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Mats Wilander answers fans Questions in RG

05-31-2006, 04:28 PM
Ask Mats Wilander: Nalbandian can do it

FORUM: Ask Mats WilanderCan David Nalbandian win a major? He sure can, answers Eurosport analyst Mats Wilander. "Can he last seven matches in a row on clay? That, I'm not really sure about but in his mind, he can," the three-time French Open champion said in answering readers' questions. Post your query here!

AlmouchieAlmouchie asks, do you think David Nalbandian & Patty Schynder still have a realistic chance of winning a grand slam title?
Yes thats my question :)

Mats Wilander: They sure do! We'll start with David Nalbandian:
He's reached the semi-finals in all four majors, he beat Roger Federer last year in the ATP finals and he's basically beaten all the top players. Can he last seven matches in a row on clay? That, I'm not really sure about but in his mind, he can.
Patty Schnyder is a fighter, she's very talented, she's a lefty. It's very awkward to play against her and she keeps having really good tournaments. She's come of age... It's definitely a player you don't want to face in the French Open this year because the conditions are very cold and they're quite slow at certain times and Patty Schnyder is going to give it to you!

130mph asks about Robin Söderling's chances and strategy?

Mats Wilander: He's worked really hard this year. He was plagued by injuries last year and played a pretty good match here against Rafael Nadal in the first round, but he's more of a hardcourt player and an indoor player and I do believe he can get to the top 20 very quickly.

Pie in the sky asks if Roger Federer was right to complain about the Sunday start?

Mats Wilander: I liked the Sunday start. The question is though, with the start on Sunday, why don't we start on Saturday and give T.V. and sponsors two days to showcase the tournament. I've heard some discussions and arguments that the players think that now they should get paid more. Obviously, they should. There's an added day. Used to be 14, now it's 15 they might play on. But I think it's a good cause, good for the players and obviously good for the fans and a sold-out Sunday in the first round, that rarely happens otherwise.

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