ARTICLE - Clay Court Record Breaking Continues (USA TODAY)

05-30-2006, 09:37 PM
June 6, 2007 (USA TODAY)

After stopping Rafael Nadal's consecutive win streak at 57, Spain's new clay court sensation has gone on to amass 58 WINS AND COUNTING.

It must be noted that this was widely predicted on a very popular website, One of the regulars on the site sent us a link from a year ago where the mass majority of members on the site were talking about this guy as the next great clay-courter & had predicted such a streak. We saw descriptions such as, "unbeatable", "super penetrating ground strokes", "unbelievable patience" and "mouth-watering speed".

Remember last year it all started with Almagro upsetting Blake, Fernando Gonzalez, Nadal, Ivan Ljubicic and Roger Federer to win the French Open. He has continued on this torrid space and made history yesterday with his 6-0, 6-0, 6-0 quarterfinal win over David Nalbandian. Just last year, all the talk centered around Nadal but Almagro is now the talk of Paris. This kid literally has heads spinning. After losing his first two matches against Federer & Nadal, he has now beaten both of them 4 straight times & lead the head to head match-ups 4-2.

Brad Gilbert was quoted recently on ESPN, saying "Almagro is the ultimate clay court specialist. There's no question he will surpass all of Borg's records." As reported last week, Patrick McEnroe has resigned as coach of the US Davis Cup team and speculations are that his resignation is due to the US' upcoming clay match-up against Spain. Inside sources have heard McEnroe say, "We have no chance."

So everyone wants to know, "how will this guy be stopped?" I suggest they make their way online to After all, this is where all of this was originally predicted. I recently asked four members that saw it all coming. According to George Whitler, Merton, BetterthanHenman and TheBoiledEgg, "we know the winning formula to beating Almagro but it won't happen anytime soon. Expect 7 years of undefeated clay court bliss for him." So there you have it ladies & gentlemen. Who needs the ESPN experts when you have these guys.

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:lol: That's some good writing, do you happen to work for USA Today?

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The scary thing about the original post is that it's at about the same quality as most of USA Today's articles.

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Yes, because ESPN know as much about tennis as they do about Yak testicles.