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  1. [Topix] Injury-Ridden Venus Eclipsed at Dubai
  2. [Reuters] Partisan Argentine crowd holds no fear for Czechs
  3. [Topix] Kuznetsova suffers early exit in Dubai
  4. [Topix] Hewitt strives to recapture intensity
  5. [Reuters] PREVIEW-Agassi eager for crunch Davis Cup tie
  6. [Scotsman] Murray set for Davis Cup history
  7. [Topix] Parmar setback opens door for Bogdanovic
  8. [Reuters] INTERVIEW-Humble teen Mirza becomes toast of India
  9. [Reuters] Spain complain about Slovakia's Davis Cup surface
  10. [Scotsman] Murray to make Davis Cup history
  11. [Topix] Likhovtseva struggles into second round
  12. [Topix] 'I know my Indian culture... I'm not going to pose in a bikini'
  13. [Topix] Mirza Mania Delights In Dubai
  14. [BBC News] Parmar out of Cup tie
  15. [Topix] Agassi set to return to Davis Cup
  16. [BBC News] Hantuchova in Dubai last eight
  17. [Yahoo] Agassi back in Davis Cup, no Federer (AP)
  18. [BBC News] Hantuchova into last eight
  19. [Topix] Lindsay slams Wimbledon over unfair prize money
  20. [Topix] Hantuchova wins but Dechy loses
  21. [Reuters] Davenport, Serena struggle into Dubai quarter-finals
  22. [Yahoo] Serena rallies to reach Dubai quarters (AP)
  23. [Topix] Hantuchova in shock win; Elena through
  24. [Topix] World tennis champion tours Port Elizabeth
  25. [Topix] Agassi in Davis Cup, Not Federer or Moya
  26. [Topix] Serena, Davenport win second round matches
  27. [Topix] Agassi in Davis Cup comeback
  28. [Topix] Sania stuns Kuznetsova
  29. [Topix] Agassi Gets Fired Up for the Cup; Mirza Mania in Dubai
  30. [Yahoo] New USTA chief sets high goals (AP)
  31. [Reuters] Australia v Austria Davis Cup draw
  32. [Topix] Agassi wears new and veteran hat
  33. [Topix] Sania takes on Jankovic in quarter finals
  34. [Topix] Serena Williams Reaches Dubai Quarters
  35. [Topix] Molik to play in Family Circle Cup
  36. [Topix] Philippoussis engaged to model, actress
  37. [Reuters] Hewitt hoping to give Australia ideal Davis Cup start
  38. [Topix] Philippoussis 'engaged'
  39. [Topix] UK's biggest selling newspaper
  40. [Topix] Dutt congratulates Sania
  41. [Topix] Agassi back in Davis Cup; Federer, Moya no-shows
  42. [Topix] Serena struggles into Dubai last eight
  43. [Topix] Williams fights to beat Bovina
  44. [Topix] Heady for India, Sania cool
  45. [Topix] Hewitt opens Austria match, Arthurs to play Melzer
  46. [Topix] Federer on whirlwind tour of SA
  47. [Topix] Sports shorts
  48. [BBC News] Murray to make history
  49. [Topix] Venus and Serena riding high in Dubai
  50. [BBC News] Bogdanovic ready to seize chance
  51. [Topix] USTA chief has diverse, ambitious agenda
  52. [Topix] Hewiit hoping to give Australia the lead
  53. [Topix] Serena survives scare
  54. [Reuters] Ljubicic eager to lock Davis Cup horns with Agassi
  55. [Reuters] Russia v Chile Davis Cup draw
  56. [Reuters] Slovakia v Spain Davis Cup draw
  57. [Topix] Ljubicic Eager to Lock Davis Cup Horns with Agassi
  58. [Reuters] Nadal dropped from singles spot by champions Spain
  59. [Scotsman] Roy hopes he's inspiration for Murray mettle
  60. [BBC News] Roddick joy at Agassi return
  61. [Reuters] France v Sweden Davis Cup Draw
  62. [Topix] Agassi's return energizes US Davis Cup clash with Croatia
  63. [Reuters] Switzerland v Netherlands Davis Cup Draw
  64. [Topix] Capriati (shoulder) out of Pacific Life Open
  65. [Topix] Smarty's jockey jailed, could be deported
  66. [BBC News] Myskina goes out in Dubai
  67. [Reuters] Chile pleased Russian Davis Cup surface not too fast
  68. [Topix] Myskina goes out in Dubai
  69. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-Nadal dropped from singles by champions Spain
