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I need forehand help

08-31-2006, 01:40 AM
ok here is my situation;

Lately on my forehand (im a lefty), ive been totally off. I have a semi western grip, and when i try to do my topspins, lately the ball has been either curving right down into the net, or go long. i dont know what kind of habbit i have developed...so i need to "debug" this problem. normally i got sharp, fast, and accurate forehands, and lately they have been feeling degraded... what im asking is, can anyone give me some tips that might improve my forehand? like for instance what causes it to go long, fly or into the net. I bend my knees, start from the low hip area i bring it through to just about my right shoulder...any help would be appreciated. thank you soso much.

10-06-2006, 12:18 AM
To me it sounds like a timing problem. If the ball goes into the net when you're trying to hit topspin you might not be taking the ball early enough. Try stepping into your shot. Just remember that everyone has their off days-weeks-hopefully not years, and you'll get through it.:)

10-21-2006, 08:18 PM
Make sure, especially with a semi western to have a semi open stance. Also make sure to keep your eye on the ball, i know it sounds simple, however i've just begun giving lessons and my uncles been giving lessons for about 25 years now, and the thing i notice the most when people are consistantly hitting deep or into the net is that they either do not finish their stroke (up around the shoulder/neck area) or they just take their eye off of the ball entirely to early. make it a habit, especially during warm ups to keep your eye on the ball and swing easy. also with that western grip act like you're swinging for the fences and more often then not that will give you deep reliable forehands.

10-25-2006, 10:08 PM
This can be tricky problem to solve without actually seeing your
forehand however I have the following suggestions:

I`m also a lefty and use a semi-western grip and have gone
through exactly what you are right now so I completely understand!

You said how you used to have sharp, accurate forehands...what
happens is we become consciously aware that the forehand performs
well and so expect it be there on demand...


we know we have the hand skills to be produce effective forehands
but our footwork can go down hill!

We think we`re doing enough but we can get lazy and rely on the
hands skill to get us out of hot water without actually realising
we`re doing this! Incredibly frustrating!!

We become consistenly inconsistent! :mad:

What we need is those little adjusting steps which will really make
the difference!!

While you could look at stance, timing, etc. these are secondary
issues....the primary issue will be you requiring effective footwork.

You could say timing is out....but the reason your timing is out is
because you haven`t rotated the shoulders at the right time...which
is because you didn`t reach the ball or adjust your body to the ball
effectively.....see what I mean by primary and secondary problems :)

This solved my spell of trouble and recommend it this approach for you!

In addition...for anyone to make a change you have to exaggerate
it! So get on court.....really work hard on and exaggerate the footwork
and also hitting topspin with lots of net clearance.

You`ll be well on your road to bringing back what you know you have!