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  1. who is this "New Ball "Julien Benneteau?
  2. One Love Match ticket for sale!
  3. "El gordo" is sitting on Agassi's face right now !!
  4. CALLERI BEATS AGASSI 6-2 7-6 (2)
  5. Calleri won 62 76 against Agassi!!!!
  6. Coria-Benneteau 3rd set Wrap
  7. Sleeveless ballkids at Miami .. aghh
  8. Gonzo d. Nadal 7/6 4/6 6/2: Don't you hate when upsets lose in the next round?
  9. The Passion of Agassi...
  10. Spadea Pulls Another Upset
  11. ESPN2... where's the tennis?
  12. Has Calleri always been so hyper?
  13. Spadea - Srichaphan
  14. The matches that made you really sad!
  15. Your Fav. Top-10
  16. How many tournaments do you think Agassi will win this year?
  17. The TennisWeek Interview: Cliff Drysdale
  20. Nadal/Robredo?
  21. poor Pavel...
  22. Players With Better Backhands than Forehands
  23. I am the Queen
  24. Andy Roddick Is The Man
  25. From ==> Nadal and Kuznetsova ?
  26. GAH!!!!
  27. Doesn't Kiefer have a nice bum?
  28. Roddick d Moya 5-7 6-2 7-5
  29. FINALLY! Doubles Faves March On
  30. Come in here if you dislike Kiefer
  31. delete
  32. Coria def. Gonzalez 4-6, 7-6, 6-1
  33. recieving,notification of french open tickets
  34. Clay tournaments entry lists - all in one file...
  35. poor Linus may have celebrated a TAD too soon...
  36. Spadea getting spanked by Roddick
  37. MAGO ROCKS!!
  38. Roddick's Revenge! def. Spadea 6-1 6-3!
  39. YOU ROCK MAGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  40. Whos the Barbie?
  41. Carrying On From rassklovn's thread, whos good at football?
  42. Hope Coria fights and doesn't wilt like Moya, Gonzo, Spadea & WTA players not Serena
  43. Gonzo: "I choked"
  44. Moya: "I choked"
  45. Which round of a Grand Slam do you enjoy the most?
  46. Mal: Roddick will win if he serves at 60%, Coria a fav for USO
  47. Post Your Tennis Videotape/dvd Match Collection Here
  48. a little tennis trivia
  49. Oh no, Coria injured
  50. Roddick defeats Coria 6-7(2), 6-3, 6-1 ret.
  51. I have a feeling we will go to belarus with no dave and no guillermo.
  52. Other Possible Outcome for Nasdaq
  53. Who will dominate the clay court season?
  54. A question/problem
  55. I think Andy's backhand has improved.
  56. Does the INDESIT Champions Race look weird
  57. Coria May Miss Clay Court Season
  58. Thanks, Bud, for portraying Coria as a weak competitor to US
  59. Felgate talks tough...Bogdanovic on the dole??
  60. Do you know Paradorn Srichaphan need to be military conscription tomorrow?
  61. 1999 US Open Agassi K Kucera
  62. Coria not really Argentinian?
  63. Who is going to make the biggest impact on the ATP tour this year?
  64. Tennis Lessons in NYC, Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens
  65. Andre makes career change, now plays for Boston Red Sox
  66. Does ESPN have a clay phobia?
  67. Any websites with searchable H2H statistics?
  68. The best players at net
  69. The chat thread
  70. Autograph Hunters: Post your collection!
  71. Does Gonzalez...
  72. Rafter to play WTT
  73. Top 100 WTA Fan's Favorites AND Least liked
  74. Mattress Mac has special show on Tennis Channel!
  75. Cliff Drysdale picks Nadal to win the French this year
  76. Frank Dancevic def. James Blake 6-4 6-4
  77. Hugo Armando defeated Vincent Spadea, Andrei Pavel, and Robby Ginepri!
  78. Players fav bands
  79. DC question
  80. future/satellite/challenger?
