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  1. Most Ineffectual and Worst Backhand
  3. who is the blonde
  4. Tournaments you are planning to go to?
  5. ATP Pick a Winner Indian Wells
  6. An interesting article
  7. ATP Halle Commitment List
  8. Espn is showing the Franklin Final with Spadea...
  9. Which Defunct ATP Tournament Would You Like to See Come Back?
  10. Santoro #1 ATP Doubles Player 2004
  11. Who do you think will win Wimbledon?
  12. Agassi may not play a claycourt event before Roland Garros
  13. Hardest Hitter
  16. Who do you think will win US open?
  17. Who Do You Think Will Win TMC
  18. whose gonna win in indianwells?
  19. How do people come up with this kind of nicknames?
  20. Eastbourne LTA Event, Any Players?
  21. Favourite Grandslam?
  22. Ten matchess I would love to have on VHS or DVD
  23. Is Guillermo Canas the wicked witch of the West??????
  24. A horse named Wimbledon ..OMFG
  25. what exactly is a `'journeyman'?
  26. Lleytton dumps Kim .. from WTA
  27. Nalbandian out of Indian Wells
  28. seating advice needed
  29. Les gens qui parlent francais, j'ai besoin de votre aide!
  30. Championship points saved
  31. Do you think we'll have a 4 or 5 sets final in FO this year?
  32. Height survey
  33. Wertheim raps Nalbandian
  34. Shoes Size of tennis player
  35. Goodbye Kafelnikov
  36. Which is your favorite month in the tennis season?
  37. Guga walks out on Brasil DC Team
  38. Indian wells main draw
  39. IW 1rst Round: Ivanisevic vs. Martin!
  40. Make fun of your fav player
  41. IW: Roddick v. Safin Aussie rematch. Marat goes for the 3-0 Bitch TKO
  42. IW: Will Tommy have enough comeback power to handle his whipping boy, Enqvist?
  43. NYC gets two new tournaments, including a Grass Challenger!
  45. TENNIS-X TOP 10 OPEN ERA No. 1s.
  46. Rusedski cleared
  47. PAW
  48. Men's Look Forward: Indian Wells
  49. Fernando González the strongest rigth of the tour
  50. Your loved ones and tennis
  51. Anyone one where I can buy videos/dvd of Federer's matches
  52. Anyone know where I can get videos/dvd matches of R. Federer?
  53. why do u like your favourite player???
  54. How long should the tennis offseason be?
  55. Training intensity of the top players?
  56. Radio Offers Pacific Life Open Web Cast
  57. Indian Wells live scoreboard
  58. Are the ATP the most incompetent sporting organisation?
  59. Condolencias a los españoles
  60. Whirpool Europe, new WTA Sponsor.
  61. Ivanisevic and Haas get Miami WCs
  62. Ferrero Withdraws From Indian Wells
  63. Andy gets a grip...
  64. Final chance to sign up for PAW Indian Wells!
  65. au gens ki parlent français svp
  66. Top Swedish Players of All Time
  67. Rexall Centre Ahead of Schedule
  68. Baldy no longer a baldy?
  69. Haas wins first match of the year:)!
  70. IW scoreboard
  71. Terrorist attacks leave Spanish tennis players shaken (article)
  72. Head Tennis Racqets
  73. Wimbledon Queueing and Qualies
  74. Who should represent the GB Davis Cup team?
  75. Best Nation Of Fans?
  76. msg for sjengster
  77. Tennis DVDS
  78. GB Davis Cup team v Luxembourg
  79. Rainer (playing like) Shitler
  80. Least Coachable Player
  81. Who Will Win Hrbaty or Agassi ?
  82. Srichhaphan, and Phillippoussis taken out early...
  83. Nalbandians Serve?
  84. Poo loses again
  85. Henman - Indian Wells 2004 Champion?
  86. Rusedski's Return
  87. New tennis Site ..
  88. where can i buy tennis tapes ?
