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Houston Practice Report

11-10-2003, 05:23 PM
From Andy's site

"TMS Houston Practice Report" By: Sarah Alvanipour

11/10/2003 --

Andy just finished a great practice session with his coach, Brad Gilbert.

The two comicly gifted players put in a hour of practice on the stadium court before legions of fans.

Andy and Brad went through the usual practice routine, practicing shots from the baseline, hitting volleys, and of course, warming up the big serve.

Mid-way through the practice session, both BG and Andy took their shirts off, much to the delight of the fans, one of which shouted, “looking good Brad!” Andy quipped back, “hey, I can get you his phone number if you want!”

The coach and pupil, who seemed more like father and son or best buddies at times, looked relaxed yet focused. The commuciation between the two was phenomenal and Brad always had some advice to give Andy between points.

It wasn’t all work and no play for the twosome. At the end of practice, both Brad and Andy hit balls high into the stadium to see whose would go farther. Andy won. Next up: lob practice-but it had nothing to do with tennis. Brad hit lobs and Andy tried to catch them in his cap. He was 0-2. Better luck next time, Andy.

While most players are grunting and yelling on court, Andy was all smiles and jokes and the feeling was mutual across the net while rival Juan Carlos Ferrero, who was next up for practice, watched and warmed up from the sidelines.

I caught up with Brad Gilbert after practice. I told him that the practice session was one of the most entertaining I had seen. “We’re always like that,” he said.

We also discussed how we are both well-versed in the art of conversation (we like to talk a lot). Brad told me that Andy will have another practice session this afternoon to prep for his opening match tomorrow against seventh seed Carlos Moya.

Andy is right back on track from his busy week which included hosting Saturday Night Live, catching up with his sleep (he got in a full 12 hours last night), and coming in with a “fresh head.”

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