A few changes in 2005 calendar

12-31-2003, 06:32 PM
Men's Pro Tennis Sets 2005 Calendar Through Summer

2005 calendar through the US Open (PDF file)

The ATP, governing body of the men's professional tennis circuit, announced today that it has approved a 2005 calendar through the summer. The calendar was constructed after extensive collaborative planning with the other governing bodies in the sport, the ITF and Grand Slams, through its newly formed Calendar Working Group.

The most significant adjustment is a shift in the first round of Davis Cup, which allows for more continuity in the weeks prior to Roland Garros during the spring clay-court swing. The ITF agreed to schedule the first round of Davis Cup in the week prior to the Pacific Life Open in Indian Wells rather than following the NASDAQ-100 Open in Miami as it has done in the past.

"The flexibility on the part of the ITF was indispensable in allowing us to restore the normal number of weeks for ATP events between Miami and Roland Garros while still scheduling Indian Wells and Miami one week later than normal to avoid significant commercial conflicts for these two tournaments," said ATP Chief Executive Officer Mark Miles. "Players playing in the first round of Davis Cup will have several days for travel and practice before the Pacific Life Open, as its main draw begins on March 11 and there will be 32 first-round byes."

Other relevant 2005 calendar items:

The Grand Slams opted to keep their traditionally scheduled dates in 2005. Therefore, the Australian Open will begin the week of January 17, Roland Garros the week of May 23, Wimbledon in the week of June 20 and the US Open starting August 29.

Delray Beach, which in 2004 will be played in the week after the US Open, has moved back into the period between the Australian Open and Indian Wells. This was possible as a result of the ATP’s purchase of the Copenhagen event, which allowed for an open date in February.

Estoril, to be played in the week of April 25, will move later in the spring clay-court season. The second week of Davis Cup is scheduled two weeks after Wimbledon, in the week of July 11. The North American hard court swing reverts back to a non-Olympic configuration, with six weeks of hard-court tournaments prior to the US Open.

The ATP also is looking to add a second tournament in the week before the US Open, consistent with the two-tournament lead-in weeks at the three other Grand Slams.

The 2005 calendar beyond the US Open has not been set as a number of issues continue to be evaluated. The remaining schedule should be available by March 2004.

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