Your favourite quotes&poems

03-29-2007, 10:02 PM
Dunno if it have been done before or not and if it will interest ppl anyway for my pleasure ( and hope urs too;) ) post there your favourite quotes or poems and maybe ur own stuff.:wavey:

The future belongs to those who prepare for it today.
Malcolm X

Nobody can give you freedom. Nobody can give you equality or justice or anything. If you're a man, you take it.
Malcolm X, Malcolm X Speaks, 1965

A bore is a man who deprives you of solitude without providing you with company.
Gian Vincenzo Gravina (1664 - 1718)

The nice thing about being a celebrity is that when you bore people, they think it's their fault.
Henry Kissinger :lol:

My pessimism extends to the point of even suspecting the sincerity of the pessimists.
Jean Rostand

A good friend can tell you what is the matter with you in a minute. He may not seem such a good friend after telling.
Arthur Brisbane, "The Book of Today"

I have often wished I had time to cultivate modesty... But I am too busy thinking about myself.
Edith Sitwell (1887 - 1964), As quoted in The Observer (30 April 1950)

Love is the triumph of imagination over intelligence.
H. L. Mencken (1880 - 1956)

But love is blind and lovers cannot see
The pretty follies that themselves commit;
For if they could, Cupid himself would blush
To see me thus transformed to a boy.
William Shakespeare (1564 - 1616), The Merchant of Venice, Act II Scene

Love all, trust a few. Do wrong to none.
William Shakespeare (1564 - 1616), "All's Well That Ends Well", Act 1 Scene 1

When you close your doors, and make darkness within, remember never to say that you are alone, for you are not alone; nay, God is within, and your genius is within. And what need have they of light to see what you are doing?
Epictetus (55 AD - 135 AD), Discourses

Inside myself is a place where I live all alone and that's where you renew your springs that never dry up.
Pearl Buck (1892 - 1973)

03-29-2007, 10:14 PM
We Are Made One with What We Touch and See
by Oscar Wilde

We are resolved into the supreme air,
We are made one with what we touch and see,
With our heart's blood each crimson sun is fair,
With our young lives each spring-impassioned tree
Flames into green, the wildest beasts that range
The moor our kinsmen are, all life is one, and all is change.

With beat of systole and of diastole
One grand great life throbs through earth's giant heart,
And mighty waves of single Being roll
From nerve-less germ to man, for we are part
Of every rock and bird and beast and hill,
One with the things that prey on us, and one with what we kill. . . .

One sacrament are consecrate, the earth
Not we alone hath passions hymeneal,
The yellow buttercups that shake for mirth
At daybreak know a pleasure not less real
Than we do, when in some fresh-blossoming wood
We draw the spring into our hearts, and feel that life is good. . . .

Is the light vanished from our golden sun,
Or is this daedal-fashioned earth less fair,
That we are nature's heritors, and one
With every pulse of life that beats the air?
Rather new suns across the sky shall pass,
New splendour come unto the flower, new glory to the grass.

And we two lovers shall not sit afar,
Critics of nature, but the joyous sea
Shall be our raiment, and the bearded star
Shoot arrows at our pleasure! We shall be
Part of the mighty universal whole,
And through all Aeons mix and mingle with the Kosmic Soul!

We shall be notes in that great Symphony
Whose cadence circles through the rhythmic spheres,
And all the live World's throbbing heart shall be
One with our heart, the stealthy creeping years
Have lost their terrors now, we shall not die,
The Universe itself shall be our Immortality!

Our Hands Have Met
by William Morris

Our hands have met, our lips have met
Our souls - who knows when the wind blows
How light souls drift mid longings set,
If thou forget'st, can I forget
The time that was not long ago?

Thou wert not silent then, but told
Sweet secrets dear - I drew so near
Thy shamefaced cheeks grown overbold,
That scarce thine eyes might I behold!
Ah was it then so long ago!

Trembled my lips and thou wouldst turn
But hadst no heart to draw apart,
Beneath my lips thy cheek did burn -
Yet no rebuke that I might learn;
Yea kind looks still, not long ago.

Wilt thou be glad upon the day
When unto me this love shall be
An idle fancy passed away,
And we shall meet and smile and say
'O wasted sighs of long ago!'

Wilt thou rejoice that thou hast set
Cold words, dull shows 'twixt hearts drawn close,
That cold at heart I live on yet,
Forgetting still that I forget
The priceless days of long ago?
Friendship Sonnet
by William Shakespeare

When to the session of sweet silent thought
I summon up remembrance of things past,
I sigh the lack of many a thing I sought,
And with old woes new wail my dear time's waste:
Then can I drown an eye, unused to flow,
For precious friends hid in death¹s dateless night,
And weep afresh love's long since cancelled woe,
And moan the expense of many a vanish¹d sight:
Then can I grieve at grievances foregone,
And heavily from woe to woe tell o'er
The sad account of fore-bemoaned moan,
Which I new pay as if not paid before.

But if the while I think on thee, dear friend,
All losses are restored and sorrows end.

03-30-2007, 09:16 AM
A quote/poem topic. I am home.


"I wish I could write as mysterious as a cat."

