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Buzzmaster: We're getting Fernando right now! Send in those questions.

Buzzmaster: Fernando is here!

Cal (Michigan): You have been using your slice backhand a lot during your matches this year. Is this a tactic that Larry Stefanki has encouraged you to use?

Fernando Gonzalez: Yeah, I've been working a lot on it in my game, because I can save a lot of energy and keep the ball really low.

LeAnn Houston,TX: how do you handle being away from home so much?

Fernando Gonzalez: It's tough, but you get used to it. When you're younger, you may have one week off and fly home. But when you get older, you get used to the travel and see other things in the world. But you always miss home.

Ben Getz Havre de Grace, MD: I really enjoyed watching your style of play at the Aussie Open. I was wondering about your views on the Finals and playing against Federer.

Fernando Gonzalez: It was a really good experience. A good tournament. I was feeling really really good. It was a good experience for my career and my life. I had a chance to win a Grand Slam title.

joshua at massachusetts: your my favrotie tennis player and our family is from chile!!!!

ARK (Baltimore, MD): Greetings Gonzo. I saw you playing in the finals of Washington DC a few years ago against Tim Henman. Great match. What training exercises do you employ in your workout regime with regard to footwork? Come back to the DC event and have a great "rest" of the year!

Fernando Gonzalez: I do a lot of things. I'm really fast. That just comes with me. It's genetic, but I need to work a lot of endurance. I had some troubles a few years ago when I played longer matches. But I've been working on it. I don't lift as much weights anymore.

Munich Germany: What do you think about your chances against thommy haas?

Fernando Gonzalez: I think I have a really good chance. I beat him the last time, but every match is different. It's going to be a tough match for me, but I think I'll have a chance to win.

Chris (Boston, MA): Hi Fernando, What is your favorite tournament to play in and why? What is your favorite surface to play on? Chris from Boston

Fernando Gonzalez: That's a tough question, but hard court is my favorite surface. My favorite tournament is at home, I like playing there, but also Miami, French Open, Wimbledon, I like playing there as well.

sportsfreak (Cleveland, OH): Your reaction to Fed's loss in the 1st round of Indian Wells?

Fernando Gonzalez: It's a weird thing. Finally he lost. He was winning too much! He was winning every week. Roger is really good for the game.

Naveed (Michigan): What impact has your coach Larry Stefanki had on your game?

Fernando Gonzalez: He's been a good help for me. I've noticed my improvement in my game. It's been fun to work with him. He's helped me work with a lot of things.
Todd Greensboro, NC: What do you like to do off the court at tournaments and how do you like to have fun at home in Chile?

Fernando Gonzalez: I have a lot of fun when I go back home. All my family and friends are there. It's a good time for me. You don't have many days off in the tournaments, but when you do, you can visit many places. It just depends on where you are and what you like to do.

Patricio (San Francisco, CA): Hola Fena, how important is the davis cup for you. Do you think Chile will ever win it?

Fernando Gonzalez: For me, Davis Cup is one of the most important events of the year. Unfortunately, we lost this year. The problem that we have is that other countries have four or five top players that they can play. We have really good competitive team.

Lane (Kukuihaele, HI): Who is your favorite tennis player of all time? Have you had a chance to meet or play him?

Fernando Gonzalez: Boris Becker and Andre Agassi are my favorites.

Toronto, ontario: I just would like to say that you are one of the most ecxiting guys to watch play..and good luck against Haas You've done it the last couple of tournaments and i'm sure you'll do it again..A huge huge huge fan Eric Pinto

Patricio, San francisco, CA: How does it feel to always have a group of chileans following everywhere in the world? Does it distract you? Do you like it?

Fernando Gonzalez: I love it. No matter where you are, you have the support. They're really noisy and they help you a lot. It's a big support for me.

Jason: Hi Fernando- I was really inspired by your play at the Aussie Open. I was wondering what kind of grip do you use on your forehand?

Fernando Gonzalez: I don't know exactly what the grip is, but it's the Western. Sometimes you can close it up a little bit, but just a little bit.

Jason Lewis (Ocean Grove, NJ): You had such an amazing run at the Australian Open. Since then, you're results have been mixed. Where is your confidence level heading into the Pacific Life Open?

Fernando Gonzalez: My confidence is getting bigger, because you know that you can make your chances in tennis. You try to take advantage of those moments in tennis.

