Bryans Clinch year-end doubles #1

11-07-2006, 02:05 AM
Bryans Win Stanford ATP Doubles Race

Bob and Mike Bryan have clinched victory in the Stanford ATP Doubles Race for the second consecutive year and for the third time in four years. The 28-year-old twin brothers from Camarillo, California, have an unbeatable lead over No. 2 team Jonas Bjorkman and Max Mirnyi going into Tennis Masters Cup Shanghai, a tournament they won in 2003 and 2004 when it was held in Houston.

The Bryans previously finished as the No. 1 team in 2003 and 2005 while finishing second in 2004.

"It feels good to accomplish one of the goals we set forth at the start of the year,” said Bob Bryan. “With so many great teams in doubles this year, we're very proud to finish at the top. It's been a very memorable 2006 with the most special memory coming at Wimbledon where we completed the career Grand Slam. Now our focus is on winning our first event in Asia at the Tennis Masters Cup.”

Mike Bryan added: “You always want to finish the year strong and last year it was a bittersweet feeling because we finished No. 1 but our last match of the year was a loss. We remember how great it was in 2003 finishing the year No. 1 and winning the Masters Cup in Houston.”

“The Bryans symbolize everything that is right about tennis and in particular ATP doubles: Fun, energy, excitement, personality,” said ATP Doubles Commissioner Gayle David Bradshaw. “They have had a memorable season, and it will be great to see it come to close with the other great doubles teams in Shanghai.”

In addition to the team honor, Bob and Mike will finish tied for the individual year-end No. 1 Stanford ATP Doubles Ranking, which they have jointly held all season. The last player to hold the No. 1 ranking for an entire calendar year was John McEnroe in 1983. The Bryans have shared the No. 1 ranking since Nov. 7, 2005, and have held that spot for a total of 77 weeks, the sixth-longest hold on the top position in ATP history.

The Bryans have won a career-high seven titles in 2006. At Wimbledon, they became the first team in the Open Era (and first since 1952) to reach seven consecutive Grand Slam finals and they became just the third team in the Open Era to win all four Grand Slam titles, having earlier in the year added the Australian Open to their collection, which already included the 2003 Roland Garros title and the 2005 US Open. Their match record in 2006 is 65-12. They have won 33 career team titles.

The Bryans and their signature chest bump has served as the face of the ATP Doubles Revolution, a campaign that they launched in February with a New York media blitz that included ringing the closing bell at the New York Stock Exchange with Stanford Financial Group executives. The twins were voted Fan Favorite Doubles Team at the Stars for Stars Awards event in March, played concerts at a number of tournaments, wrote the musical theme of Doubles Revolution, wrote a popular blog for during Wimbledon and participated in many charity activities, including Night at the Net in Los Angeles.

“The ATP has done an incredible job bringing doubles back to its rightful place in the sport and Mike and I look forward to helping continue this movement,” said Bob.

"We are especially gratified to be No.1 in the year that so much effort has gone into the promotion of doubles,” continued Mike. “So many people have been behind the great game of doubles like Etienne de Villiers and the ATP Staff and Tournament Directors and, of course, Stanford Financial Group and Al Trullenque [Executive Director].

"There have been lots of center court matches, televised matches, posters, draws and rankings posted and publicized, hats, t-shirts, doubles social get-togethers, a doubles court at the US Open’s Arthur Ashe Kid’s Day, a whirlwind media blitz in New York City and a ringing of the closing bell at the NY Stock Exchange. And there have been some unbelievably exciting and well-played doubles matches! It has been a great year for doubles all around.”

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was this ever in doubt? :lol:

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:bigclap: yay!!

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Very cool- these guys are just crazy good. :yeah:

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Yay :yippee:

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was this ever in doubt? :lol:Well, if Jonas and Max had won Paris it would've been mathematically possible :p

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Bob and Mike rule the world :bowdown: :bigclap: :hatoff: :cool:

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Congrats to the brothers.

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:dance: Go Bryans!! They've done so well this year! :)

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Congrats to them, they deserved it.

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B-Boys rock the house.

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:woohoo: Well done guys! :bowdown:

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The Bryans rock and they deserve it this year. I hope to see them do well next year as well.