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Team Tennis Game - rules

04-01-2004, 06:00 PM
Team Tennis is a prediction game in which each participant select a team of 4 players, and earn points based on his/her players achievements in tournaments.

Composition of teams
A team is made of 4 tennis players, that should comply with the following conditions:
No more than 1 player ranked in the top-10 of the ATP singles entry ranking list.
No more than 2 players ranked in the top-20.
No more than 3 players ranked in the top-50.

A well-balanced team, then, would include 1 player ranked 1-10, 1 player ranked 11-20, 1 player ranked 21-50, and 1 player ranked lower than 50. However, participants may select less than the maximum quota in each category.

Scoring points
Teams will accumulate points based on the points players earn in the ATP Champions Race ranking. Points will be awarded to all team players in all ATP tournaments they participate.

A substitution is replacement of one player of the team. 2 substitutions may be made on each calendar month. The team after the substitution should comply with the same ranking conditions detailed above.

Substitions are made according to the following procedure:

1. Unless otherwise stated, the deadline for substition is Noon GMT on Saturday before the start of the main draw of a tournament in which the substitution is effective. However, a player may not be involved in a substitution (either in or out) if he was playing in qualifying before the substitution was posted. The deadline for such players will be the start time of the first round of qualifying.

2. The ranking of a player for the purpose of this game is his ranking when he entered the team and will remain constant until he is taken out of the squad. The ranking will be determined by the latest ranking list on the substitution deadline (normally released on Monday a week prior to the tournament).

3. A player may not enter the team more than twice during a calendar year. For players named in the initial team that counts as one entry.

4. A player who was taken out of the team may not re-enter the team for 8 weeks after his substitution.