Peter Lundgren says "Marat is FOCUSSED"

05-29-2006, 05:43 PM
You don't hear that everyday:

"Former pro Peter Lundgren took Marat Safin under his wing in May 2004. Coach Lundgren - who previously mentored Roger Federer - is confident that his Russian charge will be able to overcome ninth seed Fernando Gonzalez in the first round and go on to greater things.

How well is Marat playing at the moment?

He's on decent form, but the draw really wasn't kind to him. Now that he's down to around No50 in the world, he's not going to be seeded, so we knew that he might come up against a big name early in the tournament. Fernando Gonzalez won't be easy to beat, but I think that if Marat manages to get through, he can go far, since he's playing well at the moment. For the past three or four days, he has looked very focussed during his practices and less impatient than usual, which is a positive sign.

Has he fully recovered from his injury now?

He's fine. He's been training hard recently, and his knee has held up, which is great to see. He can give it 100 per cent on court now. A few weeks ago, his knee was bothering him again, but it's fine now, and as long as his knee's OK, then he should be able to do well.

What will be the key to his match against Gonzalez?

He needs to start off well and make sure he doesn't fall behind straight away. He needs to stay positive and put Gonzalez under pressure throughout. Marat doesn't like to sit back… he prefers to dictate matters on court, so it'll be up to him to boss things once he's out there.

Marat seems to like Roland Garros…

It's true. He seems to like Paris in general, since he's always done well at Bercy as well. Let's hope this works in his favour over the next two weeks…"

I like Marat's chances if he's patient enough

05-29-2006, 05:46 PM
Hope so, but a few games filled with errors coculd change all that.

*Viva Chile*
05-29-2006, 05:57 PM
I hope Peter is wrong this time :p

Sorry Marat :o
Our compatriots are first :cool:

05-29-2006, 06:04 PM
Good to know.
We'll see tomorrow.