  70. [Reuters] Capriati pulls out of Indian Wells
  71. [Reuters] Argentina v Czech Republic Davis Cup draw
  72. [Reuters] Romania v Belarus Davis Cup Draw
  73. [Topix] Capriati Pulls Out of Indian Wells
  74. [Reuters] Myskina upset in Dubai, Davenport through
  75. [Reuters] Nalbandian opens for Argentina against Czech Novak
  76. [Topix] Nadal Dropped From Singles Spot by Champions Spain
  77. [Yahoo] Davenport rolls past Martinez in Dubai (AP)
  78. [BBC News] Williams breezes into Dubai semis
  79. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-Argentina's Nalbandian opens against Czech Novak
  80. [Topix] Myskina Upset in Dubai, Davenport Through
  81. [Reuters] Spanish surface complaints fall on deaf ITF ears
  82. [Topix] Nalbandian faces Novak in Davis Cup
  83. [Yahoo] New USTA chief Johnson sets high goals (AP)
  84. [BBC News] Williams breezes into semis
  85. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-Serena eases into Dubai semis, Myskina upset
  86. [Topix] Roddick excited by Agassi return
  87. [Reuters] PREVIEW-Injured top players key in Spain v France tie
  88. [Topix] Davenport Wins at Dubai Women's Open
  89. [Reuters] UPDATE 2-Serena eases into Dubai semis, Myskina upset
  90. [Topix] Belarus at Romania Davis Cup Preview
  91. [Reuters] CORRECTED - PREVIEW-Injured top players key in France v Sweden tie
  92. [Topix] Federer meets his beneficiaries in PE
  93. [Topix] Blake, Philippoussis Lead List Of Indian Wells Wild Card Recipients
  94. [Topix] Davenport, Serena ease into Dubai semis
  95. [Topix] Serena eases into Dubai semis
  96. [Topix] Rusedski Carries Cup Burden
  97. [Topix] Agassi will open up for U.S. against Croatia
  98. [Yahoo] Davenport, Serena reach Dubai semifinals (AP)
  99. [Reuters] Agassi to face Ljubicic in Davis Cup opener
  100. [Topix] Sania loses game, not heart
  101. [Topix] Agassi Will Open Up for U.S. Against Croatia
  102. [BBC News] Britain prepares for new Cup era
  103. [Topix] Schnyder Saves Match Point To Beat Myskina; Will Face Davenport In Dubai Semi
  104. [Topix] Davenport, Serena Ease Into Dubai Semis
  105. [Scotsman] Rusedski takes strain
  106. [Reuters] Australia lead Austria 1-0 in Davis Cup tie
  107. [Topix] Hewitt sends Australia on its way in Davis Cup
  108. [Reuters] Hewitt gives Australia 1-0 lead over Austria
  109. [Topix] Roddick remembers Agassi's Davis Cup intro
  110. [Topix] Schnyder upsets Myskina in Dubai, Davenport through
  111. [Topix] Sania bows out, Serena in semis
  112. [Topix] Mark's love
  113. [Topix] Roddick remembers Agassi's hazing
  114. [Topix] Spurrier Suspends Two
  115. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-Australia lead Austria 2-0 in Davis Cup tie
  116. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-Arthurs gives Australia 2-0 lead over Austria
  117. [BBC News] Aussies take Cup initiative
  118. [Reuters] UPDATE 2-Arthurs gives Australia 2-0 lead over Austria
  119. [Topix] Roddick Remembers Agassi's Davis Cup Intro
  120. [Topix] Hewitt to take on Peya in Davis Cup opener
  121. [Topix] Serena sails into semifinals
  122. [BBC News] Live: Israel v GB
  123. [Topix] Roddick recalls Davis Cup intro by Agassi
  124. [Reuters] Dubai Open WTA tournament semi final result
  125. [Scotsman] Baltacha powers on
  126. [BBC News] Davenport into Dubai final
  127. [Reuters] Davenport struggles past Schnyder into Dubai final
  128. [BBC News] Rusedski gives Britain lead
  129. [Reuters] RPT-Dubai Open WTA tournament semi-final result
  130. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-Davenport struggles past Schnyder into final
  131. [Reuters] France lead Sweden 1-0 in Davis Cup tie
