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  1. ignore this, i'm stupid
  2. Ljubicic discusses the fire in rome...
  3. Shocker! Wimbledon cancelled
  4. Guga out of Roma and Hamburg
  5. Rome MS draw is out!!!
  6. Tommy R. turns 22 and meets Gaston in BMW finals
  7. How does backhand slice work on clay?
  8. New tennisvideos website!
  9. Tommy Haas talks about the fire incident in Rome
  10. DavyDenko beats Verkerk
  11. Who has had the best come-back!
  12. Pfffft Robredo "wins" Barcelona 6-3 4-6 6-2 3-6 6-3
  13. Tommy R. beats Gaston for his 2nd title!
  14. Predictions for Rome...
  15. Possible rule change about injury time-outs
  16. Men's Look Forward - Rome
  17. Doubles Website?
  18. FIRE!!! Mark P. and Marat Safin pair-up in doubles
  19. Top 10 grasscourtplayers from mid 70's and on...
  20. Top Ten Hardcourt Players in the Open Era
  21. *Your Club* Describe Your Tennis club ?
  22. Which site has Rome's live scores?
  23. Flip Won a Match!
  24. A few suggestions to improve tennis
  25. TWP: Tennis is dead, and what to do to revive it
  26. Should the other 3 Slams introduce a seeding system based on a player's past results?
  27. about the Tennis Channel
  28. Do tennis video games portray tennis rightfully?
  29. Mantilla survived 4 matchpoints (was 6-7 1-5 down) and won 6-7 7-5 6-0
  30. Canas def. Roddick 7-6 6-1
  31. Umpires. Men only Why not women?
  32. Fish's hip problem most likely not a tear!
  33. The doll of the week ..
  34. Rain stops play with Hewitt losing the first set 7-5!
  35. Argentina's Davis cup team coach resigns
  36. Is this really lleyton hewitt?
  37. Philippoussis not sponsored?
  38. Idea: A Bittorrent File Server dedicated to hosting tennis matches
  39. "Wanted" wallpapers
  40. Roger loses to Costa 6-3 3-6 2-6
  41. How do you think Andy will do at Roland Garros?
  42. Wimbledon Accomodation Offer
  43. So what happens...
  44. A tennis forum up now on my site!!
  45. The Pope
  46. Skinny-arm-itis :eek:
  47. Henman to carry the olympic torch
  48. According to ESPN News, Dick Enberg will commentate for ESPN's Grand Slam Coverage!
  49. Of these players, who do you think will do the best at Wimbledon?
  50. Lleyton...
  51. Safin taken out by Massu...
  52. David wins his two matches today
  53. Hewitt not a happy bunny
  54. With almost all favs out, who'll win Rome?
  55. Guga will carry the Olympic torch in Rio De Janeiro
  56. talking with me on msn?
  57. A new fantasy game: The ATP Tour - The Game
  58. Ask Mats Wilander
  59. The great Albert Costa seems to be back!
  60. More bad news from ROME......
  61. David def Spadea 6-4 6-3
  62. Question about clay courts...
  63. ATP doesn't care about doubles matches
  65. Andy vs. Roger? The new Andre vs. Pete?
  66. Pete, Kafelnikov, Rafter: Who do you miss most?
  67. Hamburg Draw is out!
  68. In preparation for RG
  69. David defeats Costa
  70. Rome final: Moyá vs Nalbandián: Who will win?
  71. Who has the toughest draw in Hamburg?
  72. Whats your game like, then?
  73. Welcome Me.
  74. "through the ball"??????
  75. Who is the best all-surface player in mens tennis?
  76. Moya Destroys Nalbandian in Roma Final 6-3 6-3 6-1
  77. Kafelnikow retired????
  78. Ferrero Out of Hamburg
  79. Ferrero withdraws from Hamburg
  80. Does anyone know about Wilson Pro Staff 6.0 Tennis Racquets? I need help!!!
  81. sexy carlos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  82. Qualifier Rochus beats Srichaphan 6-3,6-4!!!!
