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Vamos Rafa In Shanghai Masters Cup!!!!

11-02-2005, 07:58 AM
Rogi will arrive in Shanghai on 6.11.2005, Rafa & Agassi on 7.11.2005, Roddick & Hewitt on 9.11.2005 and Safin on 11.11.2005.

Rafa will officially start his Balears Islands' ambassdor duty in Shanghai.

Apparently ATP and the Masters Cup organisation have yet to receive official notice of Safin's withdrawal from the tournament. The rumours of his withdrawal was announced by the Russian Tennis Federation... Safin has already booked his hotel reservations at Sheraton Hotel.


Tennis Masters Cup Shanghai 2005 Match Schedule

Sunday 13 November 2005:-
1) 1:00 pm Singles Round Robin Match
2) Followed By Singles Round Robin Match
3) Followed By Doubles Round Robin Match
4) Followed By Doubles Round Robin Match

Monday 14 November 2005
1) 2:00 pm Doubles Round Robin Match
2) Followed By Doubles Round Robin Match
3) Not Before 7:00pm Singles Round Robin Match
4) Followed By Singles Round Robin Match

Tuesday 15 November 2005
1) 2:00 pm Doubles Round Robin Match
2) Followed By Doubles Round Robin Match
3) Not Before 7:00pm Singles Round Robin Match
4) Followed By Singles Round Robin Match

Wednesday 16 November 2005
1) 2:00 pm Doubles Round Robin Match
2) Followed By Doubles Round Robin Match
3) Not Before 7:00pm Singles Round Robin Match
4) Followed By Singles Round Robin Match

Thursday 17 November 2005
1) 2:00 pm Doubles Round Robin Match
2) Followed By Doubles Round Robin Match
3) Not Before 7:00pm Singles Round Robin Match
4) Followed By Singles Round Robin Match

Friday 18 November 2005
1) 2:00 pm Doubles Round Robin Match
2) Followed By Doubles Round Robin Match
3) Not Before 7:00pm Singles Round Robin Match
4) Followed By Singles Round Robin Match

Saturday 19 November 2005
1) 2:00 pm Doubles Semi-Final Match
2) Followed By Doubles Semi-Final Match
3) Not Before 7:00pm Singles Semi-Final Match
4) Followed By Singles Semi-Final Match

Sunday 20 November 2005
1) 1:00 pm Doubles Final Match
2) Not Before 4:00pm Singles Final Match

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:bounce: VAMOS MI CARINO !!! :bounce:

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Hello girls! :wavey: :hug: VAMOS RAFAEL!!!!!!!!! :bigclap: :yippee: :bounce:

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Agassi has already arrived in Shanghai around 8.20pm on 7.11.2005.


The Masters Cup’s Participants' Food & Clothing Revealed: Wearing Empirical Robes Eating Meat Potluck Traveling In Mercedes 7.11.2005

Clothing – Donning “Shanghai Tang” Empeirical Robes

At the opening ceremony of 2002 Masters Cup, the 9 players donned traditional Tang costumes which became the most significant moment back then, this costume which has a strong ‘Chinese flavour’ had the players feeling as if they hit gold as they seldom came into contact with Chinese culture. As the Chinese saying goes: Buddha relys on clothing, Man relys on gold clothing (sorry for the direct translation). 3 years later, the players will return to Shanghai, what costumes will they be donning to face the media?

According to sources, the players will still be clad in strong ethical Chinese costumes for the opening ceremony this year, but as in year 2002 the traditional Tang costume was already chosen, the possibility of choosing it again is not very big. This year it will be a revamped version of the Beijing Opera costumes, also considered an empirical robe.

The organizers revealed the clothes will be sponsored by the famous “Shanghai Tang”. This brand is already the world’s most expensive Chinese brand with its modern twist to the Chinese costumes which is its uniqueness. Currently, “Shanghai Tang” has already specially prepared 4 sets of empirical clothing, consist of a classic Chinese-style jacket, 2 pieces of Chinese-style mandarin collar slim-fitting suit and a piece of medium length leather clothing. This few sets of clothing has ‘dragon’ embroidery either on the collar or inner sleeves, thus when one folds up the collar or inner sleeves, the Chinese symbol will be clearly seen.

One set has already been confirmed as what the players will be wearing for the opening ceremony, however in order to surprise the players and also a bigger surprise to the fans world-wide, the answer will only be revealed on the actual opening ceremony. Even the tournament’s staff are kept in the dark.
As the list of players qualified for the Masters Cup are only confirmed recently, it is also impossible to wait for the list of qualifiers to be released in order to make the costumes, furthermore the designers have yet to meet the players in person, the measurements thus became a tricky issue. While ATP provided Euro and US measurements which are inaccurate, so in the end these clothing are tailor-made using the normal adult measurements. When the players arrived, they will try it on and alterations will be made accordingly.
In this year’s China Open, 3 world famous Spaniards players – Moya, Ferrero and Nadal donned on empirical robes in the Forbidden City, however “Shanghai Tang” will revamp the traditional Beijing Opera costumes to let it to have a ‘East Meets West’ effect. During the China Open, the 3 Spaniards revealed their sports attire underneath the empirical robes by a gust of strong wind. This scenario will not repeat on the Masters Cup’s opening ceremony.

