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  1. Nadal is getting better ...
  2. Breaking down the eight Shanghai qualifiers, a reflection on their year.
  3. Fit Dave!
  4. Federer in another slump?
  5. Is Nalbandian Going To Shanghai?
  6. Santiago Ventura wins the Montevideo challenger and is back in the Top 100
  7. About Nalbandian's ranking..
  8. Nalbandian at his very best vs. Federer at his very best...who would win?
  9. Is Nalbandian ready to win over Pless ?
  10. Decision Time: Which One Of These Is More Likely To Drop Out Of The World's Top 32 ?
  11. Your dream RR groups for Shanghai...
  12. Can anyone beat Nalbandian
  13. To become #1...Rafa, my friend, needs a new coach
  14. Nalbandian's "come back" is a hope for another great two-handed back hand player
  15. Asuncion RD1: Maximo Gonzalez d. Guillermo Coria 6-4 6-2
  16. ACES - Love 'Em or Leave 'Em
  17. Bryans pull out of TMC
  18. Where to find current tennis interviews ?
  19. To Yonex : No more PJ-like outfits to Nalbandian
  20. 2007-Possibly the Most Impressive Federer Year Yet
  21. Who will be the Whipping Boy of the YEC?
  22. Lowlights of the 2007 tennis season
  23. TMC Groupings?
  24. My god, Yahoo Answers is so retarded.
  25. TMC final...your prediction
  26. German media: Did Haas got poisoned at the DC against Russia?
  27. Gasquet vs Nadal
  28. Federer vs the rest of the group 34-1!
  29. Gustavo Kuerten's brother has died
  30. Why Not They Just Skip The Masters and
  31. TMC winner will be who?
  32. Stop rumors about Russian tennis
  33. What if the allegations about match fixing run EVEN deeper than we think?
  34. Robredo and Chela are the Shanghai Alternates. Reasons that 11-19 refused the trip
  35. Why is Chela the second alternative in Shanghai?
  36. Will Murray have breakthrough year in 2008?
  37. Players to step up next year?
  38. Best match of the year?
  39. Next player to win their first Grand Slam?
  40. Which one of the TOP TEN will fall in 1st round in AO ?
  41. doping, match fixing, coke, food poisoning ... predict the next tennis scandal
  42. Funniest Thing On The Atp Site
  43. Di Mauro banned for 9 months, not 3 years as previously stated.
  44. RR Shangai: Nadal vs Gasquet
  45. BYEtards United
  46. RR Shangai: Djokovic vs Ferrer
  47. ...
  48. Article: Game must get its chaotic house in order after spate of scandals
  49. How many injury timeouts will Fakervic take during the MC?
  50. Jan Hernych Approached in Russia!!!
  51. TMC group photo and opening ceremony info
  52. Best outfit in 2007
  53. WTA fixing???
  54. Nadal injured in Shanghai?
  55. Why is #12 Canas playing a challenger in Ukraine next week?
  56. Who Is The Best Tennis Player Ever?
  57. MS Madrid to be a clay tournament?
  58. The Tennis Masters Cup and the Shanghai story
  59. Roddick vs Federer, who wins?
  60. Greatest World No.2 of all time?
  61. Bet on Gasquet and save the world economy.
  62. What are the odds for Federer to win TMC ?
  63. RR: Nadal def. Gasquet 3-6 6-3 6-4
  64. Up to this point who has had a better career, Gasquet or Robredo?
  65. Ferrer def. Djokovic 6-4 6-4 to win his 1st match on TMC
  66. Shanghai RR Davydenko Vs Roddick' WWW?
  67. Similarity between Nalbandian's & Federer's turning point in their careers
  68. Simone Bolelli saved matchpoints in 3 consecutive matches, wins Bratislava challenger
  69. Rafa vs Nole
  70. Gasquet Vs Djoko
  71. RR: Federer vs Gonzalez
  72. Federer 2007 > 2006?
  73. Shanghai TMC Excel Sheet
  74. Where is Michael Chang?
  75. Where Will Roger Federer Rank 12 Months from Now!?
  76. [Prediction] New World #1 Rafael Nadal to be Overshadowed by #2 Roger Federer?
