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  1. [Scotsman] Serena proves a point in Melbourne
  2. [Scotsman] Safin proves Federer is human after heroic tussle
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  14. [Topix] Serena Williams battles past Sharapova in epic thriller
  15. [Topix] Morariu back after chemotherapy
  16. [Topix] Years in Making, a Final Pairing Worth the Wait
  17. [Topix] Power Couples Never Work for the Knicks
  18. [Topix] Hingis could be looking at return to tennis
  19. [Yahoo] Morariu's comeback ends in Slam final (AP)
  20. [Reuters] Open-Kuznetsova and Molik win women's doubles title
  21. [Topix] Hewitt ready for Roddick
  22. [Reuters] Open-Australian Open doubles results
  23. [Topix] Safin theatrics key to game
  24. [BBC News] Safin stuns Federer
  25. [BBC News] Aussie Molik wins doubles
  26. [BBC News] Hewitt fit to face Roddick test
  27. [Reuters] Open-Serena hopes lightning will strike twice
  28. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-Open-Revenge for doubles champion Molik
  29. [Topix] Safin Stuns Federer
  30. [Reuters] Open-Tearful Davenport hails Morariu comeback
  31. [Topix] Williams Versus Davenport, a Final Pairing Worth the Wait
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  34. [Reuters] Open-Marat's masterstroke was signing new coach
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  36. [Reuters] Sharapova donates Porsche proceeds to Beslan victims
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  41. [Topix] Safin stuns champion in voyage of self-belief
  42. [Topix] Tearful Davenport Hails Morariu Comeback
  43. [BBC News] Hewitt fights back to reach final
  44. [Reuters] Open-Men's singles semi-final result
  45. [Scotsman] Molik doubles win delights Aussies
  46. [Reuters] Open-Hewitt beats Roddick to reach Australian Open final
  47. [Topix] Safin stuns Federer to reach third Aussie Open final
  48. [Reuters] Open-Match statistics for Hewitt v Roddick
  49. [Topix] Hewitt upsets Roddick in Australian Open
  50. [Yahoo] Hewitt tops Roddick to advance to final (AP)
  51. [BBC News] Williams confident for final
  52. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-Open-Hewitt tames Roddick to reach final
  53. [Reuters] Open-Hewitt battles past Roddick to reach home final
  54. [Reuters] Open-Roddick furious with himself after Hewitt loss
  55. [Topix] Hewitt Tames Roddick to Reach Final
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  57. [Topix] Marat's Masterstroke Was Signing New Coach
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  59. [Reuters] FEATURE-Open-Hewitt on verge of fulfilling lifelong dream
  60. [Topix] Federer dethroned by Safin in five sets
  61. [Topix] Hewitt Overcomes Roddick to Reach First Aussie Final
  62. [Topix] Davenport, Serena ready for all-American Aussie Open final
  63. [Yahoo] Comeback takes Morariu to Slam final (AP)
  64. [Topix] Golf debut for tennis star
  65. [Yahoo] Serena-Sharapova becoming a top rivalry (AP)
  66. [Yahoo] Serena, Davenport look for redemption (AP)
  67. [Topix] Roger And Out
  68. [Topix] Kuznetsova, Molik win doubles
  69. [Topix] Toughest Junior Racquet, Kim Sun-yong Advances to the Semifinals at Major International
  70. [Topix] Women's final preview
  71. [Topix] Curtain shines, Draper struggles at Victorian Open
  72. [Yahoo] Safin ready to move up Down Under (AP)
  73. [Topix] Erakovic out of singles but in doubles final
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  75. [Topix] Tennis player juggles Aussie and pro golf debut
  76. [Yahoo] Capriati undergoes shoulder surgery (AP)
  77. [BBC News] Hewitt rallies to reach final
  78. [Topix] A modest proposal from Roddick: Quiet, please
  79. [Topix] Safin's upset sets up exciting year, says vanquished Federer
  80. [Topix] Hewitt overcomes Roddick to reach first Aussie Open final
  81. [Topix] Capriati undergoes shoulder surgery
  82. [Topix] Dechy withdraws
  83. [Topix] ESPN2 To Televise Oz Open Men's Final Live
  84. [Scotsman] Final flourish will make Hewitt a national treasure
  85. [Topix] Journey begins here for Jamie Baker
  86. [Topix] This time, Safin is ready to move up Down Under
  87. [BBC News] Live: Williams v Davenport
  88. [BBC News] Williams battles to Aussie title
  89. [Reuters] Open-Davenport takes first set of women's final 6-2
  90. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-Open-Williams fights back to level final
  91. [Topix] Scottish crowds on rise
  92. [Reuters] Serena Williams wins Australian Open
  93. [Reuters] Open-Serena Williams wins Australian Open
  94. [Topix] Steve Wilstein Tennis popularity growing
  95. [Reuters] Open-Australian Open women's final result
  96. [Yahoo] Serena wins second Australian Open title (AP)
  97. [BBC News] Hewitt eyes dream title
  98. [Reuters] List of Australian Open women's champions
  99. [Topix] Shoulder surgery for Capriati
  100. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-Open-Williams battles back for Australian title
  101. [Topix] Serena Williams overcomes rib injury, downs Davenport to win Australian Open
  102. [Reuters] Open-Serena Williams factbox
  103. [Reuters] UPDATE 2-Open-Williams battles back for Australian title
  104. [Reuters] Open-Destiny looms large in Australian Open final
  105. [BBC News] Black & Ullyett win doubles
  106. [Reuters] Open-Brave Serena drew strength from bleak days
  107. [Reuters] Open-Zimbabweans Black and Ullyett beat twins for title
  108. [Topix] Black/Ullyett beat Bryan brothers for doubles title
  109. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-Open-Black and Ullyett beat twins for the title
  110. [Reuters] Open-Serena sets sights back on top spot
  111. [Topix] Power shifts in tennis promise renewed popularity
  112. [Reuters] Open-Williams sisters still a force, says Serena
  113. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-Open-Australian Open doubles results
  114. [Topix] Safin hopes third time is charm at Open
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  116. [Topix] 7th seed Serena Williams claims 7th major coming back from a set...