  83. *** Safin d Grosjean 7-6 7-5 ***
  84. Interesting results for Pavel....
  85. ~~ Pim Pim d Mark P 7-6 6-1 ~~
  86. Any VA, MD, or DC tennis players?
  87. When will Mark Philippoussis win his next match?
  88. Whos the most unattractive player or players?
  89. What is Roger's best surface?
  90. Lars Burgsmuller beats Rainer Schuettler 6-4,6-7,6-4
  91. Haas Vs Hewitt, the hate meeting!!!!!!!!!!!
  92. David Ferrer stuns David Nalbandián (6-2, 6-3)
  93. Is there any two-hander with better feel on slice/volley/chip/dropshot than Kiefer?
  94. Another article dissing Spanish guys namely Ferrero
  95. mmm.. smells good..
  96. disappointing Henman!
  97. Coria did NOT win Roland Garros
  98. Federer v/s Gonzalez, Great match!!!
  99. Article: Can Anyone Emulate Borg?
  100. No more Hamburg TMS?
  101. MARAT LOST (AGAIN)!!!!
  102. Jürgen MELZER (Austria) OUTGUNS Safin
  103. Noah & Wilander on RG and Wimbledon
  105. Former tennis Champions. Can't they find life after tennis?
  106. Carlos Moyá vs Roger Federer: who will win?
  107. Ferrero???????????????????????
  108. Mardy Fish withdraws from RG
  109. Mats Wilander on his career and today's players
  110. Hottest Active ATP Player
  111. --
  112. Can anyone emulate Borg?
  113. Will Andre qualify for the Masters Cup this year?
  114. Rocky Llegs to win Hamburg TMS
  115. Ferrero is recovered and feels ambitious for Roland Garros!
  116. ..
  117. Ace Magazine 2004:The 10 Sexiest Female/Male Players
  118. Not only Ferrero, NADAL probable for Roland Garros
  119. Will Blake and Fish Qualify for Masters Series Doubles?
  120. Guga is getting better and better!
  121. Masters Cup 2005-07 back to Shanghai?
  122. Favourite Spanish player?
  123. the Fed beat the hewitt!!!!
  124. Coria v. Federer. Who will win?
  125. Coria v Federer
  126. !!!Marat, I knew you cold play bad at times, but this... (everyone read)
  127. Tennis Masters Series Sets Count?
  128. federer d coria 4-6 6-4 6-2 6-3 !!!
  129. will a player ever win MC, rome and hamburg in the one season?
  130. Having a Grand Slam is like...
  131. French Open Prediction
  132. READ IT and PLAY IT
  133. how will the argentines do at RG?
  134. What country will do better at Roland Garros?
  135. What country will do better at Roland Garros?
  136. Do we stop rooting for Federer now?
  137. Who had the toughest ever run of players to win a Grand Slam?
  138. After winning two matches, Rainer Schuettler loses to Nicolas Massu, 6-4,4-6,6-2!!
  139. Mark Philippoussis wins a match!!!
  140. Poo ended his jinx against you know who
  141. MARK PHILIPPOUSSIS Def VINCE Spadea 6-7(1) 6-3 7-6(4) SAVES 1 MATCH POINT
  142. Agassi just got a warning for yelling "Fuck me!"
  143. what would be your RG dreaming final?
  144. Zimonjic def. Agassi 6-2 7-6(6)
  145. do somebody think that jc ferrero is in good shape to win this year (again) R.G?
