
  11. USO QF: Youzhny def. Wawrinka 3-6, 7-6[7], 3-6, 6-3, 6-3.
  12. Do players practice in the wind to prepare for the Open?
  13. So which semi will be scheduled first on Saturday? Nole vs Fed or Rafa vs Youzhny?
  14. WWW US Open SF: Nadal vs Youzhny?
  15. USO QF: Nadal def. Verdasaco 7-5 6-3 6-4
  16. Does a certain Commentator make you root against someone?
  17. Why do people say Spanish players "bend over" for Nadal?
  18. why was Federer bleeped after the soderling match???
  19. Would a Youzhny/Djokovic final be bad?
  20. lets all try to jinx the djoker
  21. Poll: Worst Grand Slam of 2010
  22. Quickest & slowest players between service points at US Open
  23. UK Newspaper Article on Andy Murray's Slam Failure
  24. Does Federer still have a chance to reverse negative H2H against Nadal in slams?
  25. Rohan Bopanna interview,
  26. Most powerful FH on tour ?
  27. The ATP Conspiracy: Federer Djokovic To Play Second
  28. Conversation with Novak Djokovic hitting partner Jack Sock
  29. Zvonareva = Söderling
  30. WWW Genova Open
  31. Prediction: Youzhny and Verdasco will reach WTF!!!!
  32. picks for the semis: rafa in straights, roger in 4..
  33. If Federer defeat Nadal in final...
  34. In a couple of days, Nadal will have the career slam!
  35. If Nadal beats Youzhny.....
  36. Who were the last two players to contest all four slam finals against each other?
  37. UNOFFOICIAL: Amer Delić play to BiH!
  38. If Youzhny Beats Nadal...
  39. What is more important for Fed fans: Federer to win, or Nadal to lose the USO?
  40. Nadal's predictions for the semis
  41. Youzhny Wears Black Ribbon
  42. What is more important to Nadal fans: Fedal H2H or Nadal making the final?
  43. For those who say Nadal was in his prime 05- 07
  44. Your favorite SF line up for Grand Slams in 2010?
  45. Tweener Curse: How many people won slams after pulling a tweener
  46. USO'10 SF: Vintage [1] Rafael Nadal def. [12] Mikhail Youzhny 6-2 6-3 6-4
  47. Who has the better chance of beating Nadal in the final?
  48. Nadal Career Grand Slam Head-to-Head over Federer
  49. Nadal becomes only 8th man in the open era to reach the final in all 4 majors
  50. Doping in Tennis Thread (No accusations without proof. Wada could test using hair)
  51. Just a reminder: no one has ever ...
  52. US Open Boys Final: [WC]Jack Sock [USA] def. [10]Denis Kudla [USA] 3-6 6-2 6-2
  53. Stupid Decisions Grand Slam Organizers Make
  54. US Open 2010 Final: Nadal vs. Djokovic WWW?
  55. USO SF : The Joker def. The King 5-7 6-1 5-7 6-2 7-5
  56. USO'10 SF: [3] Djokovic def. [2] Federer 5-7, 6-1, 5-7, 6-2, 7-5
  57. so long fedal, HELLO JODAL final!
  58. Since 2009 Wimbledon, Federer's first serve fizzles after matches with Soderling
  59. Djokovic is [wrong stat] when down 2 sets to 1
  60. weather could save djokovic
  61. If Nadal wins in 3 sets tomorrow...
  62. Djokovic will beat Nadal tomorrow!
  63. Prediction: Federer will bounce back to win 2 or more slams next year
  64. Poll: Should GS draws be taken into consideration when comparing GOAT candidates?
  65. Federer: "I won't watch but I hope Rafa wins."
  66. Nole to win second slam before Murray wins his first
  67. Does lack of Fedal finals hurt validity of Roger & Rafa major titles??
  68. Any credit for Nole? Respect for Roger? - A thread for tennis fans
  69. Is Nadal the only player ever to beat the BEST PLAYER in his first 6 slam titles?
  70. If Rafa wins tomorrow, will tards finally stop assigning asterisks to RG09?
  71. If Federer won would he have had more of a chance against Rafa in tomorrow's final?
  72. Pet names for ATP packages
  73. What is your favourite tennis tournament you have attended and why?
  74. Just let it rain
  75. what advice would you give nole for tomorrow?
  76. Djokovic denies Federer 8 consecutive us open finals record
  77. does anyone know what the rankings will look like on monday if rafa/nole wins?
  78. in less than 24 hours, roger and nole will have one less thing in common:
  79. Clay Warrior's Total Slam Count At the End Of 2011
  80. Youzhny, the only one with a black ribbon.
  81. The Federer walked off court after match point
  82. What Top 10 Player/Player in General has the best Career Match Point Ratio?
  83. Rafa beating Djokovic will say more about Rafa's hardcourt skill than beating Federer
  84. Federers USO aura is being slightly overrated
  85. Djokovics celebration
  86. Who is the most naturally talented player out of:
  87. The Single Best Reason Novak Won't Win the US Open
  88. Federer's Main Goal Is (SINGLES) Olympic Gold 2012
  89. Best BH slice on tour ?
  90. Who could have beat Del Potro at US Open 2010?
  91. Who can challenge King Rafa in the next 3 years?
  92. Rogie will come back strong in 2011...
  93. Can Rafa win 5 GS's in a row?
  94. Us Open Final - Who's the Hottest?
  95. If Novak wins his second slam, can Murray recover?
  96. Delete
  97. Best Single Handed BH on tour?
  98. Worst BH slice (TOP 10 only)
  99. most ANNOYING thing about the roger vs. nole semi-final..
