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hey everyone!

03-16-2004, 02:40 AM
hi!! :wavey: go to www.atptennis.com- to vote for JC for the fan favorites award!!! :rocker: it will be awarded at the nasdaq 100 in miami :bolt:

03-16-2004, 12:15 PM
Voted!! Hope Juanqui will win!! :bounce:
Btw, Juanqui is also in a category --ATP Milestones Awards -Tenth Title. It is voted for by the players themselves.
Here's the link: http://www.atptennis.com/en/insidetheatp/atpawards/default_2003.asp

All the results are there.

03-17-2004, 02:03 PM
i voted for juanqui and he MUST win! (tho i believe roddick will win :sad: )

03-17-2004, 07:34 PM

03-18-2004, 10:24 AM
no!! he can't, wouldn't and shouldn't win!! hahaha!

03-18-2004, 12:31 PM
i know he doesn't deserve it!

03-19-2004, 03:55 AM
Too bad u can't vote more than once!

03-21-2004, 05:19 AM
I think in another JC forum someone suggested that you can vote more than once... by deleting the cookie that's stored in your comp after every vote!!!

you should be able to do that by "tools - internet options" via the browser!

Pink Panther
03-21-2004, 05:47 AM
Not necessary if you are on a dial-up (doubt anyone still uses it except for moi :D ), cuz every time you log on, you have a different IP.

03-26-2004, 01:00 PM
rogi won it

03-26-2004, 01:02 PM
but goddam Roddick won Player Of The Year award! Gimme a break! :o

03-26-2004, 01:15 PM
Oh well.... But we'll still support Ferrero !!
Anyway, will Juanqui play II Open de Tenis Comunidad Valenciana??:)

03-26-2004, 08:33 PM
Lets Hope So!

03-28-2004, 03:19 AM
Did anyone read the Marat interview at Miami? It was about why JCF & Spaniards weren't popular in the united states...ppl probably don't like his style of play or his quiet demenor and the fact that they are never shown on tv so ppl don't even know who he is. I agree with the last part cos Juan never gets any coverage here in australia, actually he doesn't even get mentioned in anything... newspapers, tennis mags, tv you name it. It's really quite annoying and puzzling.