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How it was before Federer Era ...

04-02-2006, 03:39 PM
It was in 1924 Wimby final. Two Frenchman face to face on the grass field Borotra against Lacoste . Nobady expect that fury battle will be done. After 4.27 h of play on the scorebord (in those days scores changed handy-man ) was 2:2 in sets and start lightly raining. Some audience had ( in that day there were about 60 tennis fans, nobady queue for tickets, no tickets just open's hardly imagine today...I was stayed 5h last year to buy ticket...) starting left bleachers. Borotra Family (wife and stepbrother ) stayed invariably . When in 5 set was 4:4 gem each other during forehand hit Borotra broke wooden racket( Maxplay) frame. In that times players didn't have bags filled spare rackets and all that stuff , even no towels on court. Each player had one racket , also no change balls after 7 gems , they played one ball (Like in table-tennis) spare ball had refree. Borotra was desperate and on the borderto start cry but...Lacosta ....bared his teeth (probably until they colled him crocodille smile) on the end Borotra tryed play by rocket ....hand but he could not a chance to win. After that Borotra stoped smoke water-pipe.