Naveed (Michigan): A lot of European and South American tennis players said that they might have been a soccer player if not a tennis player. Is that also true for you?

Fernando Gonzalez: Yeah. I really like soccer. I love to go to the field when they have matches in Chile. It was soccer and tennis as my favorites at a young age.

Lane (Kukuihaele, HI): If you weren't a pro tennis player what would you be doing right now?

Fernando Gonzalez: I don't know, really. Since I was young, I've been wanting to be a tennis player.

Duncan, Richmond VA: Hello Fernando! You've always had a very powerful game, but lately you are mixing things up very well and showing a lot of variation. Do you think you will try to serve and volley more? You have a great serve and great touch at the net, and I think you could be great at serve and volley.

Fernando Gonzalez: I'm going to try and mix it up. That's very important in tennis. That's one of the good things that Federer has. You have to keep improving and try to mix it up.
Jennifer Michigan: What do you think is the most important thing right now in your tennis career?

Fernando Gonzalez: Try to keep healthy. That's really important in this game, because you have to play many tournaments in the year.

Fernando Gonzalez: Thanks for chatting. I had a really good time. I hope to see you soon.

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I didn't know that Becker is one of his two favorite players. :yeah:

(But please lose against Tommy. :D )

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Anyone have the 2nd chat episode (with the spanish speaking fans)???

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in spanish

ESPNdeportes.com: Buenas tardes, ya estamos por contactarnos con Fernando González, pueden ir mandandos sus preguntas.... Gracias.

ESPNdeportes.com: Ya tenemos a Fernando en la linea y vamos a comenzar

Fernando González: Hola todos un gusto estar con ustedes
y vamos con sus preguntas

Andres Canales , Chile: Esta cancha es más ràpida que el cemento de australia? Da la impresion de que favorece a los jugadores de gran servicio como Ljubicic y Roddick

Fernando González: Si un poco diferente quizas el suelo no es rapido, pero hace tanto calor y esta seco que la pelota se va muy rapido

Fernando González: Seguro, para los sacadores es super bueno esto

antofagasta, chile.: Fernando eres uno de los mejores jugadores del circuito atp. Que falta para derrotar al suizo roger federer?

Marcelo Oketos Ciudad Temuco IX región: Saludos Feña,como te sientes para avanzar en la siguiente rueda

Fernando González: Estoy bien, jugando mucho mejor los primeros partidos son dificiles y seguramente me sentiré mejor mañana, gracias

nico santiago: Hola Feña! Veo que en estos últimos meses eres el mejor jugador sudamericano en el ranking. Crees que Nalbandian puede superarte de nuevo o ya ah tocado techo?? Saludos para ti!

Fernando González: Nalbandian es un jugador que su tenis no tiene limites y para mi es uno de los mejores y su ranking deberia ser mas alto y de repente se toma las cosas muy relajadas pero es un gran jugador

claudio, coronel, chile: Fernando soy tu compatriota solo escribo para felicitarte por representar asi a chile...mi pregunta es ¿con la caida de Federer aumentan aun mas tus espectativas en indian wells?..se que es la superficie que te acomoda...y es una oportunidad unica de ganareste masters series...

Fernando González: Saludos, el que no este el favorito es una sorpresa pero obviamente se abre todo sin Federer, te mando un saludo a ti y todos los chilenos

Carla - Guadalajara: Qué gusto Fernando tenerte por aquí para poder charlar contigo. Felicitaciones por tu gran desempeño ¿Cuál es tu objetivo para este 2007?

Fernando González: Tratar de mantenerme y seguir mejorando mi tenis, y mantener mi estado físico y mi tenis con eso llegan los resultados solos y ojala que pueda jugar el masters este año

felipe fuenzalida, chile: fernando si tienes mail me lo puedes dar, gracias.

Fernando González: te puedo dar mi página que es gonzaleztenis.com ahi me puden mandar mensajes

Guillermo zurita de Laja XIII region: ya son 2 los argentinos que han eliminado a federer, que tienen ellos que no tengas tu?

Fernando González: No sé es dificil obviamente he tenido la suerte y mala suerte de jugar con Roger en finales, los últimos tres, y es más complicado que primera ronda

Alejandro, Valdivia, Chile: Crees tener realmente posibilidades de lograr el titulo, porque ademas del buen juego hay que tener algo de suerte

Fernando González: Si todo es bienvenido, estoy jugando bien y eso es lo importante, muchos están jugando bien y sin Federer está todo abierto así que cualquier cosa puede pasar

Italo Zuñiga, Santiago: Con que cuerdas juegas y que tension?, porque dejaste la pure control?

