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Tennis matchfacts collector program

03-08-2007, 01:40 PM
Tennis matchfacts collector program - see
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Tennis Expert Software (TES) is a program for tennis punters and fans. Program can forecast the results of men's tennis matches (singles and doubles) with high exactness - 70-80% of them are right. After entering new tournaments TES learns for more exact prognoses.

Of course, with TES you can get full comparative information about any 2 players (or teams), you will see their profiles (height, weight, age, country, short description of play style and latest information about them), their matches on different surfaces, head-to-head matches, general and surface ratings, specialisation, coefficients of winnings and losses quality, psychological confidence and other information, including even calculation of optimum weight.

You also will see detailed statistics for each accessible match (1st Serve %, Aces, Double Faults, Winning % on 1st Serve, Winning % on 2nd Serve, Break Point Conversions, Total Points Won, Receiving Points Won and so on).

But the main functions of program are answering for 3 questions:
1. What are the probabilities for 2 players for winning?
2. Is there some overlay over bookmaker's odds?
3. How much should be bet?

03-08-2007, 04:02 PM
I need help collecting all matchfacts.
A'm already have near 8000 matchfacts for men's tennis

but there are doubles and so on

half price or even more for real helpers