You cant just learn how to be a great fastcourt player!

09-06-2006, 11:59 PM
Ofcourse it helps if you want to become a good hardcourt player, but then there are hundreds of other players wanting to become better fastcourt players and failing. You just dont learn how to be a great server, have a great volley and play aggresive. You must have talent to do it and I very much doubt Nadals talent playing aggresive, volleys and serving. I dont doubt his determination at all, but I doubt his talent to make his dream possible.

The way I see it Nadal just cant do anything when his opponent is on fire because he doesnt have the power to cool them down, Nadal cant command a match, not in fast courts atleast. Federer just doesnt give his opponent a chanse, no matter if they are on or not by commanding the game all the time.

All this talk about learning how to play on fast courts is just a little silly, because it sounds like Nadal naturaly has the game to become a great champion on every surface and he just needs to learn how to serve better, how to volley better and play more aggresive. I think it may not be possible for Nadal to learn how to be a great fastcourt player. I think he will never have a killer serve and that his spins are just not that effective on fast courts. I truly havent seen progress from last year, on the other hand I think he is much better on clay this year than last year. There he is natural, his spins are such an amazing weapons and it is almost impossible to get a winner past him. Improving his serve and aggresive game has helped him too on clay.

I dont think Nadal will suddenly disappear from the tour because he will get injured and tired of the game, I think he will simply accept he is a clay player and dominate the coming years on clay. He will also have to accept beeing nr2 while making RG mission impossible for nr1.