"Yes, I now feel that it was then on that evening of sweet dreams- that the very first dawn of human love burst upon the icy night of my spirit. Since that period I have never seen nor heard your name without a shiver half of delight, half of anxiety."

"Of puns it has been said that those who most dislike them are those who are least able to utter them."

All three by Edgar Allan Poe

Those are the first I could find, I shall return with more!! :apumpkin:

03-30-2007, 10:12 AM

by Rudyard Kipling

03-30-2007, 11:18 AM
To my Very Special Love (John Keats 1795-1821)

You are always new. The last of your kisses was ever the sweetest; the last smile the brightest; the last movement the gracefullest.

I could die for you. My creed is love and you are its only tenet. You have ravish'd me away by power I cannot resist... I cannot breathe without you.

03-30-2007, 12:15 PM
Great idea for a thread! I'm a sucker for good quotes.

Some of my favourites:
"Little beat big if little beat smart, first with the head then with the heart"

"You do make choices in life. Even by not choosing you make a choice."

"A man sees in the world what he carries in his heart"

"Impossible is not a declaration. It's a dare."

"You pile up enough tomorrows, and you'll find you've collected a lot of empty yesterdays" - Prof. Harold Hill

03-30-2007, 03:41 PM

William Wallace: Sons of Scotland! I am William Wallace.
Second Soldier: William Wallace is seven feet tall!
William Wallace: Yes, I've heard. Kills men by the hundreds. And if HE were here, he'd consume the English with fireballs from his eyes, and bolts of lightning from his arse.
[Scottish army laughs]
William Wallace: I AM William Wallace! And I see a whole army of my country men, here, in defiance of tyranny. You've come to fight as free men, and free men you are. What will you do with that freedom? Will you fight?
Soldier: Against that? No, we'll run, and we'll live.
William Wallace: Aye, fight and you may die, run, and you'll live... at least for a while. And dying in your beds, many years from now, would you be willin' to trade ALL the days, from this day to that, for one chance, just one chance, to come back here and tell our enemies that they may take our lives, but they'll never take... OUR FREEDOM!


:boxing: :armed: :boxing: :armed:

03-30-2007, 03:55 PM
Andreas Möller, a German footballer was asked where he will play in the (then) next season. His answer was:
"Milan or Madrid, doesn't matter. Main thing Italy." :lol: :haha:

03-30-2007, 04:05 PM
...if we never met again in our lives
I should feel that somehow
the whole adventure of existence
was justified by my having met you.

Lewis Mumford (1895-1990)

03-30-2007, 04:10 PM
who knows if the moon's
a balloon,coming out of a keen city
in the sky--filled with pretty people?
(and if you and i should

get into it,if they
should take me and take you into their balloon,
why then
we'd go up higher with all the pretty people

than houses and steeples and clouds:
go sailing
away and away sailing into a keen
city which nobody's ever visited,where

Spring)and everyone's
in love and flowers pick themselves


03-30-2007, 05:02 PM
one of my fave quotes is
"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace" by Jimi Hendrix :hearts:

03-30-2007, 05:53 PM
I kiss you hands and kneel before you...
to assure you that my whole mind,
all the breadth of my spirit,
all my heart exist only to love you.
I adore you....
so beautiful, so perfect,
so made to be cherished,
adored and loved
to death and madness.

(from a letter from Princess Carolyne Jeanne Elisabeth von Saynwittgenstein to Liszt, circa 1847)

03-30-2007, 06:00 PM
I have way too many favs- but for now see my signature. Actually I almost always use a quote in my signature so this post will forever hold true;)

03-30-2007, 06:10 PM
I will not condone a course of action that will lead us to war - Queen Amidala

03-31-2007, 01:30 PM
Let the darkest side of the past be dark, and only the good recall;
For I must believe that the world, my dear, is a kind world after all.

From: After All by Henry Lawson.

03-31-2007, 02:35 PM
My favorite poem is by the incomparable Maya Angelou: Phenomenal Woman

03-31-2007, 02:35 PM
good thread:

- about love:
Gravitation is not responsible for people falling in love.
Albert Einstein

- Love is the flower you've got to let grow.
John Lennon

- True love is like ghosts, which everyone talks about and few have seen.
Francois de La Rochefoucauld

- Loving is not just looking at each other, it's looking in the same direction.
Antoine de Saint-Exupery (look at my signature)

- Life without love is like a tree without blossoms or fruit.
Kahlil Gibran

03-31-2007, 02:42 PM
about peace:

-If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.
Mother Teresa

-It is easier to lead men to combat, stirring up their passion, than to restrain them and direct them toward the patient labors of peace.
Andre Gide

-An eye for eye only ends up making the whole world blind.
Mohandas Gandhi

-Peace and justice are two sides of the same coin.
Dwight D. Eisenhower

- Peace is not an absence of war, it is a virtue, a state of mind, a disposition for benevolence, confidence, justice.
Baruch Spinoza

03-31-2007, 02:43 PM
-Money is better than poverty, if only for financial reasons.
Woody Allen

-Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe.
Albert Einstein

- When you are courting a nice girl an hour seems like a second. When you sit on a red-hot cinder a second seems like an hour. That's relativity.
Albert Einstein