  77. Novak Djokovic 2007 Point Total(= Performance) to exceed Nadal 2005 & 2006!?
  78. RR: Roddick def Davydenko 6-4 3-6 6-2
  79. RR: Gonzalez def Federer: 3-6 7-6 7-5
  80. TMC 07--)) likely SF matchups "updated" [*A.Rod, Pics, Rafa +?]
  81. Who has a better backhand?
  82. Tennis Masters Cup: Gold Group - Ferrer 1st, Nadal 2nd.
  83. If Gonzo Wins YEC Where Will He Be Ranked?
  84. RR: Federer vs Roddick
  85. Who will win on Wednesday? Roddick or Gonzalez?
  86. How did Roger get so hot in the span of one year?
  87. Federer's losses require explanations..
  88. Pictures From 2007TMC Interviews [Update: Nov.18, Fed, Ferrer, Knowles/Nestor]
  89. Shanghai Crowd: One of the best in the world
  90. Best player to not have played the TMC?
  91. Sampras 90-2000
  92. Leave Kolya Alone!!!
  93. The cause and effect of tennis' lack of popularity
  94. Rafael NADAL vs David FERRER - WWW?
  95. federer just needs to work on his bh
  96. RR: Gasquet def Djokovic 6-4 6-2
  97. Nole Out Of Contention For Semis?
  98. Federer interview in Swiss Newspaper
  99. How about a Hedgehog Squashers Thread !!!!!!!
  100. Have you been impressed by Gasquet in this TMC so far?
  101. Ferrer def. Nadal 4:6 6:4 6:3
  102. Nadal - Djokovic: Who will win?
  103. the most interesting TMC EVER??
  104. Ferrer - Gasquet: Who will win?
  105. The most interesting moments of the ATP Tour 2007 in a subjective view
  106. If Gonzalez Beats Roddick Tomorrow, He is Safe....
  107. YEC on US TV?
  108. what is going on in tennis? who will win tmc?
  109. Misleading PR stunt erodes the game's credibility
  110. federer vs davydenko. who wins?
  111. Roddick vs Gonzalez
  112. The Duck Calls out the Count of Monte Cheat-O
  113. Andy Murray rumoured to be parting company with Brad Gilbert
  114. Federer still won TMC, unfortunately...
  115. Is Nicolas Kiefer Good For Tennis?
  116. Djokovic vs.Gasquet at their best... Who would win?
  117. Changing Racquet Technology - Get rid of two handers.
  118. RR: Federer def. Davydenko 6-4 6-3
  119. Shanghai-Worst music
  120. RR: Roddick def Gonzalez 6-1 6-4
  121. Why Is Andy Roddick Delusional
  122. Federer's future
  123. Helsinki Challenger : A Juska (LAT) vs. [4] P Wessels (NED) 6-7(4), 5-6, def.
  124. 25 sliced backhands in one rally [FED & Youzhny]~ too many?
  125. The Ego King speaketh
  126. Does anyone feel that Gasquet might win this year's master cup?
  127. if federer beats roddick, and gonzalez beats davydenko, what happens
  128. According to PMac, Hewitt is done
  129. what does"LTA Men's Event" mean
  130. Gilbert As Roger's New Coach ??
  131. Where are challenger entry lists found?
  132. Sergio "Escopeta" Roitman def Brian Dabul 5-7 6-0 6-2
  133. Can Gasquet become #1?
  134. RR: Nadal def Djokovic 6-4 6-4
  135. Why is the lob so under-rated?
  136. Year 2008 = Year of Davids?
  137. RR: Ferrer rips Gasquet 6-1 6-1
  138. Gasquet's post match reaction
  139. Most sets to win TMC [Hewitt 02 (16)]; Least sets to win TMC [Fed 04 (11)]~@@~
  140. Masters Cup/YEC: Champions who won the final against someone they lost to in RR
  141. IF Nadal vs Roger happen, Who will win?
  142. In order for Federer not to qualify what would have to happen.
  143. gasquet sucks murray wouldve made it more interesting
  144. 2007 Injuries (help needed)