  132. [Reuters] Mathieu humbles Joachim Johansson to give France 1-0 lead
  133. [Reuters] Slovakia lead Spain 1-0 in Davis Cup tie
  134. [Reuters] Belarus lead Romania 1-0 in Davis Cup tie
  135. [BBC News] GB level after Bogdanovic defeat
  136. [Yahoo] Australia takes 2-0 lead over Austria (AP)
  137. [Reuters] Chile lead Russia 1-0 in Davis Cup tie
  138. [Yahoo] Roddick recalls Agassi's Davis Cup intro (AP)
  139. [Reuters] Slovaks take 1-0 lead over Davis Cup holders Spain
  140. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-Dubai Open WTA tournament semi-final results
  141. [BBC News] Injury stops Serena in Dubai
  142. [Reuters] Serena quits Dubai with arm injury
  143. [Topix] Onslow County wrestling team holding sign ups
  144. [Reuters] Netherlands lead Switzerland 1-0 in Davis Cup tie
  145. [Reuters] Chile and Russia tied 1-1 in Davis Cup
  146. [Topix] USTA event heads to McAllen on Saturday
  147. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-Slovaks take 1-0 lead over Spain in Davis Cup
  148. [Reuters] Argentina lead Czech Republic 1-0 in Davis Cup tie
  149. [Topix] Agassi to play Davis Cup opener vs Croatia tie
  150. [Reuters] UPDATE 2-Serena quits as Davenport ousts Schnyder
  151. [Reuters] UPDATE 3-Serena quits as Davenport ousts Schnyder
  152. [Topix] Navratilova to play Liverpool
  153. [Yahoo] Sweden, France tied 1-1 (AP)
  154. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-France and Sweden tied 1-1 in Davis Cup
  155. [Yahoo] Safin pulls Russia even against Chile (AP)
  156. [Reuters] WRAPUP 1-Serena quits as Davenport ousts Schnyder
  157. [Topix] Teenager is toast of billion Indians
  158. [Yahoo] Serena leaves match with shoulder injury (AP)
  159. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-Romania and Belarus tied 1-1 in Davis Cup tie
  160. [Topix] For one weekend, tennis turns into a team sport
  161. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-Thomas Johansson atones for namesake's loss
  162. [Reuters] Chile and Russia level 1-1 in Davis Cup
  163. [Topix] Agassi to testify before Assembly Education Committee
  164. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-Slovakia lead Spain 2-0 in Davis Cup tie
  165. [Topix] Serena Quits as Davenport Ousts Schnyder
  166. [Reuters] UPDATE 2-Slovaks jump to 2-0 lead over Spain in Davis Cup
  167. [Topix] Safin Pulls Russia Even Against Chile
  168. [BBC News] Holders Spain in deep trouble
  169. [Reuters] WRAPUP 1-Holders Spain close to losing Davis Cup crown
  170. [Topix] Sweden and France Tied at 1-1 at Davis Cup
  171. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-Argentina lead Czech Republic 2-0 in Davis Cup
  172. [Yahoo] Nalbandian, Cora give Argentina 2-0 lead (AP)
  173. [Reuters] UPDATE 3-Slovaks jump to 2-0 lead over Spain in Davis Cup
  174. [Topix] Romania, Belarus tied at 1-1 in Davis Cup
  175. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-Netherlands lead Switzerland 2-0 in Davis Cup
  176. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-Nalbandian and Coria put Argentina in control
  177. [Topix] Slovakia puts defending champion Spain in 0-2 hole
  178. [Reuters] UPDATE 4-Slovaks jump to 2-0 lead over Spain in Davis Cup
  179. [Topix] Davenport and Jankovic through to Dubai Open final
  180. [Reuters] WRAPUP 2-Holders Spain close to losing Davis Cup crown
  181. [Topix] Holders Spain Close to Losing Davis Cup Crown
  182. [Topix] RP Cuppers hold fort vs Koreans
  183. [Topix] Safin levels tie for Russia
  184. [Topix] Safin pulls Russia even at 1-1 against Chile
  185. [Topix] Johansson beats Grosjean to put Sweden back in tie
  186. [Reuters] Croatia lead United States 1-0 in Davis Cup
  187. [Topix] Nalbandian gives Argentina perfect start
