The ultimate loser of the ATP!

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Bye Bye!,

Looking at his stats, he even lost versus women ;)

Found this at WTA World but thought it would be fun to share it here as well :)

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Let the Bye-bashing begin!!!

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Bye is such a choker! ;)

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Give BYE a break. BYE was able to defeat Federer, Nadal, Roddick and Nalbandian at Paris.

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Give BYE a break. BYE was able to defeat Federer, Nadal, Roddick and Nalbandian at Paris.

Great post stebs:)

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just another player to have never beaten the great Ljubo

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I think he overplays.

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Give BYE a break. BYE was able to defeat Federer, Nadal, Roddick and Nalbandian at Paris.

Indeed. People need to give this guy the respect he deserves:

================================================== ===
BYE Makes History in City of Lights

October 30th 2006

When the Paris Indoor TMS first started many people did not have a clue who BYE was. But today, after claiming his biggest scalp yet by taking out world #1 Roger Federer most by now have definitely come to know Mr. BYE a little bit better.

The victory over the Swiss champion has been the latest in a most amazing run which included a victory over 5 of the top 6 ranked players in the world over the course of the last week.

BYE, who has entered the tournament seeking his first ever victory, found himself in his first match up against the big serving Croat Ivan Ljubicic. That match saw a see-saw battle between the two with neither being able to grasp the initiative in the deciding set until the tiebreak which BYE won convincingly.

There was little time for BYE to enjoy the victory, as due to a backlogged schedule he found himself playing world #6 Andy Roddick in his next match. The BYE quickly went on a straight sets romp, demonstrating his excellent duck hunting skills.

"After you finally win your first match, a switch flips inside your brain" said BYE following his victory over Roddick. "I always knew I had the potential and ability in me, and after beating Ljubicic the dam finally burst as I was able to play my best tennis."

"One of my favourite recipes is also duck a l'orange so I also had that extra motivation when I played Andy" added BYE.

The next match saw BYE taking on the #3 ranked player in David Nalbandian. BYE was once again in imperious form as the Argentine succumbed with a severe bout of diahorrea.

"With each match my confidence grows exponentially. With two huge victories under my belt I come up against a player who is literally shitting himself so how can you not be confident?"

BYE added "David and I are good friends. He always joked about how he needs to lose weight- hopefully I have now helped him come closer to that goal now that he is on a strict diet of boiled rice and Coca Cola".

But if people thought that they had seen the best of BYE they were in for the surprise of thier life. BYE was the ultimate underdog as he took on world #2 and reigning French open champion Rafael Nadal of Spain. Nadal was going into the match with victory in his sight until BYE, who had successfully displayed his hunting skills in his victory over Roddick, decided he had other ideas for his porcine opponent. The match quickly turned on its head as Nadal was running from corner to corner until he was unable to retrieve any more balls due to his tender ribs.

"He simply wore me out" said Rafa after the match.

"I knew he had a weakness and I exploited it" said BYE when asked what turned the match around while munching on a rack of spareribs "The victory over Roddick and the duck a l'orange really boosted my appetite. I knew I had the opportunity to have another fabulous meal. Duck is only my second favourite meat- as far as I'm concerned you just cannot beat pork. And with the ribs being so soft and tender I just couldn't help myself!!!"

By the time he walked on court against Federer, BYE's confidence was in another stratosphere. This time BYE knew exactly what he had to do

"The rumours going around according to Mirka's friends is that Roger's stamina is sometimes suspect. Yes, it's shocking for some to hear but even JesusFed has a weakness"

BYE, who came into the match with a toolbox full nails and a hammer, was never in doubt of the outcome as he romped to a straights set victory over the reigning Australian Open, Wimbledon and U.S. Open champion.

"I knew the secret against him was to go right for his hands and feet and keep him pinned down. I sustained my form to finish the crucifixion of JesusFed. By the time it was over I had really NAILED him."

BYE is thought to have been a descendant of Pontius Pilot. His performance today against Federer has certainly strengthened those allegations

"It's in my bloodline. Even though it's something I have never done before, once I started and felt my way through it, I was on autopilot feeling as if I have been doing this my whole life. It's great!"

Asked about his fear of retribution from the various fan bases of MTF BYE denied he was in fear. "If people have a problem with me, it's their problem not mine. I don't care what any Pork-Dork or Fed-Tard may think of me for knocking out their favourite player. MTF is known for bashing successful players. If they create a 'BYE be gone' thread in honour of my defeats it is merely another sign that I have achieved true greatness. No one can take that away from me."

Asked about his prospects for next year BYE added "Yeah, we will have to see about that. Right now this was the last tournament of the season for me. This has certainly helped my ranking and with Etienne de Villiers running the ATP who knows, maybe in one or two years time I might even get direct acceptance into a grand slam. That would be my ultimate dream. For now I plan on relaxing and enjoying the victory before I get back to work in preparation for the next season"

================================================== =====

just another player to have never beaten the great Ljubo

Not quite so ;) :p

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Give Bye a break, didn't you see how old he is?

"Birthdate: 1/1/1900"


:haha: :haha:

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i can't believe he won 200$

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omfg :D

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lol :haha: :haha: :rolls:

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Give Bye a break, didn't you see how old he is?

"Birthdate: 1/1/1900"