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  12. [Topix] Agassi confirms he'll play despite hip injury
  13. [Reuters] Women players deny knowledge of positive doping test
  14. [Topix] Australian Open not worth two slams, says Hewitt
  15. [Yahoo] Agassi will play despite hip injury (AP)
  16. [Topix] Sharapova wants to have fun, be No. 1, forget Myskina
  17. [Foxsports Australia] US Open winner in Bali final
  18. [Topix] Ailing Agassi OK for Australian Open
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  20. [Foxsports Australia] Safin yearns to break drought
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  22. [Scotsman] Rusedski considering Davis Cup future
  23. [Topix] Safin Seeks Rapid Run At Australian Open
  24. [BBC News] Serena powers into second round
  25. [BBC News] Serena powers through
  26. [Reuters] FEATURE-Giant server Johansson eyes top 10
  27. [BBC News] Baltacha battles into round two
  28. [BBC News] Baltacha into round two
  29. [BBC News] Federer hammers Santoro
  30. [Reuters] Open-Kuznetsova is first player through opening round
  31. [BBC News] Federer opens with crushing win
  32. [Yahoo] Federer, Serena breeze to wins (AP)
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  34. [Reuters] Open-Serena safely through first round
  35. [Reuters] Open-Federer opens title defence in style
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  37. [Topix] Sania set for grand slam debut
  38. [BBC News] Players deny doping claim
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  40. [Topix] Blake Begins a Climb Out of a Painful Place
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  42. [Topix] Federer Leads Open Way as Seeds Make Progress
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  44. [Reuters] Open-Kuznetsova upset by doping allegations
  45. [Topix] Singh picks up first win of the year
  46. [BBC News] Moya suffers shock defeat at Open
  47. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-Open-Federer opens title defence in style
  48. [Topix] Williams, Federer cruise at Australian Open
  49. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-Open-Confident Serena safely through first round
  50. [Topix] No. 14 Washington wins 17 in a row vs. Oregon St.
  51. [Reuters] Open-Agassi shrugs off fitness worries to advance
  52. [Reuters] UPDATE 3-Australian Open men's first round results
  53. [Topix] Kuznetsova, Serena cruise Down Under
  54. [Topix] Agassi, Federer, Serena Williams advance in Australian Open
  55. [Topix] Swiss Federer rolls over Santoro
  56. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-Open-Sharapova game "a work in progress"
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  61. [Topix] Moya makes first-round exit
  62. [Topix] Tennis players test new 'safe' supplements
  63. [Topix] Dent continues steady climb up ATP ladder
  64. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-Open-Safin enjoys best start to grand slam
  65. [Topix] Doping Reported in Belgium
  66. [BBC News] Moya suffers shock defeat
  67. [Topix] Federer Cuts Magician in Half, Moya Ousted at Australian Open
  68. [BBC News] Kuznetsova 'fails drug test'
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  77. [Reuters] Kuznetsova failed dope test, says Belgian minister
  78. [Topix] Sports official says Kuznetsova had positive drug test
  79. [Topix] Marvellous Maria heats up Melbourne
  80. [Reuters] FACTBOX-Doping-Russian tennis player Svetlana Kuznetsova
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  85. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-Kuznetsova failed dope test, minister says
  86. [BBC News] WTA fury over Kuznetsova
  87. [Topix] Sania's Graduation Day
  88. [Reuters] UPDATE 2-Kuznetsova failed dope test, minister says
  89. [Scotsman] Baltacha sends out a message
  90. [BBC News] Coria storms past Berdych
  91. [BBC News] Rusedski fightback stuns Bjorkman
  92. [Reuters] UPDATE 3-Kuznetsova failed dope test, minister says
  93. [Topix] Serena Williams Wants to Play Fed Cup
  94. [Yahoo] French champ Myskina wins opener (AP)
  95. [Topix] Federer, Serena Roll, Moya Ousted; Drug Allegations for Russian Players
  96. [BBC News] Roddick strolls through
  97. [Topix] Andy Roddick and Lleyton Hewitt highlight tonight's action from Down Under.
  98. [Yahoo] Roddick has easy time in Aussie opener (AP)
  99. [Topix] Kuznetsova 'tests postive'
  100. [Topix] Andre Agassi Advances at Australian Open ...