  100. U.S. Open Weather Update: Wind + Rain
  101. 2010 Moscow changes court colors
  102. Was Federer-Djokovic the best match so far in 2010?
  103. Roger can be ATP World Tour Champion in 2011?
  104. Gonzo out until RG2011...returning earlier in Belgrade
  105. Nadal vs Djokovic USO Final postponed for much does it affect the outcome
  106. Federer and Anacone analysis
  107. USO like Doha for Rafa this year?
  108. Uncle Toni vs Srdjan Djokovic -Who would you rather have in your box?
  109. How many Nadal threads would be started if he wins USO?
  110. Jack Sock Bio file interview
  111. who has the most to prove in tomorrow's final?
  112. Theory: Fed lost the match because he really didn't want to lose to Nadal in final
  113. realisation! Nadal s Frasier to Federer's Ali
  114. Proof That Nadal is scared of Novak
  115. Ultimate question : your opinion about USO 03 semi-final
  116. Poll: Federer fans, at this point, do you not really care as long as Nadal loses?
  117. Who do YOU want to win the 2010 US Open Men's Final between Nadal and Djokovic?
  118. Check out..
  119. When a semi-final was like a final.
  120. Davis Cup Final Four (France, Argentina, Serbia, Czech Rep)- Who Will Win in 2010?
  121. Who has a better chance of finishing with a + H2H against Nadal?
  122. What would the players say about their fans, tards and haters?
  123. GS Fs Dream Matchups...
  124. ATP has decided on winner of the final
  125. OFFICIAL: Amer Delić (BIH)
  126. Rafa-Novak Final Favorite
  127. Does Djokovic have Nadal's number...on hardcourts?[??]
  128. rafa vs. nole, 2010 us open by the numbers..
  129. If Rafa wins today what excuses will say the haters?
  130. Will Rafa and Joker both complete their career slam today?
  131. the bulk of the pressure's now on nole..
  132. How many of you will go into hiding after today?
  133. Should USO be stripped of Grand Slam Status?
  134. CH Szczecin R1 Cuevas - Koellerer 2-6 6-4 1-0 ret.
  135. If you were Fed, and Nadal wins USO today, would you present the trophy to him?
  136. USO FINAL 2010: GOAT Nadal def. brave Djokovic 6-4 5-7 6-4 6-2
  137. Nadal wins 2010 US Open and completes career slam: beats Djokovic 6-4, 5-7, 6-4, 6-2.
  138. Adam Helfant's Vision for Tennis Complete: Every court is a clay court
  139. Congrats Rafa on your Career GOLDEN Grand Slam at the age of 24 !!!
  140. Nadal 49 winners Djokovic 45 ¿Nadal a defensive player?
  141. Congrats Nadal but he PROVED its easier to win a career slam in this era.
  142. CBS/ESPN Ruins another ceremony
  143. Is $1,700,000 too much when there is World Hunger everywhere?
  144. Who is the better hardcourter? Nadal or Murray?
  145. Will Nadal's victory give Federer motivation to push past 16?
  146. Is this the age of Nadal? How long will he dominate the Tour?
  147. Some stats and career milestones after USO 2010
  148. Will Nadal win the AO and complete non-calendar Grand Slam?
  149. 15 takeaways from US Open 2010
  150. Federer vs. Nadal at the Very Same Age
  151. Will The Introduction of Tennis Shot Clock Change Anything
  152. would federer have beaten nadal today?
  153. Clay Warrior's True Genius On The Battlefield
  154. How can anyone argue that Federer is better than Nadal?
  155. The Better USO '09 or '10?
  156. Nadal forgot that he lost to Djokovic at WTF
  157. Is Rafa a better hardcourt player than Djokovic, Murray, Del Potro?
  158. Will Nadal ever win M1000 Cincy?
  159. Ranking based on this year Slams
  160. So the biggest test Nadal had at FO/SW19 & USO 2010 were Mahut, Petchner & Gabashvile
  161. Tennis Philosphy: Why Fans Hate Successful Players
  162. Rafa is more likely to win 3 GS in 2011 than none at all
  163. what if knee tendinitis had not derailed rafa last summer?
  164. REMINDER: 2010's men's us open final on ttc tonight:
  165. Has any player had such a big advantage (in points)?
  166. Will these forums return to normal?
  167. Who has the more impressive CGGS?
  168. Top 101 Grand Slam Players of the Open Era--Post US Open Update
  169. Best match of 2010 US Open?
  170. Maybe The Best Article From Last Night I've Read
  171. Will Rafa win the Serena Slam?
  172. short list of career golden slam winners:
  173. Grand slam pairs. Hardest: Wimbledon and French. Easiest: US and Australian Open
  174. Why Tennis is Killing Itself
  175. USO Final coverage / low attendance / weather
  176. Predictions for the Indoor season? Will Rafa dominate?
  177. 2011
  178. What if Murray had a forehand?
  179. charles horton..?
