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Roger's Cologne/Cosmetic Line

12-04-2003, 05:23 AM

does anyone have it? or have they seen it? any comments appreciated. it's quite pricy from this site, if you ask me... maybe i'm doing the currency exchance incorrectly...

any thoughts?

12-05-2003, 12:15 AM
Hello. :worship:
I was in Basel in tennis tournament, where the products were in exhibition. I acquired a set for my husband :hug: , inclusive in the new release the set came with a ball signed by ROGI :bounce: .
I just found wonderful the set. The Perfume as well as the rest products has a soft wonderful smell and the "feel the touch" it was doing well appropriated to the product :bigclap: .
It is a simply sensational aroma, it does not have that perfume smell that lets we with headache. Inclusive I have been using the perfume. Here in Brazil the climate is very hot and usually the women prefer the masculine perfumes because they are not so sweet as the feminine. :clap2: ROGI's Perfume here in Brazil will certainly belong to those perfumes that are acquired by men and women :worship: .
I particularly worshiped the product, the packing, RF stylized. Everything of very good taste :clap2: .
Congratulations for the team that worked on the project, will certainly be a success. :clap2: :clap2: :bigclap: :bigclap:
Million of kisses too much, fondness and love to all. Beth :kiss: :kiss:
:worship: :worship: :bounce: :bounce: :smooch: :smooch: :smooch:

Doris Loeffel
12-09-2003, 07:44 AM
Well I bought it for my godchild. And I agree with Beth - also a women can wear it.
It's a light refreshing herbal smell. O.K. it's a bit pricy I agree but that's what you pay here for a good parfum - maybe you need to wait a bit till you can get it somewhere dutyfree - but so far I haven't seen it anywhere in a shop.

12-09-2003, 08:20 AM
Doris I have tried to ask them about prices in USA dollars but they never replied to my e-mail. I hope they will open up to our market. How does this compare to the Moya or Andre line?

Doris Loeffel
12-09-2003, 10:37 AM
Can't tell you as I have no clue what Moya's or Andre's line smells like -- hmmm right now might not be the best time to buy the perfume when you're in the states as the US dollar is pretty low compared to the swiss franc at the moment - actually the lovest since 7 years.

12-09-2003, 08:28 PM
well you can always check the conversion on a bunch of websites. it comes right now to about $137. which even for a set is pretty expensive...