05-23-2006, 01:17 AM
HELPPPP I need 4 matches to give to a coach who is doing a presentation on "perfect form" or the ideal players, hes showing people how to hit backhands and forehands etc, and he needs pro tennis matches to show it off. Anyway I wanna know what are the 4 ABSOLUTE BEST tennis matches that you can think of from Petey. Of course Im putting the 1999 Wimbledon Final, I would put Stuttgart 96 against Boris but it is too long and he wont be able to appreciate the beauty of the match. I Was also considering the 99 ATP Masters Final because I heard Pete was as good as he was at Wimbledon (is this true? Ive got it but havent watched), and I was also thinkin 97, How Amazing pete was in his good matches that year. Thomas Muster AO 97, Or Davis Cup 97 against Rafter OR Grandslam Cup 97 against Rafter. I really really REALLLLLYY wanna put the match against MUSTER, but there are only 4 matches I can put and the commentators at the time, said that Davis Cup 97 was the best he had ever played (up till that time), but Grandslam Cup 97 was almost as good. Im soo Confused PLEASEE GIVE ME YOUR BEST MATCHES!!!!!!!! Wimbledon Final 99 is a DEFINATE, but CHOOSE ANY OTHER 3 YOU WANT. I also wanted to put GS Cup Final because the commentators said "He puts so much pressure on the opponents and dictates the match so much that makes you believe hes the best ever" And Davis Cup, Fred Stolle said "John Newcombe was on the court and just said that the court presence this guy carries is demoralising, his intensity is so amazing and so intimidating that even just sitting on the same court as him, you can really feel it"... This coach has never seen Sampras play and I want to impress him with the best of the best of What Petey Had. OHHH AND BTW Can anyone tell me when was it that Petey Served a ball through Rafters Strings?? I Read somewhere that it was during Davis Cup 97 but I never saw it happen, then I checked the Grandslam Cup but I didnt see it, nor did I hear the commentators talk of it :confused:

I Really wanna impress this coach and the class of coaches he is presenting it to.

05-23-2006, 01:55 AM
sorry, the Natural, due to little coverage on tennis in HK, even i am a big pete fans, i didn't watch too much matches of him, for me, the best is the 2002 us open final :wavey:

also the quarter final against andy roodick in 2002 us open was also very good :wavey:

05-23-2006, 06:58 PM
:worship: I would give him Pete at the 1996 US OPEN and the 1995 Aussie Open, those are two of his best matches and two of the best tennis matches. :wavey: :D

Greg-Pete fan
06-23-2006, 03:43 PM
Mimi is right, Sampras vs Roddick (U.S. Open 2002 quarterfinal) was a great match ;) Pete was teaching Roddick how to play wonderful tennis :devil: This "lesson" took him only 1 hour and 30 minutes :devil: :p ;)