  89. Rainer Doing Better in Doubles
  90. The right training .. from WTA
  91. Hewitt to defend the Indian Wells Title? I don't think so!!!
  92. Projected ATP Doubles Ranking for August 9, 2004 (updated Sunday)
  93. Guga's Hair
  94. 3 out of 4 semifinalists last year are gone in IW
  95. Vamos! 7-6 6-2 Roddick over Safin!
  96. (Q) Wayne Arthurs Def (28) Jonas Bjorkman 4-6 6-2 6-3
  97. Haas, Ivanesevic get Nasdaq Wildcards
  98. ATP Awards to be Announced In Miami
  99. Let's go Guillermo! Lets go!!!!
  100. Which racket does Haas play with?
  101. Le Beast bye-bye
  102. If your favorite player retired tomorrow
  103. Damn
  104. testing
  105. testing
  106. C'MON MAGO!!
  107. Coria, Coria or Coria...
  108. Vote for 'The prestigious 2003 ATP Awards Presented by Waterford Crystal'
  109. Roger, Justine and Serena nominatet for Laureus Sports Awards
  110. USA today article on Roger!
  111. New Andy Roddick and tennis site/forum!
  112. Agassi loses out to taxman
  113. highest ever first serve % ?
  114. What is with Labadze?!!
  115. Andy and Mandy no more .. from WTA
  116. !!!!!!!!TO MEXICANS!!!!!!!!
  117. Worst Overall Groundstrokes?
  118. GO MAGO GO!!
  119. GO MAGO GO!!
  120. I love tennis ...
  121. GO MAGO GO!!
  123. 2003 US Open semi Juan Carlos Ferrero Andre Agassi - OR - 2003 US Open semi Andy Rodd
  124. Greek olympics in crisis
  125. 2003 Rome final Felix Mantilla Roger Federer
  126. Andy Caught Bending Over, again. - pic
  127. Roland Garros poster
  128. Will anyone stop Federer from winning in Indian Wells?
  129. Which Racket Do You Use?
  130. eastern, western, semi western
  131. Most Surprising or Biggest Bolter ever to win a TMS title?
  132. Can Anyone Sell Me DVDS/VHS oF Matches
  133. Ferrero still doesn't know if he'll play in Miami
  134. The wins that made you really happy!
  135. SO CLOSE!! ( this is what Agassi said)
  136. Fan Or Player?
  137. Tim over Andy 6-7, 7-6, 6-3
  138. Most prestigious slam
  139. Most Prestigious slam
  140. Q/F Irakli Labadze Def James Blake 6-7(1) 6-4 6-1
  141. OMG, you all were right....
  142. Players page and pictures..
  143. is James Blake some kind of an idiot or just a fool??
  144. The most devastated you've ever felt after a match?
  145. How should the ATP compensate Rusedski?
  146. Roger will trash Agassi and send him into retirement
  147. Henman has Federer tied up
  148. Are the semis on TV in Europe?
  149. Pac Life Open Scores/Points LIVE Saturday
  150. Henman or Federer?
  151. What are your favorite rivalries that do not involve 2 grandslam champions??
  152. Andre: No coach is better than an average coach
  153. Retirement? Nah. Losing to Fed only makes Andre hungrier
  154. Andre: Andy is all serve and nothing else
  155. Wow! Jim McIngvale begs Roger!!!
  156. Player you would most like to be?
  157. Norman & Rios finished???
  158. Which of the current male commentators annoys you the most?
  159. downloading matches
  160. Andre will regret what he said about Andy
  161. Are my "gay tennis bondage" posts sexually arousing for you?
  162. Andy looks exactly like that actor ...
  163. dayum, i'm no longer a star/note to Pea...
