Ljubicic v Tojo Who wins??

11-03-2005, 03:00 PM
Alot of people fancy Tojo to win this, i don't, i think it will be a comfortable victory for Ljubicic, i know Tojo is on a good run, but since the indoor swing look at the opponents ljubicic has beat and then look at Tojo.

Tojo has played one class opponent in the last few weeks and was beaton soundly (Nalbandina that is )

here are some of Ljubicic's matches:

Nalbandian-Gonzalez twice-Blake-Hass-Ferrero-Monfils-Robredo
And taking Nadal to 5!!

The list is never ending!!! and all these guys have been playing good ball

i go 6-4 6-4 Ljubicic!!

11-03-2005, 03:00 PM
Ivan easily