Food – Meat Potluck As The Only Chinese Dish

The Masters Cup’s food at the stadium will be prepared by Hilton Hotel. Glancing through the menu list given to us by Hilton Hotel, one would feel that the players did not actually go on a food odyssey, one of the hotel’s staff said, “Because in order to adjust to the tournament’s requirements due to high burning activities, the players’ diet have to be high in protein and low in fat, thus the combination of nutritional values is much stronger than the taste.”
A few months earlier, Hilton Hotel has already begun to contact the players whom are highly possible to qualify for the Masters Cup, after gathering all the players’ preferences, and considering the needs of replenishing the nutritional values, this nutritional and delicious menu list is created.  

Among them, “Italy Spaghetti category” consist of Italy spaghetti with Italian style wonton and tomato sauce, mushroom sauce or Portuguese sauce, dry Italian spaghetti and garlic bread, “Roast category” consist of roasted salmon tinged with vanilla and lemon, tandoori chicken (Indian style) with cucumber, jasmine and peppermint steamed rice. Among this, there’s also the famous Szechuan dish of meat potluck and this is also the only Chinese dish provided in the buffet. What’s surprising is that there’s only 1 choice for desserts, and that is butter cake, thus it is visible that food high in sugar and fats are not popular among the players. However, this is the basic menu list for the players’ consumption during the matches in the tournament. According to the current match schedule, the singles matches starts from 7pm; most of the players would have reached the stadium by early evening for preparations, the chances of them having their dinner at the stadium is a high possibility. If they had their lunches at the hotel or require supper after returning to the hotel, Hilton Hotel will provide more food varieties.
Lodging – Fair Treatment  

Similar to year 2002, the 5-star Hilton Hotel is again the official hotel accommodation for all the players, including the 9 singles players and 9 doubles players, their families, coaches and friends will stay in “Players’ Home” specially arranged by Hilton Hotel. Maybe the players have enjoyed different accommodation privileges in the Masters Cup held in the rest of the world, however in the Shanghai Masters Cup, everyone will receive the same treatment.
A hotel staff said, “Because the hotel is unable to have similar suites, theoretically, the suites we prepared for the players are not the same, but the standard is basically the same.” From a photo of “what’s possibly could be the players’ room” provided by the hotel, overall the atmosphere is heart-warming. Especially with the huge full-height windows, the players are able to enjoy the spectacular Shanghai night scenery. In every players’ room, the hotel has also prepared towels with their names imprinted on it, this is continuing the tradition from year 2002; to let the players immediately have a feeling of “coming home”.

The players come to participate in the final Masters Cup tournament, of course they wouldn’t be traveling alone, each has their own entourage. Nadal, this big kid whom just turned 19, will be bringing along 11 relatives and friends and coach, while Davydenko will be bringing the smallest entourage which consist of 2 coaches, so the hotel also needs to provide lodging for the entourage. Accordingly, no matter how many people the players bring along, the hotel’s expenses will be fully paid by the Masters Cup committee.

Getting Around – Mercedes Benz & “Bodyguards”

The 9 singles players will each be assigned a designated Mercedes Benz at their beck and call, the drivers are responsible for transporting the players from the airport to the hotel, from the hotel to the stadium or to any destinations which the players desire to go. With regard to the doubles players, both will be assigned a designated Mercedes Benz, but this does not mean that the doubles players will be “tied up together” for traveling. A committee member said, “In principle they will travel to the stadium together, however if their destinations are different during the tournament, we will improvise by increasing the number of vehicles to satisfy their traveling needs.”

Wherever the players go, there will be burly bodyguards accompanying them, in the previous tennis tournaments held in Shanghai eg. Polo Open, the committee at many times engaged the services of “famous bodyguards” from Hong Kong and overseas to escort the star players, some star players even brought along their own “bodyguards”. However locals will be engaged for this year’s Masters Cup. It is confirmed that the Shanghai Masters Cup’s committee will not be engaging the services of foreign bodyguards, instead the services of Shanghai security company’s staff will be rendered, communication with the players will not be a problem as most them can converse in fluent English.

In reality, not every player will have bodyguards. The security’s main focus will be on the “star players” eg. Federer, Nadal, Hewitt, Roddick, Agassi, Safin etc. The doubles players will not even have bodyguards. This is good news for the fans whom wish to obtain their autographs.  

