Preston Matthews-the next big thing!

Sue Ellen
01-21-2006, 02:57 PM
Now that the 2005 season has ended, everyone is asking what players will be the success stories of 2006. Well, Preston Matthews, a 17 year old from Florida, presently at the peak of the junior game is certainly one to watch. I saw him play (in the juniors) at Wimbledon last year and it was clear that this guy is future Top 10 material. Preston is a super talented tennis player, with a killer serve and an impressive single handed backhand. He's got tons of personality and a feisty temper which he doesnt fail to display on court! This guy really has it all and is exactly what the ATP tour needs! Unfortunately, the only thing that is holding him back is senior year at high school. Preston, also a terrific academic, aspires to become a top lawyer, as well as world number 1!! He qualified for two ATP events in 2005 and reached the third round in one event, beating Berdych on his way!! DEFINETLY ONE TO WATCH FOR 2006!! Has anyone else seen him play?

01-21-2006, 05:56 PM
Hey Sue Ellen!!!

Oh my God, I thought I was like the only person that noticed him. He's gonna be so good. I saw him at Wimby too, hey maybe I saw you if you were there. How cool is that? He could be so good, but he has to decide if he wants to do tennis. If he doesn't give up school, then he'll never fulfill his massive potential. Preston rocks!!!

01-21-2006, 06:20 PM
how big is he? I could mentor him :angel: