What's the point of technology if the Umpire doesn't use it?

03-19-2007, 01:16 AM
Slowly we see technology making its way into sport (in some cases much slower than others), I think that in the "new age of technology" we should make all the effort to ensure that ALL calls in ALL sports are correct, I mean if a human is prone to making errors that affect the score of game, and some technology can help make the right call, why not use it?? :eek:

I really like the idea of the Hawk-Eye, but I don't understand why you wanna leave it to the player to challenge and request a review (especially if its limited), why can't the umpire look in a little monitor thats by his side in case its a close call or he's not sure, wouldn't that be more fair towards the players, especially ones that lose a big game / match because of a bad call??? :mad:

I consider myself a bigger fan of soccer than tennis and there, the situation is even worse , now they are talking about using Goal-Line technology to determine if the ball crossed the line or not, as much as this is needed, the times it's going to get used to determine a goal is 1 in about 30 or so games (rough estimation), the number of times I see bad offside calls is more like 3-5 a match, where is the logic???? :confused:

Why not use technology to ensure a correct and fair game is being called....