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tacky thursday base on balls

07-27-2006, 08:34 AM
ok so 3 out of 5 won last nite dam arizona, toronto with great pitchers to lose to underdog thats baseball at its best , sometimes too hard to predict. on other hand, stl, bal, nyy, hou, was did great but bal and nyy winning by 1 run didnt work out as good as it could..oh well

so today winners i hope are...

1. bal over kc again whats new kc just suk...4 out 5 units since away from home is bal,

2. oak over toronto....cant trust tor away from home...not same team unless u have hallliday on mound....3 out of 5 unites.

3. hous over cincin, hard for hous to make it 2 in row as they lost last 4 to cincin before last nite match so they need to get on streak to have chance like clemens said ...so streak for hous on the rise here...3 out of 5 units

so good luck on tacky thursday...