  117. [Reuters] UPDATE 2-Open-Black and Ullyett win doubles title
  118. [Reuters] WRAPUP 2-Open-Battling Serena eyes return to top spot
  119. [Yahoo] Black, Ullyett earn men's doubles crown (AP)
  120. [Topix] Kuznetsova, Molik beat Davenport and Morariu for Australian Open doubles
  121. [Topix] Andy lets Lleyton off the hook
  122. [Topix] Factbox on Serena Williams
  123. [Scotsman] Heath will be looking for some home advantage
  124. [Scotsman] Serena hurdles pain barrier in Melbourne
  125. [Yahoo] Injured Serena wins Australian Open (AP)
  126. [Topix] Zimbabwe duo cause upset
  127. [Topix] The Lass Got Class
  128. [Yahoo] Navratilova falls in mixed doubles semis (AP)
  129. [Topix] Hewitt Dreams Of Final Glory
  130. [Topix] Serena Ends Long Drought By Winning Aussie Open
  131. [Yahoo] Davenport's lapse opens door for Serena (AP)
  132. [Yahoo] Safin vs. Hewitt: a combustible mix (AP)
  133. [BBC News] Williams battles to title
  134. [BBC News] Hewitt one step from dream title
  135. [Topix] The one Lleyton wants
  136. [Topix] Serena Proves She's Back at Top of Game
  137. [Topix] Myskina, Martina for Hyderabad Open?
  138. [Topix] No question, Serena Williams is a champion again
  139. [Scotsman] Safin gets ready to ruin Hewitt's dream
  140. [Topix] The Daily Star: Internet Edition Sun. January 30, 2005
  141. [Scotsman] Serena's serenade
  142. [Topix] Yes, he's annoying, but he's ours
  143. [Topix] Safin, Hewitt have fire in common
  144. [Topix] For Williams, Great Escape Then a Grand Triumph
  145. [Topix] Safin vs. Hewitt: a combustible mix for Australian final
  146. [Topix] Black and Ullyett bag doubles title
  147. [Topix] Serena rises down under
  148. [Yahoo] Serena ends title drought (AP)
  149. [Topix] Serena Williams may have returned, but did she ever really go away?
  150. [BBC News] Aussies win mixed doubles
  151. [BBC News] Williams wants top spot
  152. [Yahoo] Draper-Stosur win mixed doubles (AP)
  153. [BBC News] Live: Hewitt v Safin
  154. [Topix] Davenport disappears
  155. [Topix] Draper, Stosur lift Australian Open mixed doubles trophy
  156. [Reuters] Open-Australians Draper and Stosur win mixed doubles
  157. [Reuters] Open-Australian Open doubles result
  158. [Topix] Hewitt v Safin
  159. [Reuters] Open-Hewitt grabs first set in Australian Open final
  160. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-Open-Versatile Draper wins mixed doubles title
  161. [BBC News] Safin fightback ends Hewitt dream
  162. [Topix] Williams Savors Another Great Escape for Victory
  163. [Topix] Hewitt takes opening set
  164. [Yahoo] Hingis set to return to tennis (AP)
  165. [Yahoo] Safin wins Australian Open (AP)
  166. [BBC News] Hingis set for comeback
  167. [Reuters] Open-Safin wins Australian Open
  168. [Topix] video line calls inevitable''
  169. [Reuters] Open-Australian Open men's final result
  170. [Reuters] Open-Safin beats Hewitt to win Australian Open
  171. [Topix] Stage set for fiery final Down Under
  172. [Reuters] Open-Match statistics for Safin v Hewitt
  173. [Topix] Sharapova leads Russian challenge against Davenport at Pan Pacific Open
  174. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-Open-Safin downs Hewitt to win Australian title
  175. [Yahoo] Safin beats Hewitt, wins Australian Open (AP)
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  177. [Topix] Hingis ready to make comeback
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  184. [Reuters] Open-Hewitt's Australian dream remains out of reach
  185. [Topix] Safin's destiny, Hewitt's dream: something has to give
  186. [Reuters] Open-Victorious Safin erases years of self-doubt
  187. [Topix] Kim Sun-yong Loses in Junior Singles Final
  188. [Reuters] WRAPUP 1-Open-Third time lucky for Safin
  189. [Topix] Agassi rested, ready to go for SAP title Free of injury, tourney...
