2006 Australian Open - ATP or WTA - Which will steal the show ?

prima donna
01-11-2006, 09:14 PM
With there being so many absences (Nadal, Safin and the list goes on, but these two certainly are the headline) which side of the gender draw will be more interesting ?

I'm not sure if Sharapova will participate, but could anyone name some of the matches that will be heavily anticipated on the Men's Side of the draw ?

Federer, Berdych, Gasquets and possibly Roddick & Monfils are the only match-ups which are intriguing.

IMO, the most intriguing of the names given being:
Federer v Gasquet
Berdych v Roddick

Gasquet a combination of power, finesse and charisma.
Berdych a physically intimidating specimen that has shown deadly accuracy, accompanied by a ball with plenty of pace.

vs Federer (King Of Finesse)
vs Roddick (King Of Power) - Safin should hold this title, but is far more dimensional and creative than Roddick. It would be an injustice to reduce him to merely a ball-basher.


Women's side:

Serena vs Venus, Sharapova, Justine or Kim, Just about anyone (if she's healthy that is/in shape, doesn't appear to be the case)
Venus vs Maria Sharapova
Justine vs Kim Clijsters
Myskina and the list goes on.

Mauresmo storyline: Chasing her first GS.
Sharapova storyline: One slam wonder/fluke or does she have the game to compete against top level players?
Hingis storyline: Will she fall flat on her face ?

The drama is there and this year, the potential for matches too. This is the most neutral surface for Women's Tennis (merely an opinion), because it doesn't favor a server or counter puncher, things that Wimbledon & U.S Open both are guilty of. Roland Garros is simply too extreme.

Rebound Ace will be the best chance for WTA to not only be superior with regard to entertainment and storylines, but matches and their quality of play.

ATP is the red-headed step-child in the world of non-tennis fanatics, more people know who Serena Williams is than Roger Federer, Maria Sharapova receives a lot more attention, but in the past Men's Tennis was always of a higher quality and this year it seems as if that could be a little different.

Aside from the fact that this is a Men's Board and a biased & typical opinion would favor ATP, this is an interesting topic.

So, your opinion - which of the two will prevail?

World Beater
01-11-2006, 10:51 PM
wta has more sideplots...storyline is better off the court...

the rivalries are also more intense...williams hate everyone else.
kim doesnt like justine...sharapova has a new hatred for hingis from hingis comment about sharapova being nothing special.

Men's tennis is always more entertaining, but there will be more drama and hype for the women's matches.

01-12-2006, 02:58 AM
The drama on the WTA tour alone will make it a good watch... but I know the ATP will still pull through with several great matches.