  145. Which one is harder? Rallying with Rafa on clay or rallying with Ferrer on hard court
  146. Will Djokovic be another Safin?
  147. Donald Young breaks into top 100
  148. Is Federer finally ending his hegemony? Will he lose #1 in 2008?
  149. ATP under fire after clearing Davydenko of not trying
  150. Which players to break through to the top 50, 2008?
  151. Top Latinamerican players in open era?
  152. Here's a conspiracy: Davydenko will tank today to help Gonzalez hehehe
  153. Davydenko "Betfairs" Gonzo out of TMC 6-4 6-3
  154. Federer vs. Roddick: Who will tank?
  155. Who is more prefer?
  156. Cool Federer's commercial
  157. Shoe 1 - Racket 0
  158. Final RR: Federer def Roddick 6-4 6-2
  159. SF Shangai: Federer vs Nadal WWW
  160. Federer improve serve percentage?
  161. SF Shanghai: Roddick vs Ferrer
  162. Will the final of TMC best of 3 or 5?
  163. Fognini played match n.100 in 2007, defeats Cuevas 61 64 to reach B.Aires SF!!!
  164. Federer vs Roddick - The FINAL score?
  165. Federer vs Roddick - the FINAL score?
  166. Sorry to beat a dead horse - Rome surface
  167. What does Roger's win really prove?
  168. Albert Portas has retired.
  169. Tennis DVDs
  170. 1st SF: Ferrer def Roddick 6-1 6-3
  171. 2nd SF : Roger Federer 6-4, 6-1 Rafael Nadal (H2H : 6:8)
  172. Federer def Nadal 6-4 6-1
  173. I would like to have the sema crisis as Roger Federer
  174. Will Ferrer make another surprise like Gonzalez?
  175. Final Shangai: Federer vs Ferrer WWW
  176. Where is djokovic, nadal or davydenko career heading?
  177. Who besides Nadal still has a winning Record Against Federer
  178. Whats more likely to occur in 2008?
  179. Why was Roger smiling against Roddick?
  180. Darcis breaks into top 100
  181. is final w/ Federer and Nadal already over?
  182. How much extra money does the winner in the final going to get?
  183. No February clay events for Nadal
  184. was it just me or did I see Rafa drop some Spanish f-bombs today?
  185. Ferrer in 2008
  186. Fabrice Santoro found a new job hmmmm? TENNIS IS DEAD
  187. Roddick and Connors to split? Any information?
  188. Singer Scottish anthem at Hampden Park?
  189. Ferrer an all-around good guy?
  190. Knowles/Nestor end partnership on a highnote and win TMC 6-2 6-3 over Aspelin/Knowle
  191. Shanghai Final: Federer def Ferrer 62 63 62
  192. federer really amazed me again
  193. Federer vs Top 10, 78-20
  194. So without an "unfair serve" sampras would have 0 slams...
  195. Top 10 roastings of 2007
  196. Does Federer have a devastating mental impact on other players?
  197. Nadal's Weakness
  198. Does Tennis have a gambling problem?
  199. Best matches of the year
  200. Nalbandian 2008 = *GOAT*(((GOD))) Win EVERY TOURNAMENT of the Year
  201. Sergio "Escopeta" Roitman roasts Daniel 6-1 6-4 to win BS AS Challenger
  202. Zverev d. Tursunov 6-4 6-4 to win Dnepropetrovsk
  203. The best match of the year 2007!
  204. Fed: First to break $10 million...
  205. Grand Slam Winners in 2008?
  206. Best Roger-bashing line?
  207. Entry List 2008?
  208. How high can Dr ivo ago in 2008
  209. Who is Mirnyi playing with next year?
  210. Is Roger declining physically?
  211. Who Is Most Likely To Be The Suprise Performer At The Australian Open 2008
  212. 3rd Edition of MTF's Favourite Player Of The Year, 2007!! Marat is the winner!! Duh!
  213. How Many Slams Will Roger Win Next Year
  214. The Nadal false modesty thread AKA "he's the favourite, no ?"
  215. Is Roger gona give his all Vs Sampras?
  216. Djokowagon vs Nalbanwagon - Which one is worst?
  217. He's 6ft 5in tall, can serve at 160mph and can stop Roger Federer - but who is he?
  218. What Grand Slam does Andy Murray have the Best Chance of Winning based on his Playing
  219. Peter Bodo: The Shadow Federer
  220. Pete is looking good
  221. Article: Australian Court Surface is speeding up. Never in doubt
  222. Who wins? Roger Federer vs. Pete Sampras Exhibition 1
  223. How was the Borg's style of play?
  224. which channel for Pete vs roger?
  225. Roger Federer Beats Pete Sampras 6:4, 6:3
  226. BlackRock PODCAST (Federer, McEnroe, Borg)
  227. ~()~when/where legends win their "LAST SLAM"..[Fed & Rafa]?
  228. Nadal interview about the season and his fitness
  229. Nikolay Davydenko And (That) Picture
  230. Rivals who like each other, hate each other or just plain don't care?
  231. 2008 Olympics
  232. ATP Challenger Kuala Lumpur
  233. Matches from Masters,where do I get them from???
  234. What makes the Ultimate tennis player? - ATP commissioned research
  235. Rafa Smashes Gasquet In Highly Competitive Malaysia Exho 3-6 6-2 6-3
  236. KL exo - Rafa downed Richie
  237. Greetings from Kual Lumpur, Malaysia
  238. As exhibitions go, who would prove the most dangerous foe?
  239. Excluding Roland Garros, at which grand slam will Federer likely to be beaten first?
  240. Federer 2007 vs 2004
  241. What would Sampras be ranked if he played now?
  242. Federer defeated Sampras 7-6(6) 7-6(5) in their second exhibition match
  243. Who will out from Top 10 Ranking?
  244. Who has/had the best serve of all time?
  245. How many slams would Laver, Borg, Feder, Sampras have if you remove the "IF's"
  246. Agassi on Oprah
  247. Paradorn Natalie recieve Luster water
  248. Enough with all the Sampras threads!
  249. Federer: Sampras would still be a top five player
  250. Rafa....You Can't Be serious