  81. Giant-killing Belarus destroys Argentina for semifinal berth
  82. *Player Game* Everyone Read :)
  84. Olympic WC for Marcos Baghdatis!!
  85. Caption this...
  86. TENNIS HELP needed
  87. Can Andy beat Bjorkman?
  88. Interesting article on US Open series
  89. Andy sets new world record serve: 152 mph
  90. Roddick sets new serve record: 152 mph!!!
  91. Slip, Sliding Along, Singing a Song on Grus
  92. What would be ur ideal Tennis match? Who would u want versing eachother?
  93. Men's Look Forward: Estoril, Valencia, Houston
  94. Argentina officially protested Belarus choice of court...
  95. Marat 's coaching saga.....
  96. What surface should the US chose for the Davis Cup semifinals?
  97. Users Emails -get peoples emails to make friends and conversation!
  98. Davis Cup play-offs draw
  99. If you could pick any two people to play doubles together, who would it be?
  100. WTF is wrong with Rainer Schuettler???!!!
  101. Denmark Dumped from Davis Cup
  102. Carlos Moya and Flavia Pennetta...a couple?
  103. Hi there, I am new!
  104. Estoril r2: battle of teens-Rafael Nadal vs Richard Gasquet
  105. Of these players, who do you think will go the furthest at Roland Garros?
  106. Haas grounds Ginepri in first clay win of comeback!
  107. roger look-alike
  108. Players with 'trademarks'
  109. Czech Republic and DC
  110. 50 sporting things you must do before you die
  111. Roddick+Gilbert = better results on clay?
  112. Florian Mayer (GER) storms the ATP rankings in a HURRY!!!
  113. More on McIngvale
  114. Federer out of Monte Carlo
  115. Haas def. Tursunov 6-2, 6-0!
  116. Komeback Kings: Pavel vs Haas Who will win?
  117. the ATP's "One to Watch" is a jinx!! Here's proof...
  118. Nadal withdraws from the Estoril Open
  119. Monte Carlo draw is out!
  120. Miami was murder on players bodies
  121. Verdasco destroys Ferrero! 6-2 6-1
  122. Haas defeats Pavel 6-4, 6-7, 6-4.
  123. Will Gaudio become a doubles specialist?
  124. Roddick Vs Hass who will win?
  125. German Tennis
  126. Should Andy skip Monte-Carlo?
  127. Verdasco Wins 1st ATP Title !!!
  128. more McIngvale-related news
  129. Chela terminates the Safinator, wins Estoril title
  130. Haas Title Triumph!!!!!
  131. Men's Look Forward: Monte Carlo
  132. Who's making the best comeback so far?
  133. Interesting Teams and Draw for Monte Carlo Doubles
  134. Mental Exhaustion, Tiredness and Other Excuses from the Roddicks
  135. Roddick, Blake and Fish Withdraw From Monte Carlos
  136. The poll of all polls
  137. Hewitt vs. Clijsters (love match)
  138. Schuettler takes out Guga in Monte Carlo!
  139. Guillermo Coria mauls Thomas Enqvist: 6-0 6-1!
  140. Why is the LTA so stupid?
  141. Tally vs Smally Can ickle Rochy upset the Maranator?
  142. Taylor Dent's hanging gut
  143. Nadal has a fracture?!
  144. Win-loss records in finals
  145. Favorite player from A-Z.
  146. Who Will Be The Best Comeback Player of 2004
  147. ATP Fantasy Tennis - European Adventure.
  148. Nalbandian is BACK! He schools Hrbaty: 6-3 6-0!
  149. Corretja crushes Ferrero 6-2 6-3
  150. Ferrero thrashed by Corretja
  151. *Describe Your Game*
  152. Marat talks about ATP Scheduling issues
  153. The best game to watch...
  154. Will the South Americans dominate this clay-season?
  155. Nadal to miss RG and the Olympics...
  156. USTA Announces US Open Series
  157. Marat: Hates playing Oli, Federer not "the best", wants #1, Denis as coach
  158. 10 Questions
  159. Are "Claycourters" disrepected in comparison to "Fastcourters"? Why?
  160. Coria scores another bagel....defeating Kiefer 6-0, 6-3!!!!
  161. Nabaldian def. Mantilla 6-0 5-7 7-6
  162. Pathetic Gaudio lost to hewitt a match he could have won 6163
  163. Jarkko Nieminen: a fracture?
  164. ..
