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Wright vs. Solimon & Ikeke vs. Abraham (BOXING)

12-10-2005, 12:39 PM
The Ikeke-Abraham fight is in about 7 hours and the Wright-Solimon is about 12 hours for anyone who cares.

Wright vs. Solimon

Australias own Sam Solimon is fighting one of the worlds best P4P fighters in Ronald Wright tomorrow. For general fans, Solimon is the guy who arguably beat Mundine in his 16th pro fight in Woollongong a few years back.

We'll start with Wright, this guy has been going about his business for years now. He hasnt genuinely lost a fight since Harry Simon beat him many years ago. After a disputed loss to up and comer Fernando Vargas which he shouldve won, Wright went into a period of pricing himself out of some of the biggest fights against De La Hoya, Trinidad, Hopkins, Mosley and Quartey. In this time he fought a number of mediocre fighters like Bronco McKart who he fought 4 times i think. He then got a fight with Shane Mosley and many thought he would get beaten after less the spectacular fights aginst what i will call B-grade fighters. Winky went on to outpoint Mosley beating him VERY easily, the rematch was a little closer but still an easy victory for Wright. In his most recent fight Wright again as the underdog won EVERY round against Felix Trinidad in a career defining boxing lesson.

Wright's Strengths:
- Jab
- Defense
- Experience

Now for Solimon. Most Australians will only know him from the Mundine fight. Whilst he lost this fight is not known by many that Solimon at this stage was actually fighting as a boxer and a kick boxer. Before he Mundine fight he had just 10 days preperation and still fought a great fight. Sam previously had also lost a 12 round decision to Howard Eastman. Since then he has hooked up with promoter Stu Duncan and moved back to Australia to focus on boxing. Since the Mundine fight Sam has won 19 straight fights including a bout with Raymond Joval (for australia's, he is the guy this past week who KO'd Shannan Taylor).

Sam's Strengths:
- Fitness
- Arkwardness
- Toughness

PREDICTION: I will be cheering hard for Sam in this fight, but as much as i want to see him win i dont think its likely. You can not get any respectable odds for a Wright victory and Sam at $8 is value for a small bet. I predict a Wright unanimous decision (8-4 rounds)

TIPS: OVER 11.5 rounds (best bet) -297
Wright Decision (value) -219

Ikeke vs. Abraham

Abraham is a young Armenian boxer fighting out of Germany, where he and his brother moved about 10 years back. He has had a short pro career, having his first fight back in 2003. Strong short fighter who knows how to mix it up. Has good wins over Ian Gardner, Nader Hamdan and more recently Hoard Eastman.

Ikeke is a tall skinny Nigerian who in his last fight beat Antwun Echols by UD. Ikeke is tough but doesnt have the power that Abraham posses. Ive only seen Ikeke 3 times so cant really comment too much.

PREDICTION: In what has the makings of a great fight, i see Abraham getting close, brawling mixing it up. Ikeke wont like this and will try to stick and move. But i see Abraham being too relentless in front of his home crowd (Germany), getting on the inside and chopping Ikeke to the body. I think it will be a late TKO win for Abraham,

BETS: Abraham WIN (best bet) -121
Abraham STOPPAGE (Value) My sportsbook dont have odds for this.

Also Danny Williams is fighting Audley Harrison in the battle of the english heavyweights, im too lazy and tired to do a write up for this but i think Harrison will stop him, probably late in the fight. Harrison just for the win is good value.

Sorry about the spelling and grammar, im extremely tired. Good luck everyone and go Sammy.

sports freak
12-10-2005, 03:10 PM
Nice write ups again Andrew,do a great job mate!!!Havent seen Wright but lets go Sammy!!!

12-11-2005, 11:40 AM
Winky Wright UD12 Sam Solimon

Arthur Abraham TKO5 Kingley Ikeke

Danny Williams SD12 Audley Harrison

sports freak
12-11-2005, 01:11 PM
Winky Wright UD12 Sam Solimon

Arthur Abraham TKO5 Kingley Ikeke

Danny Williams SD12 Audley Harrison

Nice calls mate,spot on again :)