  164. Roger Federer wins 6-3 6-3 over Tim - I.W'04
  165. Happy Birthday Jiri Novak!!!
  166. Mark Philippoussis hires Pete Sampras’s former fitness adviser
  167. Ticket price...
  168. No Miami coverage????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  169. Roger set for History in Miami???
  170. David is back in Miami...
  171. Lol, Love would be proud of Fed's IW trophy
  172. report from IW
  173. Will Roger win all four majors AND all nine Masters Series Events during his career?
  174. best site for travel/accomodation
  175. best claycourt tournament?
  176. ***W-L in finals for "New Balls"***
  177. Trivia Question
  178. whose more talented?
  179. what about alex corretja's retirement?
  180. Will Federer win every slam this year?
  181. A year ago this month, ATPWorld went kaput...
  182. What?Andy dumps Mandy because no longer dandy
  183. Whose game threatens Roger the most?
  184. The real number #1 ...
  185. Roger enjoys the dirty job...
  186. More Biased Headlines at
  187. Mal: Who can catch Federer? Look at Andy, Coria, Nadal and Henman.
  188. Stop the Cuteness!!
  189. Pictures and news and players page..
  190. Awards are announces by ATP!
  191. 911 Goran def. Escude 6-4 5-7 7-6(7)!!!
  192. Article: Injury-plagued Ivanisevic tries to mount another comeback
  194. federer vs sampras
  195. Can Roddick Win A Major Clay Title Within 2 Years? If so, which one?
  196. David withdraws from Miami!!!
  197. Missing Younes
  198. Dent blasts off Youzhny 6-3 6-3
  199. Alexandra Stevenson vs. Vincent Spadea
  200. Which cities should host future Tennis Masters Cups?
  201. Top 10 Active Grunts
  202. Spadea Def Blake 6-7(12) 7-6(4) 6-1
  203. ..
  204. Mardy fish out of Nasdaq 100
  205. ESPN: Players discuss how to beat Federer
  206. Spirit find new life form on mars - It plays tennis
  207. Henman knocked off by Melzer
  208. Goran retired:(((
  209. Marat : How are people supposed to know about us if they dont show us on TV!
  210. Whoa, Marat's partner...
  211. Does bad blood run beween Schuettler and Kiefer?
  212. Lucky losers
  213. "Gentleman" Tim: Think again
  214. Useless Mens Tennis Trivia
  215. Can Safin win a slam this year?
  216. Reid fights hard to defeat Verkerk wins 4-6 6-4 7-5
  217. atp's best surface/stadium?
  218. Coria article on atp, doping and Voltchkov.
  219. Useless Marat loses again
  220. Who should be the second singles player for the US Davis Cup Team in April?
  221. Roger in trouble
  222. When the going gets tough...Marat v Roger in difficult matches
  223. Sjeng was disqualified !!!
  224. Today's game too fast for a post-surgery Guga
  225. 6th straight set loss...Mark when will it end?
  226. Scud goes down to Hernych 6-4 6-2
  227. Where is Marcos Baghdatis?
  228. Sharing tennis matches over ftp
  229. olympics court built
  231. Maimi 2nd round: Pavel def. Hewitt 6-4, 7-5
  232. all our Brazilian friends!!
  233. What are you guys talking about? Marat & Mark have won at Miami
  234. "Upset Sunday" concludes with a straight set thrasing by Rafa over Roger
  235. Roger in trouble again
  236. Faves to win a post upset-sunday Miami ?
  237. Federer-Nadal one for the ages...
  238. Philippoussis/Safin lose Doubles Match
  239. Rafa v Gonzo: Who will win?
  240. Tennis 'scenes' that really caught your attention
  241. Your fav tennis score?
  242. What happened to his hair ?!
  243. Eduardo Schwank (ARG): the 'junior-federer'
  244. What happened on court #3 ??
  245. Jeff Gordon and Roy Jones Jr in new USTA ads to promote tennis
  246. Is Spadea this years Schuettler?
  247. Federer believes Nadal will be No1 within three years
  249. Superstitions
  250. Ordina Open ('s Hertogenbosch - The Netherlands) first commitments