  165. The Tennis Channel rocks big time!!!
  166. Tennis Tries to Play Through Its Past Faults (article)
  167. Whats the best and worst racquet brands?
  168. El Mago vs. Nally: who will win?
  169. Ferrero Takes Time Out.
  170. Silly Rainer...
  171. Rainer's back!! He wins Hewitt 6-4,3-6,6-4!!!
  172. Henman - first clay Masters final?
  173. Rainer playing bad tennis? NO! Interview at Monte Carlo
  174. Hewitt - will he ever return to the top 5?
  175. Friday predictions for Monte Carlo Quarters!!!
  176. Monte Carlo Doubles Semi-Finals
  177. Biggest Failure in Tennis
  178. Where's Andre at?
  179. what happened to
  180. Marat is in the semis, won 6-3, 3-6, 6-1 over Martin!
  181. Rainer destroyed Henman 63 61!!!
  182. Rainer Schuettler wins Tim Henman 6-3, 6-1 !!!!
  183. Predict Wimbledon Seeds
  184. Moyá back to Number 1?
  185. Why did Hewitt fall in the ranking?
  186. Will Ferrero Fall in the Rankings because of Chicken Pox???
  187. Guillermo Coria def. David Nalbandian 6-4 6-3
  188. Predict the end-years ranking! (top15)
  189. ATTITUDE, who represents the most anger on the court?
  190. Is Coria actually beatable on clay??
  191. Guillermo Coria (3) vs Marat Safin Who will win?
  192. Schuettler (4) vs Moya (5) Who will win?
  193. Tiebreaks: Moyá is 11-0!
  194. Uhh... now this is messed up...
  195. Safin Won't Win This Poll. Best and Most Effective Dropshot?
  196. who will win monte-carlo?
  197. Guille beats Safin in a thriller!!! 6-4 1-6 6-3
  198. Weirdest things in tennis history
  199. Rainer Schuettler Wins Carlos Moya 7-6,6-4 !!!
  200. Its Coria vs Schuettler!!!!!
  201. Monte Carlo final will be so boring...
  202. I have no emotion !
  203. finale poll
  204. Monte Carlo final: Coria(3) vs Schuettler(4) Who will win?
  205. Interesting press conference from MC Organizers
  206. Which clay Masters tournament is the best predictor of Roland Garros?
  207. Celebration yells
  208. Rafter and Lara get married in paradise
  209. Nadal, what do you think of him?
  210. Wishes For Rainer Schuettler.... It's his Birthday today!!!!
  211. 2004 [Gaudio]#:.When will there be another surprise SLAM champ?
  212. Coria in Red hot form today!!! Wins Rainer 6-2,6-1,6-3!!!
  213. BMW Open Final Prediction
  214. Coria, Monte Carlo Champion
  215. MTF Showdown 3: Haas v. Schuettler
  216. Coria Withdrew From Barcelona
  217. whose gonna win roland garros
  218. Safin withdrew from Barcelona
  220. Wertheim: On player burnouts and scheduling
  221. showing comics...
  222. Some fun: Horoscope Signs and their Players
  223. Old players who dont play like their old
  224. Roddick & Federer @ French Open 2004
  225. AMAZING NEWS: In a letter signed by Coria, Nalbandian.....
  226. Little Oli Rochus Defeats Srichapan 6-3 6-2
  227. Whos the most entertaining player to watch?
  228. Interview Kiefer: injuries, Davis Cup and a newfound mentality
  229. Roma Champion
  230. Carlos Moyá will play in Wimbledon
  231. Davis Cup revival: Austria vs Germany ... BECKER vs MUSTER (live scores)
  232. More money to players attending Wimbledon...
  233. What are the odds?
  234. Can you buy tennis videos anywhere?
  235. OMG what a SHOCK: Agassi won't play in Hamburg !!!
  236. Moya lost to Gaudio 6-4, 6-4!!!!
  237. Coria, it's a love hate thing...
  238. Should the US Open get rid of the final set tiebreak and Saturday semifinals?
  239. Can Canas finally beat Kuerten?
  240. Agassi withdraws from Rome
  241. the first time i saw andy...
  242. Houston Pics!
  243. It's amazing what one good run in a tournament can do for one's morale!! Go Rainer!!
  244. Should Slams be shortened to best of three sets?
  245. Come on Andy fans don't hide this great poll from the rest of us.
  246. Nalbadian upset at Barcelona
  247. All Weather courts (astro-turf)
  248. Which nation plays the best tennis!
  249. A fire devasted the players official hotel in Rome
  250. Worst tennis injuries?