Day One Report + Pictures + Videos

03-20-2007, 01:51 AM
Pictures + Videos (videos are the last three):

Sprem vs. Savchuk

I got to the courts about 5 minutes late but Sprem was still sitting under her umbrella. She had no clue that Hoffmanova was being replaced by Savchuk, even her coach was surprised.
She started the match poorly - dominating the rallies but then hitting her typical UEs to get down 0-2. She then played a great game at 1-2 to level it but immediately fell off again.
She didn't hit double faults often, but when she hit one she usually followed it up with another or, at least, with a few missed first serves in a row.
She really wasn't going for her first serve as much as I've seen her go for it in other matches. No clue why, because she wasn't getting any free points at all.
She really should have broken at 3-5, she wasted at least three break points, all of them on errors. The worst one was a backhand down the line that went long when she had the whole court open (she had just hit two great cross court angled backhands and Savchuk wasn't even going to try to run down the last one, but it was just long).
The second set was similar to the first, except Sprem started netting a lot of returns. Olga was just spinning the serve in, she really wasn't hitting it as hard as I've seen her hit it. She clearly just wanted to start the point and keep the ball in play for as long as possible. Karolina had a few moments of brilliance where she hit winners for ridiculous positions, but this was overshadowed by all of the errors she made. Savchuk had about five winners in the whole match - 1 was off the net cord and 2 were after bad drop shots from Karolina. Karolina has to stop hitting swinging volleys because 1) her regular volleys were by far the best part of her game today, especially off the backhand and 2) she hit every swinging volley she had today into the net - disgusting. The match was a total joke. He coach didn't seem concerned at all . The only good news is that I didn't see Borna Bikic anywhere. Other than that, it was a complete disaster - she got killed by the lowest ranked non-WC in the qualifying draw. She just kills every ball, regardless of court positioning. She even goes for ridiculous power when she has the open court. She doesn't come into net enough, instead she lets floating slices drop deep in the court and then she tries to hit them as hard as possible - she should give baseball a try. Anyways, I hope she plays some doubles, her regular (NOT swinging) volleys were really impressive. The rest of her game - not so much. It is amazing how hard she hits the ball though, especially when she flattens it out completely. In the end, Savchuk did exactly what she had to do. If Olga played like this against a top player, she would get double bagelled, but, against Sprem, it's the way to win.
BTW, the tape on Karolina's leg was precautionary.

Kendrick vs. Fleishman

Saw the last set from 4-2. Kendrick was clearly the superior player, but he had a couple of major brainfarts on his backhand. Whenever he found a way to come into the net, the point was over. Fleishman was very scrappy and tried to put up a fight, but it was a missmatch (and a double fault at 4-4 in the third really cost him).

Benesova vs. Stevenson

Only saw the last two points. I'm assuming Alex won two games on her serve because, from the 30 seconds of the match that I saw, there isn't a chance in hell she can win points off the ground against Benesova. Stevenson looked like she was about to trip over herself as she ran after balls and her groundstrokes were all landing short. She definately has to lose some weight right away if she wants to try to be competitive again.

Falla vs. Young

Saw the first set. Young played pretty well, but whenever Falla really needed a point, he just started pushing and Young would always make a mistake first. Young tried to come in to net a lot, but he lost almost every point coming forward. Both players gave each other lots of gifts in the tiebreak. Falla could have won it easily, but missed an easy forehand with the open court and then a backhand from the same position to go from 5*-4 to 5-6*. However, Young made a few bad errors in the next few points to give Falla the set. Young also spoke to himself in the third person the entire time

Pivovarova vs. Gagliardi

I saw part of the second set. Pivovarova's ground game is very impressive, especially her backhand. Her serve, on the other hand, is a complete disaster. It is very mechanical and doesn't have much flow at all. She is clearly a fighter and is not afraid to go for her shots off the ground. Gagliardi played a couple of great points to save break spoints at 1-2 and was then able to break after Pivovarova hit two double faults (one of the second serves bounced before getting to the net) in the next game.

And that's it (because school sucks). I'm gonna get there at around 11am tomorrow!

03-20-2007, 09:13 PM
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