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09-25-2003, 05:23 AM
Hey everyone! :)

Just a brief intro, I'm Lily from JCF Online (http://www.jc-ferrero.com) (I think some of you may already know me) and I've come here to do some shameless site promotion...LOL (I'm kidding...really)

I've only recently discovered these Forums - which I must add are *very* nice indeed - and I'm so glad to see such a huge number of JC fans congregated here!

Anyhow, recently, JCF Online (http://www.jc-ferrero.com) lauched a new Forum dedicated solely to our beloved Juan Carlos, so if you're a fan (which I'm assuming you are to be on this thread), please come along and mingle with heaps of other JC fans from all over the world!

>> JCF Online Fan Forum << (http://invisionfree.com/forums/JCF_Online_Fan_Forum)

Hope to see you all there!

09-25-2003, 06:19 AM
Hi Lily. Welcome here.

Your site is fantasic. Yours and Kat's site are the best out there, not only as a fan site but as a web site, it's easy to navigate, so much information and activities, it's all around great. :worship:

(I'm not related to Lily and Kat, just in case if ppl wonder :cool: ).

10-01-2003, 02:31 AM
hey lily!!
you should post around here more....even tho i'm always amazed at how people can maintain sites like yours coz theyre always so up to date and look so good but it looks so time consuming!

10-01-2003, 03:38 AM

I was wondering how long it would take for you to show your face around here

PEOPLE VISIT HER SITE.......Tis aammmaazzziinnnggg :D:D:D

10-02-2003, 02:56 AM
OMG I just went to ur site Lily its sooo good its absolutely brilliant. Im totally in awe of u..cause i know how 2 do like nothing with computers!!

10-02-2003, 12:21 PM
Hey girls!! :) (Liz ~ I didn't know you lurked around here too! *lol*)

<blush> awwwww thanx for all the encouragement ~ you're all very sweet. I'm really glad to hear that you're enjoying the site... wish I could update more often but it's tough when I've got stuff from heaps of different people sending me all different things to add...eeek

Anyhow, I'll try and "show my face around here" more often! ;)

10-02-2003, 12:28 PM
hey lily- dunno if liz has told you yet or not but i'm desperately trying to come with you guys to DC but i dont think i can afford to spend $300 on 3 days so want to try and split a ticket with someone and just go for the Friday but yeah i'm not sure whats happening for the moment...

12-12-2003, 01:20 PM
I have seen your site before.But I find some problems these days.I can't download Ferrero's pictures ,can you tell me why ,thank you .