  190. [Topix] Safin Captures Aussie Open Title
  191. [Topix] Navratilova leaves Australia without a title
  192. [Topix] Serena, Zimbabweans Win, Roddick Hammer-Fest Continues
  193. [Yahoo] Safin praises coach after winning title (AP)
  194. [Topix] Safin unhinges Hewitt to deny Aussie Open a native champ
  195. [Topix] Navratilova Leaves Australia Empty Handed
  196. [Topix] Serena to celebrate in another new coat
  197. [Topix] Tennis Player Kim Sun-yong: 'Tomorrow's World Star'
  198. [Yahoo] Hewitt unable to win one for home crowd (AP)
  199. [Topix] Safin ends Hewitt dream
  200. [Topix] Aussies not impressed with NCEA claims ACT
  201. [Topix] Hingis to Return After Two-Year Layoff
  202. [Topix] News Home
  203. [Topix] Lleyton and Bec to marry: report
  204. [Scotsman] Serena breaks grand slam drought
  205. [Scotsman] Safin dashes Australian dream
  206. [Reuters] FEATURE-Kenyan slum project nurtures children's sporting dreams
  207. [Topix] Serena sets sights on reclaiming top spot
  208. [Topix] Serena gets Grand Slam show back on the road
  209. [Topix] Safin's Comeback Ends Hewitt's Chance to Be the Hero for His Home Fans
  210. [Topix] Hewitt Title Hopes Sink at Aussie Open
  211. [Topix] Hewitt's marriage proposal to actress after Australian Open final loss
  212. [BBC News] Safin relieved at recovery
  213. [Yahoo] Serena jumps to No. 2 in rankings (AP)
  214. [Topix] Hewitt gets engaged
  215. [Reuters] Hewitt to marry soap opera actress
  216. [Topix] Old players never die ... they carry on playing
  217. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-Hewitt to marry soap opera actress
  218. [BBC News] Safin rules out winning Wimbledon
  219. [Topix] Marat Safin paid tribute to coach Peter Lundgren after his brilliant...
  220. [Topix] ATP-Australians Draper and Stosur Win Mixed Doubles
  221. [Topix] Daily Photos
  222. [BBC News] Serena takes second spot
  223. [Topix] Delray Beach tennis center looks forward to hosting Fed Cup
  224. [Topix] The good and the bad
  225. [BBC News] Safin plays down Wimbledon hopes
  226. [Topix] Lleyton losing his mind
  227. [Topix] Sport Briefs - January 31, 2005
  228. [Topix] Safin silences nation in winning Open
  229. [Scotsman] Hewitt set up for rest of life
  230. [Topix] Former No.1 to return Tuesday
  231. [Topix] Draper misses qualifying for Heineken Classic
  232. [Scotsman] Hewitt's love set and match
  233. [Topix] Safin gets a grip on temper and title
  234. [Topix] Davenport back in Japan to defend Pan Pacific title
  235. [Reuters] Men's 2005 ATP Tour winners
  236. [Reuters] Men's 2005 ATP Race standings
  237. [Reuters] Men's 2005 ATP Tour rankings
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  240. [Topix] Mistry bids for Australia success
  241. [Yahoo] Thai star loses before home fans (AP)
  242. [Topix] Swedish Coach Was Key to Safin Win - Russian Chief
  243. [Topix] Who's the Greatest of them all?
  244. [Topix] Thai star loses before home fans
  245. [Topix] Bulgaria's Tennis Moves up in WTA Ranking
  246. [Topix] Davenport, Myskina, Venus Lead Family Circle Cup Field
  247. [BBC News] Safin cool on Wimbledon
  248. [Reuters] Safin eyes more grand slam success -- but not Wimbledon
  249. [BBC News] Ljubicic safely through in Milan
  250. [Reuters] Davenport gets Serena out of her system in Tokyo