  180. Slam predictions for 2011
  181. 2009 AO Nadal vs 2010 USO Nadal
  182. USOpen 2010: Djokovic on court interview to Serbian journalists right after defeat
  183. How IMPORTANT is WTF? Is it = a grand slam?
  184. Who Will Be The Next Legend
  185. Why are almost all of the threads discussing only...............
  186. Rafa - Close to winning every important tennis title?
  187. Which tennis matches do you record on DVD?
  188. October Far-East Asia Masters 500 and 1000 events
  189. Career Super Slam (?)
  190. Monte Carlo Masters 2010
  191. Blake Strode beats Young in OK challenger
  192. Calendar Year Grand Slam vs (Career) Grand Slam
  193. Davis Cup - Who will win?
  194. Koellerer should be banned for this faking?
  195. Biggest surprises of 2010---what were they?
  196. Poll: Is Nadal still going to burn out before age 30?
  197. Is Djokovic The Next #1
  198. Why can't the Australian Open be on Network TV?
  199. Chang-Sat Bangkok Open QF : Grigor Dimitrov def. Dmitry Tursunov 7-6 6-3
  200. Chang-Sat Bangkok Open: Konstantin Kravchuk def Bernard Tomic 6-3 6-1
  201. Nadal's improvements to his game a lesson for everyone
  202. rafa wins the 'calendar slam' in 2011!
  203. Maybe Pete just didn't try hard enough
  204. Nadal clinches year-end no. 1 for second time
  205. Davis Cup regelation tie: Israel v Austria 2-3
  206. is rafa already a better hardcourt player than roger's a claycourt player?
  207. Nadal El Pais Interview - admits to being coached during final??
  208. What will you think Kazakhstan's bought players make it in the world group?
  209. Things Federer has yet to achieve
  210. Arg and Fra players play soccer before Davis Cup
  211. Ideas to improve the YEC
  212. Michaël Llodra finally enters the top 30!
  213. Is tennis the most unpredictable sport in the world?
  214. DC Playoff Brazil 1-0: Bellucci def. Bopanna 6-7(2) 7-6(7) 7-5 4-6 10-8
  215. Davis Cup relegation tie: Romania v Ecuador 3-0
  216. Davis Cup relegation tie: Australia v Belgium 2-3
  217. WWW Davis Cup Semi: Nalbandian vs Monfils?
  218. Nole pulled out of rubber #1 with illness.
  219. Davis Cup relegation tie: Germany v South Africa 3-0
  220. Best slam final this year
  221. Davis Cup: F. Gil (por) v. A. Delić (bih) marathon runner
  222. The need for more 3 out of 5 set tournaments
  223. DC Italy 1-0 Sweden: Starace bt Vinciguerra 6-2 6-2 6-2
  224. Who was better? Gaudio or Nalbandian
  225. DC SF: France 1-0 Argentina (Llodra def. Monaco 7-5 4-6 7-5 6-3)
  226. Nadal: soon to overtake Federer as top earner in tennis?
  227. DC SF Czech R 1-0: Stepanek def. Troicki 4-6 6-2 6-4 6-4
  228. Any Alejandro Falla fans out there?
  229. DC PLAYOFF Soderking def Foggy 6-1 6-3 6-2
  230. Davis Cup SF: Monfils(FRA) def. Nalbandian(ARG) 6-4 2-6 6-4 6-3 (FRA 2-ARG 0)
  231. DC, E/A G-2, 3nd Round BiH at POR 1:1
  232. Davis Cup relegation tie: Colombia v USA 1-3
  233. The biological hazard tendencies in tennis.
  234. DC SF: Serbia vs. Czech (1-1) - Tipsarevic def. Berdych: 7-5 6-2 2-6 7-6 (5)
  235. This is Why Rafael Nadal is way better than Federer
  236. If Rafa bests Fed in a GS one more time, the changing of the guard is complete.
  237. Why RG is the best slam
  238. Top 10 players of all time: Nadal is #4
  239. Bangkok 37 Final: Grigor Dimitrov bt Konstantin Kravchuk 64 61
  240. Climbing ATP rankings turns tougher for teen players
  241. Davis Cup relegation tie: India v Brazil 1-2
  242. Lithuanian children tearin' up the Davis Cup: Up 2-1 on Slovenia
  243. France vs Argentina 3-0 - Llodra/Clément def. Schwank/Zeballos 6-4 7-5 6-3
  244. DC: Can the Serbs turn around the 1-2 deficit to win the tie?
  245. Davis Cup relegation tie Sweden v Italy 3-1
  246. Thailand Open
  247. WWW Metz?
  248. Nalbandian on Nadal
  249. WWW Szczecin: Andreev v Cuevas
  250. Will Djokovic & Federer be on the same side of the draw less often now?