  188. [Reuters] Ljubicic Downs Agassi to Give Croatia 1-0 Lead
  189. [Topix] Illinois, North Carolina win
  190. [Yahoo] Agassi loses opening match for U.S. team (AP)
  191. [Topix] Jankovic, injury sideline Serena
  192. [Topix] Dutch lead Swiss 2-0 in Davis Cup play
  193. [Scotsman] Rusedski poised to give Murray helping hand
  194. [Topix] Sania satisfied with her Dubai trip
  195. [Topix] Agassi Loses Opener for U.S. Davis Cup Team
  196. [Yahoo] Roddick bails out Agassi at Davis Cup (AP)
  197. [Topix] Argentina drops Czechs 2-0 in Davis Cup
  198. [Topix] Safin helps Russia level against Chile
  199. [Topix] Ljubicic downs Agassi to give Croatia 1-0 lead
  200. [Topix] Injured Serena Retires
  201. [Topix] Navratilova Joins Liverpool International Field
  202. [Topix] Agassi loses opening match for U.S. team
  203. [BBC News] Roddick win brings US level
  204. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-Roddick brings U.S. level against Croatia
  205. [Reuters] Rain stops Australia-Austria Davis Cup tie
  206. [BBC News] Rusedski could get doubles call
  207. [Topix] Argentina Drops Czechs 2-0 in Davis Cup
  208. [Topix] Dutch Lead Swiss 2-0 in Davis Cup Play
  209. [Topix] Holders Spain face Davis Cup exit
  210. [Reuters] Australia lead Austria 3-0 in Davis Cup tie
  211. [Topix] Davenport and Serena advance
  212. [Topix] The Tennis Week Interview: Sesil Karatantcheva
  213. [BBC News] Australia into last eight
  214. [Topix] Ljubicic downs Agassi, but Roddick puts US level against Croatia
  215. [Topix] Holders Spain on brink of exit
  216. [Reuters] Australia take unbeatable 3-0 lead over Austria
  217. [Reuters] Slovakia oust holders Spain 3-0 in Davis Cup tie
  218. [BBC News] Spain fall to Slovakia
  219. [Reuters] Russia lead Chile 2-1 in Davis Cup tie
  220. [Reuters] Holders Spain ousted in Davis Cup by Slovakia
  221. [Reuters] CORRECTED - Holders Spain ousted in Davis Cup by Slovakia
  222. [BBC News] GB pair take stunning doubles win
  223. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-Holders Spain ousted in Davis Cup by Slovakia
  224. [Reuters] UPDATE 2-Spain's Davis Cup reign ended by Slovakia
  225. [Topix] Australia Wins 3-0 Over Austria
  226. [Topix] Slovakia Eliminates Spain From Davis Cup
  227. [Reuters] Russia nose in front in Davis Cup
  228. [Reuters] Belarus lead Romania 2-1 in Davis Cup tie
  229. [Yahoo] Australia wins 3-0 over Austria (AP)
  230. [Reuters] UPDATE 3-Spain's Davis Cup reign ended by Slovakia
  231. [Topix] Jankovic, shoulder injury sideline Serena
  232. [Yahoo] Russia leads Chile 2-1 after doubles (AP)
  233. [Reuters] WRAPUP 1-Spain's Davis Cup reign ended by Slovakia
  234. [Topix] Slovakia beats defending champion Spain in Davis Cup
  235. [Yahoo] Defending Davis Cup champ Spain ousted (AP)
  236. [Reuters] Netherlands lead Switzerland 2-1 in Davis Cup tie
  237. [Topix] Slovakia stuns defending champs
  238. [Reuters] Argentina lead Czech Republic 3-0 in Davis Cup
  239. [Reuters] WRAPUP 2-Spain's Davis Cup reign ended by Slovakia
  240. [Yahoo] France grabs 2-1 lead over Sweden (AP)
  241. [Reuters] WRAPUP 3-Spain's Davis Cup reign ended by Slovakia
  242. [Topix] Slovaks eliminate 2004 Davis Cup champion Spaniards
  243. [Yahoo] Argentina reaches Davis Cup quarters (AP)
  244. [Reuters] Dubai Open WTA tournament final result
  245. [Topix] Argentina leads Czech Republic 3-0, advances to Davis Cup quarterfinals
  246. [Reuters] Clement inspires France to doubles victory
  247. [Reuters] Slovaks took advantage, fumes Spanish chief
  248. [Reuters] Davenport outlasts Jankovic to claim first season title
  249. [Reuters] WRAPUP 1-Davis Cup champions Spain ousted
  250. [Topix] Argentina Advances to Davis Quarters