Fernando González: Estoy jugando con la misma raqueta y depende de donde juegue pero le estoy poniendo 55 libras

Juan BS AS: Que crees de Juan MArtin Del Potro?? Fer te admiro muchisimo!

Fernando González: Yo creo que es el jugador de más proyección en latinoamerica y es muy joven y tiene muchas cosas por mejorar y creo que en unos años será el que lleve la batuta del tenis de la región

hector,santiago,chile: crees que podras seguir subiendo en el ranking? animo algun dia le ganaras a federer . no es invensible

Fernando González: Si eso es lo que más quiero, preparandose como debe, uno apunta a seguir avanzando en el ránking

emilio , azul , buenos aires: te sentís BOMBARDEADO a preguntas??? jajaj , bueno , aca va la mia... , creés q el desempeño de tu revés en un partido puede ser clave para determinar la victoria o la derrota del mismo?

Fernando González: Seguro porque todos me juegan por ese lado, pero creo que todos los partidos los gano o los pierdo con mi derecha cuando tengo el control pero si es muy importante neutralizar ese lado para poder usar el otro

Fernando Cornejo, Peru: Fernando, con quien te llevas bien de los jugadores de la ATP? , tienes amigos en el Tour?

Fernando González: Si con el Nico, con Horna, Acasuso, con Cañas, soy muy amigo de su entrenador Gaston Etlis

mauricio frez, belloto sur, quilpue, chile: ¿quien crees que ha sido el mejor tenista sudamericano, entre estos 3, rios vilas o kuerten?

Fernando González: De Vilas se lo que ganó y todo eso pero alabo mucho lo que hizo Guga porque ganó tres Grand Slam, Chino también quizás dejó una deuda pendiente, pero fue un grande y lo imporatnte es sumar entre los tres antes de pensar en quien es mejor

Fernando González: Tengo tienmpo para dos más

Gonzalo, Concepción - Chile: Hola Fernando, ¿Que opinas del sitema Round Robin?

Fernando González: Yo al principio no es que estaba de acuerdo o desacuerdo, siempre he pensado que los cambios son para mejor, pero creo que no ha funcionado, porque ha tenido muchos problemas y no creo que vaya a funcionar y hay rechazo de los jugadores entre los que me incluyo

gustavo, Santiago de Chile: Cual crees que es el principal cambio de feña gonzales con respecto al antes y presente de que tengas como coach a larry ?

Fernando González: Con Larry mejoraron varias cosas de mi tenis, porque me ayudó a entrar con más armas a la cancha y obvio cuando tu tenis es más completo te sientes más seguro de tu juego y eso me ha ayudado muchísimo a la hora de jugar un torneo

Fernando González: Les mando un saludo a todos los que se conectaron y les agradezco que se hayan tomado tiempo de charlar conmigo y les pido me disculpen si no puede atenderlos a todos, Agradezco su apoyo y nos vemos en alguna otra ocasión

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Thanks for posting (both the English and Spanish...:lol:)

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Gonzo is officially against of the Round Robin :woohoo: :yeah:

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Thank you njtennis and poder :wavey: :wavey:

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Gonzo is officially against of the Round Robin :woohoo: :yeah:

Really? I didn't expect that! :eek: ;)

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Thanks for the transcripts njtennis11 and Poder :wavey:

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Really? I didn't expect that! :eek: ;)

Yo al principio no es que estaba de acuerdo o desacuerdo (acerca del Round Robin), siempre he pensado que los cambios son para mejor, pero creo que no ha funcionado, porque ha tenido muchos problemas y no creo que vaya a funcionar y hay rechazo de los jugadores entre los que me incluyo

Fernando González: At the beggining, I was neither in agreement or disagreement (about Round Robin), I have always thought that changes are for better, but I think that it has not worked, because it has had many problems and I don't think that it will work and there is rejection from the players where that I include myself.


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Nice interview! :yeah:

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Fernando González: At the beggining, I was neither in agreement or disagreement (about Round Robin), I have always thought that changes are for better, but I think that it has not worked, because it has had many problems and I don't think that it will work and there is rejection from the players where that I include myself.


Ahhh, well spoken, Gonzo!!! :worship:
RR is Dead-and-Buried.