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Congratulations to Gaudio and Chela, doubles champions of Viña del Mar

02-14-2004, 11:06 PM
Babelfish translation

JUAN IGNACIO CHELA And GASTÓN GAUDIO IS The CHAMPIONS Of the DOUBLES The Argentine pair remained with I title of the specialty of the BellSouth Open by Rosen when surpassing to the binomial of Nicholas Lapentti and Martín Garci'a by a double the 7-6 match already gave us champions to the first. Dupla composed by Gastón Gaudio and Juan Ignacio Chela the Rodriguez and Nicholas Lapentti by 7-6 (2) in the tie crowned themselves when defeating to Martín break. In the second Seth dupla of Rodriguez and Lapentti won by 5-3 with the service of the Argentineans, but they lost following the two games tied to five and each pair was gaining its serve until arriving at the tie break. There dupla trasandina showed greater regularity again and after ten services it assured the result with 7-3.


La pareja argentina se quedó con el titulo de la especialidad del BellSouth Open by Rosen al superar al binomio de Nicolás Lapentti y Martín García por un doble 7-6
El torneo ya nos entregó a los primeros campeones. La dupla compuesta por Gastón Gaudio y Juan Ignacio Chela se coronaron al derrotar a Martín Rodríguez y Nicolás Lapentti por 7-6 (2) en el tie break.

En el segundo set la dupla de Rodríguez y Lapentti ganaban por 5-3 con el servicio de los argentinos, pero perdieron los siguientes dos games empataron a cinco y cada pareja fue ganando su saque hasta llegar al tie break.

Allí nuevamente la dupla trasandina mostró mayor regularidad y tras diez servicios aseguró el resultado con un 7-3.


Gaudio the doubles specialist?? Those matches with Karlovic must have been good for Gaston.

Now, Gaston, why dont you win Buenos Aires next week? Singles ;) ?

Beating Coria in the final would be sweet..

Action Jackson
02-15-2004, 01:08 PM
Thanks for that Lurker and I want match reports from your BA experience.

Yes, as you know I saw Gato and Karlovic playing in the doubles and this helped with him Chela.

If he plays Coria maybe he should buy some tickets for the Independiente ultras to give him some extra support.