  146. Blake and El Aynaoui to miss French Open
  147. Fed Hamburg matches available online / Latin players on the Tennis Channel
  148. Tha "dangerous floater" at RG
  149. Stop or play! Coria's injuries...and his whining
  150. The "Lost Generation" of the ATP
  151. The Tragedy that is Nicolas Kiefer
  152. Roland Garros Live Ibm scoreboard thing
  153. What's wrong with Costa?
  154. Which seed will fall in the 1st round in RG??????
  155. Brittish people? What's wrong with Andrew Murray?
  156. Im going to meet Sebastien Grosjean in an hour
  157. Coria, a possible roland garros champion???
  159. met grosjean, autograph giveaway and Bovina too
  160. Trivia question
  161. Tommy Haas and Nicolas Kiefer
  162. One Hit Wonders + Has Beens
  163. - Meet Your Match
  164. Look who's playing at Stella Artois
  165. Since this is the "general" room
  166. Philippoussis Def Schalken 4-6 7-6(5) 7-5
  167. Verkerk: "Hewitt copies my mannerisms"
  168. Mauresmo to play on the ATP tour soon??
  170. Crazy Däni breaks into the top 100, seething for revenge against King Oscar
  171. US Open Tickets
  172. Roddick played Andre in practice...
  173. RG Seeds
  174. Top Ten Crazier things than Andy winning RG this year!
  175. Matthew Cronin: RG Faves and Darkhorses
  176. Tommy Haas protective ranking????
  177. Is this a new Babolat racquet?
  178. Article: The Need For Fastcourt Players To Improve On Clay.
  179. What is the Greatest Grand slam upset ever?
  180. RG main draw here..
  181. Ferrero a doubt for French.
  182. this time Gaudio survived Lleyton's fight-back and got his revenge! 6-3 5-7 7-6(5)
  183. LTA Rating
  184. RG POLL: Who will win? Ferrero or Haas?
  185. Volandri into his second ATP final
  186. Wilanders's Five Men to watch out for at RG
  187. RG 1stRnd: Philippoussis vs Horna
  188. Who has the toughest draw in RG (of the "stars")
  189. Muster's advice.
  190. The "CMON!" thread
  191. Flip wins 3rd straight match over Zabaleta 4-6 6-3 7-5
  192. "Healthy" ATP. Sweet slaping against WTA?
  193. Newsflash: Robby Ginepri Wins A Match On Clay. How bad is Van Lottum then?
  194. French Open the Toughest Slam To Win, It Takes More Than 3 Shots To Win
  195. RG Poll? Safin vs Calleri who will win?
  196. Battle Of Argentina, Gaudio vs Canas, who will win?
  197. St.Pölten final live on the web
  198. is anyone friends with or knows any pro players?
  199. Clay courters to bite the dust at the French Open?
  200. Chile is Team World Champion Again!!!
  201. Year of the Crutches....
  202. Santiago Ventura Wins Tournament In Top Level Debut
  203. Juan Carlos Ferrero assisted today to Spanish Royal wedding
  204. Kafelnikov to get official farewell at Kremlin Cup
  205. Scud and Tommy Hass without sponsors???
  207. Every shot in the book
  208. Men's Look Forward: Roland Garros
  209. Jon Worthless's seed report.
  210. Predict-the-SCORE Davis Cup
  211. Putting spin on clay?
  212. Argentines Revive a Dormant Tennis Tradition (New York Times)
  213. Does the bottom half play tomorrow because of Juan Carlos´s wish to play on Tuesday?
  214. Juan Carlos Ferrero: "It's 60% possible I won't play Roland Garros"
  215. Whats the problem with Popp??
  216. 1st round predictions
  217. Nicest guy on ATP
  218. I'm totally bored, so... The Court Guessing Competition.
  219. French open bracket anyone?
  220. 5th sets?
  221. Agassi defeated in first round!!!
  222. Spadea d Serra 7-5 1-6 4-6 7-6 9-7
  223. Mayer def. Gonzalez 6-7 6-1 6-0 7-6!
  224. Ivanisevic to hang up racket at Wimbledon
  225. ..
  226. Verdasco def. Rusedski 7-6 6-0 6-0
  227. Lundgren: ''Safin needs motivating''
  228. Ferrero will defend his title!
  229. Roddick wins in straight sets!!! 7-6 6-4 7-5
  230. Who will emerge out of Agassi's eighth?
  231. Rusedski, Martin and Agassi - end of the line?
  232. Mark P loses again
  233. More disgusting behavior from the French
  234. Spooky things going on in Paris
  235. so much talent, so much wasted, whatever happened to Fabrice Santoro
  236. what did Duckboy do that pissed off Todd and the crowd?
  237. Roger talks about him not being on centre court
  238. Killer services from Voltchkov and Stepanek!
  239. so will Haehnel be the next Calleri?
  240. Santoro - Clement: Will they ever finish?!!!
  241. LONGEST MATCH IN THE HISTORY OF TENNIS!!!! 6-4 6-3 6-7 3-6 16-14
  243. Classical music in the background at RG?
  244. Malisse def. Schuettler 6-4 7-5 6-4
  245. A Crisis in TV coverage!
  246. Rainer beaten yet again in R1
  247. Safin through to the 2nd round
  248. Juan Carlos defeats Tommy Haas 3-6, 6-4, 6-4, 6-2!!!!
  249. Roger has silicone implants!!!
  250. Juan Monaco v Guillermo Coria, the battle of the Argies!!!