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08-14-2002, 03:45 PM
Seb's diary from his official site:
(altavista translation) :( :D

Afflicted not to have given a front news but with the resumption of the tournaments, have very little time. I am currently in Indianapolis and before leaving to l.entraînement which take place of 11h with 12h30 (18h. 19h30 in France), here the last news. My first match in Indianapolis takes place tomorrow and I will meet the winner of the Llodra-Sargsian match. J.espère that that will occur better than last week because c.est true, I not played very well in Cincinnati against Hrbaty which made, him, a super match. With this elimination as of the first turn, j.en profited for working well with l.entraînement during the week. What is super, c.est that my m.a family joined. I am thus with my wife and my two children and mentally, that makes me good.

I thus dispute my last tournament before l.US Open and j.espère really to make a good result. I will be able to carry out the last small adjustments but to reassure to me, to be certain that my play is well place, it would be necessary that j.aligne a maximum of victories. I not gained many matches since my return to the competition and to remove the latter small doubts, it n.y does not have a secrecy. The victory is the best remedy.

Good, I must go there. So long, hello.

Désolé de ne pas avoir donné de nouvelles avant mais avec la reprise des tournois, j’ai eu très peu de temps. Je suis actuellement à Indianapolis et avant de partir à l’entraînement qui a lieu de 11h à 12h30 (18h – 19h30 en France), voici les dernières news.
Mon premier match à Indianapolis a lieu demain et je vais rencontrer le vainqueur du match Llodra-Sargisian. J’espère que ça se passera mieux que la semaine dernière parce que c’est vrai, je n’ai pas très bien joué à Cincinnati contre Hrbaty qui a fait, lui, un super match.
Avec cette élimination dès le premier tour, j’en ai profité pour bien travailler à l’entraînement pendant la semaine.
Ce qui est super, c’est que ma famille m’a rejoint. Je suis ainsi avec ma femme et mes deux enfants et mentalement, ça me fait du bien.

Je dispute donc mon dernier tournoi avant l’US Open et j’espère vraiment faire un bon résultat. Je vais pouvoir effectuer les derniers petits réglages mais pour me rassurer, être certain que mon jeu est bien place, il faudrait que j’aligne un maximum de victoires. Je n’ai pas gagné beaucoup de matches depuis mon retour à la compétition et pour enlever ces derniers petits doutes, il n’y a pas de secret. La victoire est le meilleur remède.

Bon, je dois y aller. A bientôt, salut.

08-14-2002, 05:10 PM
Julien's translation :D before going to study :sad::
Sorry for not having given news before but I've had very little time.I'm currently in Indianapolis and before going practicing from 11 to 12:30 am (6-7:30 pm in France), here is the last news.
My first match in Indianapolis is scheduled tomorrow and I'll meet the winner between Llodra and Sargsian. I hope it'll go better than last week because it's true that I didn't play very well against Hrbaty, who played a superb match.
I took advantage of this first-round loss to work hard in practicing during the week.
My family rejoind me and that is great. I am thus with my wife and my two children and mentally, it makes me some good.

So I'm playing my last tournament before the US Open and I hope I'll make a good result. I'll be able to make the last adjustements but to reassure myself, to ensure my game is ok (can't think of an expression in english sorry). I'd need a lot of victories. I haven't won a lot of matches since I came back to competition and to eliminate these last small doubts, there is no secret. Victory is the best remedy.

Ok, I've got to go. See you soon. Bye.

08-15-2002, 01:23 AM
Thanks Tryfon and Julien. I appreciate it. :D My French is not that good. :o

I hope Sebastien will soon overcome his doubts and shine once again. Allez Seb! :)