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The thorn in Andre's side

12-06-2003, 06:29 PM
Swiped this from the ATP......

December 5, 2003

Rivalries to Watch in 2004!


Andre Agassi vs Lleyton Hewitt

In January, all eyes will turn to the Australian Open and no two players will be more eager to make an impression than defending champion Andre Agassi and local hero Lleyton Hewitt. The Australian has consistently struggled at his home Grand Slam event, having failed to advance beyond the fourth round in seven appearances. In marked contrast to Hewitt, Agassi has thrived at the Australian Open, claiming the title in four out of seven appearances. Hewitt struggled throughout much of 2003, finishing the year in 16th place of the ATP Champions Race. In 2004, the Australian will be eager to stamp his authority back on a sport in which many of his critics have been quick to write him off.

Hewitt and Agassi have had some blockbuster encounters in the past, with Hewitt leading their head-to-head series 4-3. However, Agassi claimed their last match, putting an end to the Australian's US Open title defense at the semifinal stage in 2002. With Hewitt looking to reclaim his spot at the top of the rankings, and an ageing Agassi eager to make every match count in the twilight of his career, theirs is a rivalry that could come to an enthralling climax in 2004.


I still think Andre has to worry about Ferrero the most, even though he finally beat him in Houston. Hewitt doesn't have the weapons Ferrero has. In fact, I don't think Hewitt has any weapon other than sheer ambition and fierce determination.

What do you guys think? Who does Andre have to worry about next year?

12-06-2003, 07:35 PM
Ferrero is still the one that worries me the most, too! I loved how Andre just said "to hell with percentage tennis" halfway through their Masters Cup match this year, and just went for all the lines. That was some cool stuff to watch.

And Roger Federer, oh man, when he's on he's really ON! I certainly hope, though, that the Master's cup final was not a new trend in their matches. I think Andre was a little flat there, although Federer was incredible regardless. IMHO, Andre and Roger are the two most talented guys out there, and I am thrilled to watch them play when they are both in good form.

As for Hewitt --- that semifinal win Andre had over Lleyton at the USO2002 was one of my favorite matches! I thought that could be the start of an interesting rivalry between the world's No. 1 and 2 (back then). But it never happened, because they didn't meet again! I don't know what the results would be if they met now -- so much time has gone by.

I suspect that Andre should still be able to handle Roddick, too, although their matches will be very tough.

12-07-2003, 03:00 PM
That US Open 2002 was a game! Andre played brilliantly in that game, Lleyton played well too

Ferrero is his main problems i think. Federer if he's at his best he will beat anyone but if he's not at his best, which he aint gonna be most of the time anyway, there shouldnt be too much to worry about. Ferrero plays the same way Andre does so its always difficult, esp when your opponent is 10 yrs younger than u.

Hewitt cant be discounted against anyone but one thing is for sure - i wanna see this match up in 2004!

J. Corwin
12-08-2003, 01:36 AM
Ferrero and Federer will be the biggest threats to Agassi. Ferrero plays such a similar game to Agassi and is quicker. IMO, a mental thing has also developed between the two that puts Agassi at a disadvantage from that perspective. As for Federer, he's just too good for anyone when he plays anywhere near his best.

12-15-2003, 01:01 PM
Easily Ferrero and Federer. The rest are ok...but he's gonna have major problems with both next yr.