  101. [Topix] Off-court racket overshadows play
  102. [BBC News] Live: Henman v Saulnier
  103. [BBC News] Rusedski stuns Bjorkman
  104. [Reuters] Open-Roddick overcomes slow start to ease past Labadze
  105. [Reuters] UPDATE 3-Australian Open women's first round results
  106. [Topix] Russian star Kuznetsova denies drug claims as allegations slammed
  107. [Topix] Myskina cruises in Aussie opener
  108. [Reuters] Open-Unconvincing win for Venus Williams in Melbourne
  109. [Topix] National/World
  110. [BBC News] Henman struggles into round two
  111. [Reuters] Open-Davenport thrashes Martinez to reach second round
  112. [Topix] Sharapova backs Moscow bid
  113. [Topix] Roddick, Myskina advance; Kuznetsova denies doping allegations
  114. [Scotsman] Aussie hope Alicia through
  115. [Topix] Agassi over hip injury, into form at Australian Open
  116. [Reuters] Order of play at the Australian Open on Wednesday
  117. [Topix] Odd Summary
  118. [Scotsman] Greg ready for Roddick
  119. [Topix] Australian Open
  120. [Topix] Davenport Thrashes Martinez to Reach Second Round
  121. [BBC News] Kuznetsova vows innocence
  122. [Topix] Hosts are down underdogs
  123. [Topix] Myskina reaches second round
  124. [BBC News] Henman sees off Saulnier threat
  125. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-"We're victims too" say Dementieva and Dechy
  126. [Topix] Davenport strolls on
  127. [Topix] Portage tennis standout decides to turn pro
  128. [Scotsman] Tim through despite lapse
  129. [Topix] Today in sports
  130. [Topix] U.S. Open Champ Is at Center of Drug-Test Controversy
  131. [Yahoo] Official defends identifying Kuznetsova (AP)
  132. [Reuters] UPDATE 5-Australian Open women's first round results
  133. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-Open-Davenport thrashes Martinez to advance
  134. [Reuters] Open-Henman overcomes concentration lapse to advance
  135. [Reuters] Open-Hewitt through in straight sets
  136. [Yahoo] Roddick explains split with Gilbert (AP)
  137. [Reuters] UPDATE 6-Australian Open men's first round results
  138. [Topix] Portage's Oudsema decides to turn pro
  139. [Yahoo] Venus wins in fashion Down Under (AP)
  140. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-Belgian refuses to apologise over Kuznetsova
  141. [Topix] Federer Continues Contributions To Tsunami Relief
  142. [Yahoo] Roddick, Hewitt start bids to stop Roger (AP)
  143. [Reuters] WRAPUP 3-Open-Kuznetsova drug storm overshadows Open
  144. [Topix] Davenport, Venus reach second round in Melbourne
  145. [Topix] Women's Tennis Seeing Longer Careers
  146. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-Open-Henman overcomes customary lapse to advance
  147. [Topix] Man Who ID'd Kuznetsova Defends Choice
  148. [Topix] Man who ID'd Kuznetsova defends choice
  149. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-Open-Hewitt makes it perfect seven v Clement
  150. [Topix] U.S. Davis Cup Tickets On Sale Today
  151. [Topix] Nike Signs Monfils To Guaranteed Endorsement Deal
  152. [Topix] Australian Open Notebook: Former Open champion Safin gives advice
  153. [Reuters] Tarpishchev accuses Belgian sports minister of bias
  154. [Topix] Tennis Star at Center of Doping Controversy
  155. [Topix] Davenport, Venus Reach Second Round in Melbourne
  156. [BBC News] Ninth seed Zvonareva crashes out
  157. [Scotsman] New Tennis Scotland chief banking on a five-year plan
  158. [Scotsman] Henman points the way ahead
  159. [BBC News] Mauresmo overcomes sluggish start
  160. [Reuters] Open-Error-prone Zvonareva dumped from Open
  161. [Yahoo] Mauresmo overcomes Safina at Open (AP)
  162. [Reuters] Australian Open women's second round results
  163. [BBC News] Serena breezes into third round
  164. [BBC News] Zvonareva crashes out
  165. [Yahoo] Serena cruises into third round (AP)
  166. [BBC News] Baltacha continues remarkable run
  167. [Reuters] Open-Mauresmo rallies past Safina to reach third round
  168. [Topix] ATP, Federer, Roddick, Hewitt Auction Racquets for Tsunami Relief
  169. [BBC News] Haas beaten in epic
  170. [Reuters] Australian Open men's second round results
  171. [BBC News] Serena breezes through
  172. [BBC News] Sharapova made to battle for win
  173. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-Australian Open women's second round results
