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Davis Cup Prediction Game

11-11-2003, 09:39 PM
I have a plan to organize a prediction game on Davis Cup ties in 2004, and hopefully beyond.
The plan is basically like this:
Each player is playing a number of ties, for example 3 ties in the 1st round. Each tie, as it is in the real competition, is composed of 5 rubbers: 2 singles matches on day 1, a doubles match on day 2, and 2 more singles matches on day 3. You should choose, on each day, the same number of rubbers from all the matches played in that day and predict the nation who would win in those matches. If your prediction is right, IE the nation you chose won that rubber, you score points.
The points are accumulated during the competition, and the players are ranked according to their achievements. The top players go through to the next round, until the final. Those who didn't do well in the World Group may drop to the Zonal groups, while those who did well in the Zonal Groups can qualify to the World Group next year.
The plan is to start the game in the 1st round of 2004, at the begginning of February.
The details of the game are still being developed... but before going further I want to know if there are potential players...
Anyone is interested in such a game?

11-11-2003, 09:44 PM
Here are some rules I was thinking of, but nothing is set in stone yet...

1. Picks for all rubbers in all ties on the same day should be made in one post, which should be made before the start time of the earliest match of that day.
2. The same match can not be selected more than once.
3. 2 matches from the same DC tie (the real tie that is) on the same day can not be selected for the same tie, but could be selected to different ties.
4. Scoring points:
For win in a tie (IE 3 or more wins in one tie): 10 pts.
For win in a rubber (match): 2 pts.
Bonus points: (added to each rubber if applicable)
For win by straight sets (in best-of-5 sets matches only): 1 point.
For win by the visiting nation: 1 point.
For win by lower ranked nation, according to latest DC ranking: 1 point.
Maximum points for win in a rubber (including bonus): 5 pts.
Maximum points in a tie: 10 pts for win + 5X5 pts for wins in rubbers = 35 pts.

Number of ties:
World Group 1st round (8 DC ties): 3 ties
World Group Quarter Final (4 DC ties): 2 ties
World Group Semi Final (2 DC ties): 1 tie
World Group Final: Only 2 players play a head-to-head format: one player chose the winners in rubbers 1,3,5, the other chose in rubbers 2,4. If the pick chosen has lost, it is considered a win for the other player.
Zonal groups:
Players will be divided to the 3 zones (America, Europe-Africa, Asia-Oceania) for ranking purpose, but will be able to select matches from all zones.
The # of qualifyers from each zone will be determined by the # of players.
The 8 qualifyers from the zonal groups and bottom 8 players from the World Group will play in the Qualifying Round, and the top 8 will qualify for the World Group next year.
Special regulations 2004:
Because this is the first year of the game, all players may enter the 1st round of the World Group, after which the top 16 will continue to the 2nd round, while the rest will play in the zonal groups 2nd round. There will be no 1st round in the zonal groups in 2004.
After the 2nd round, the top 8 will continue to the semi final, the bottom 8 will have to play in the qualifying round.
The top 2 players after the semifinal will qualify for the final, which will be played in the format detailed above. There could be similar head-to-head encounters to determine the ranking further down: 3-4, 5-6 etc.

William Hunt
01-21-2004, 04:08 PM
Okay, I'm in

01-22-2004, 08:13 PM
Please sign-in at the thread "Who wants to play Davis Cup Prediction Game?" in the Davis Cup (2003) forum (it's under "other tournaments").
This is actually a duplicate of that thread.

After the OZ open is over, we'll see if there are enough participants to run the game.
Stay tuned...