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New tennis predictions game

11-03-2005, 06:33 PM
On the Andy Murray message board:


This starts
on Friday November 4th and takes place until 1st April 2006. The winner will
be emailed a large size photo of Andy in action in the Binghampton
challenger he won this summer.

You predict for all ATP matches and matches in which a Brit is involved
[challengers, futures, satellites]. These matches will be posted the evening
before or first thing in the morning. The deadline for predictions of a
match is 2 hours before the start of play

Rules for predictions game:

Correct winner: 5 pts Correct number of sets: 5pts

Correct order of sets for:
1 set – 1 point
2 sets – 3 points
3 sets – 5 points
4 sets – 7 points
5 sets – 10 points

Correct scoreline for:
1 set – 4 points
2 sets – 8 points
3 sets – 12 points
4 sets – 16 points
5 sets – 20 points

If the winner you've predicted for a match loses to an opponent ranked more
than 50 places below him you lose 5 points from your score for that match.

If you've picked a winner who is ranked more than 30 places below his
opponent you get 5 points added onto your score for that match

Bonuses: If you get max points for every game of a tournament on 1 day you
get a 50 point bonus [all Brit matches on 1 day consist of a tournament,
though there must be at least 5 Brit matches on that day to get the bonus].

If you get max points for every game of a tournament throughout the week,
you get a 200 point bonus

04-21-2006, 12:31 PM
Did anyone win?