  174. [BBC News] Sharapova made to battle
  175. [Topix] Russia's Women Are Miffed
  176. [Yahoo] Serena, Sharapova advance to third round (AP)
  177. [BBC News] In-form Safin beats Ulihrach
  178. [Reuters] Open-Kuznetsova cruises through to third round
  179. [BBC News] Agassi crushes Schuettler
  180. [Topix] Serena Williams strolls into third round
  181. [Yahoo] Agassi, Safin advance to third round (AP)
  182. [Topix] Defending champion Venus Williams to play in 2005
  183. [Topix] Look out for Agassi Down Under
  184. [Reuters] Open-Safin continues impressive run in Melbourne
  185. [Topix] Sania creates history for India
  186. [BBC News] Baltacha continues run
  187. [Reuters] Open-Agassi thrashes Schuettler in repeat of 2003 final
  188. [Topix] Sharapova Battles Past Lee-Waters in Melbourne
  189. [BBC News] Live: Federer v Suzuki
  190. [Topix] Amelie survives scare
  191. [Topix] Roddick, Hewitt start the chase
  192. [Topix] Venus, Serena Need to Regain Drive, Dad Says
  193. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-Sharapova battles past Lee-Waters in Melbourne
  194. [Topix] Haas stunned in second round at Aussie Open
  195. [BBC News] Federer overcomes plucky Suzuki
  196. [BBC News] Gamewatch: Federer v Suzuki
  197. [BBC News] Federer tested by Suzuki
  198. [Topix] Agassi, Safin and Serena Win in Australia
  199. [Reuters] WRAPUP 2-Open-Kuznetsova and Serena in scorching form
  200. [Topix] Beck Beats Haas At Australian Open
  201. [Reuters] Open-Order of play at the Australian Open on Thursday
  202. [Topix] Kuznetsova and Serena in Scorching Form
  203. [Reuters] UPDATE 4-Australian Open women's second round results
  204. [Topix] Indian woman makes tennis history
  205. [Reuters] UPDATE 3-Australian Open men's second round results
  206. [Reuters] Open-Petrova survives Ferguson scare to reach third round
  207. [Scotsman] On-form Baltacha fights back to book place in third round
  208. [Topix] Hewitt makes it perfect seven vs. Clement
  209. [Reuters] UPDATE 4-Australian Open men's second round results
  210. [Yahoo] Agassi, Safin, Serena reach third round (AP)
  211. [Reuters] Open-Show-stopping Federer too good for Suzuki
  212. [Topix] S. Williams, Agassi, Mauresmo advance at Aussie Open
  213. [Reuters] WRAPUP 3-Open-Kuznetsova and Federer in scorching form
  214. [Topix] Federer, Safin, Agassi ease into third round
  215. [Reuters] COLUMN-Doping-Confusion, ill-feeling result from unclear rules
  216. [Reuters] Sania Mirza becomes first Indian to reach third round
  217. [Topix] Kuznetsova, Federer in Top Form at Aussie Open
  218. [Topix] Haas Stunned in Second Round
  219. [BBC News] Rusedski ready for Roddick
  220. [Yahoo] Serena, Sharapova, Kuznetsova advance (AP)
  221. [BBC News] Henman 'unsure' on rival
  222. [Topix] Broken neck a godsend says Blake after year marked by tragedy
  223. [Yahoo] Kuznetsova finds refuge on court (AP)
  224. [Topix] Fish Can Only Spin His Wheels vs. Gaudio
  225. [Topix] Federer coasts through
  226. [Topix] Baltacha marches on
  227. [Topix] Agassi Rolls, Safin Wins, Slams Sister at Australian Open
  228. [Topix] Thursday Night Fight: Roddick vs. Rusedski
  229. [Topix] Sport
  230. [Topix] Aussie Notes
  231. [Topix] Rare success for British women at Melbourne Park
  232. [BBC News] Mirza makes tennis history
  233. [Topix] Venus fashions a victory
  234. [Topix] Sania's second serve is an ace
  235. [BBC News] Massu limps out in second round
  236. [BBC News] Massu limps out
  237. [Scotsman] Baltacha serves up another surprise win
  238. [Topix] Williams OK with those who think she's still No. 1
  239. [BBC News] Myskina records routine win
  240. [Reuters] Open-Shaky Myskina reaches third round in Melbourne
  241. [Reuters] Open-Ankle injury forces Massu out of Australian Open
  242. [Yahoo] French Open champ Myskina advances (AP)
  243. [BBC News] Davenport progresses after scare
  244. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-Open-Shaky Myskina reaches Melbourne third round
  245. [BBC News] Davenport survives scare
  246. [Reuters] Australian Open men's second results
  247. [BBC News] Nadal shocks Youzhny
  248. [Reuters] Open-Nadal edges Youzhny in battle of Davis Cup stars
  249. [Yahoo] Davenport, Myskina advance to 3rd round (AP)
  250. [Reuters] UPDATE 1-Australian Open men's second results