Beside security personnel, this year’s Masters Cup have also specially created “Players’ Service” category for the players and their entourage. The personnel participating in this category will be spilt into 2 small groups, 1 group will be stationed at the hotel, the other at the stadium responsible for their welfare and tournament updates. Some personnel will have a designated location, eg along corridor of the players’ lounge to provide the players with tournament updates and to attend to their requests at the stadium, while some personnel will be moving around according to the players’ traveling plans. For example, the players or their girlfriends, parents and friends want to shop, visit Shanghai’s places of interest; the personnel will accompany them to shop or as a tour guide. Accordingly, these personnel will comprise of foreigners or locals with a strong grasp in English whom be temporarily employed for the tournament.  


Masters Cup’s Entourage: Nadal’s The Biggest Group
Agassi Without His Beloved Wife Graf

It is also interesting to take a look at the players’ entourage. Among the 8 confirmed singles players, Nadal whom will be arriving today in Shanghai has the biggest entourage. This 19 year big kid can’t wait to “move” all his relatives and friends to Shanghai to cheer him on, this trip also provides a rare opportunity for them to travel together, to soak in this cosmopolitan city, Shanghai.

This May, Nadal’s parents were touring Shanghai when he participated in the French Open. It may be due to their good impression from Shanghai that infected Nadal to bring a big entourage of 12 including himself. Beside his parents whom are among the entourage, there’s also Uncle Toni (whom recently criticized the surface which is not suitable to Nadal’s playing style), agent, and a group of his friends.

Second on the entourage list is Federer, including himself, his girlfriend, mother, sister, coach, trainer, physiotherapist, agent and 2 friends, all should fill up a car nicely. They have different arrivals though, yesterday Federer was accompanied by his girlfriend only.  

Among the players, the “loneliest” would be first-time Masters Cup qualifier, Russia’s Davydenko, according to the current committee’s news, 2 coaches will be accompanying him. While Roddick, Hewitt and Agassi’s entourage are much more "compact", inclusive of the players themselves, Roddick’s 4 person, Hewitt’s 5 person, the Australian wild rabbit kept his tradition in big tournaments by bringing his parents along. Agassi will be accompanied by only 3, his wife, Steffi Graf’s not one of them.  

__________________________________________________ ___

Nadal Played At Least 119 Matches Tough To Defeat World No. 1 On Hard Court

Nadal’s the only Masters Cup player whom defeated Federer this season, and is leading their face-offs by 2 matches to 1, his 79 matches’ victory also surpassed Federer whom’s at the top of ATP ranking. However, Nadal’s uncle and coach, Toni, recently criticized the court surface of Shanghai Masters Cup, from another point of view, it shows that Nadal’s not confident of defeating Federer on hard court.

With his strong physique, 19 year old Nadal has participated in 23 tournaments this season, his tournaments’ participation is second to Russian’s Davydenko. If inclusive his 27 doubles matches and a conservative estimate of Nadal playing in 3 matches in Shanghai, then this year he would have at least played 119 matches.  

This season, Nadal and Federer have each won 8 Masters Series tournaments, both withdrew from the last Masters Series tournament in Paris, but both have practically won all this season’s Master Series, a record that is hard to break.  

“ATP should take some measures, after a month of indoor tournaments in Europe, the Masters Cup finals should be held on a outdoor court with medium speed, the players will not be able to adjust to this type of fast court in Shanghai within a short time.” Toni’s speech seems to have the underlying meaning that he has no confidence in his nephew’s performance.

Actually Nadal prefers clay courts, among the 11 titles he won this year, he only has 3 hard court titles: Montreal Masters, China Open and Madrid Masters, “I think I have a lot more techniques to perfect, I need a playing style which will be suitable for all types of court surfaces.” To Nadal, there’s nothing meaningful to win the year end Masters Cup, he needs time to hone up his skills. Now, everybody’s concerned whether Nadal will defeat Federer in Shanghai: in Miami’s Nadsaq final, he was leading by 2 sets but failed to capitalize on match point and in the end Federer fought back and won; while in Roland Garros, the unstoppable Nadal defeated Federer by 3 sets to 1 before evening time in Paris. This was also the last match Federer lost in this season.

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What a hilarious article -- I guess it's just the way we Westerners see it. Very good! ;)

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Vamos Rafito :bounce:

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vamos rafa!

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So far, this is the only site with updates on Nadal's arrival. Nadal's pretty jet-lag...

Article from

2005-11-08 22:36:47 special correspondent: Jin Nan

Tennis Stars Arrive: No One To Welcome Coria Crowd Welcome For Nadal

On the evening of 8th November, Shanghai's Pudong International Airport's Arrival Hall. On the arrival list, flight UX095 from Madrid has landed 50 minutes earlier than the scheduled time. However, a group of media and fans were already there awaiting for Nadal's arrival.

Nadal's the 4th player to arrive for this year's Masters Cup. Earlier on, Coria made a quiet arrival. Volunteers at the airport were furious at the media for not giving Coria the same treatment as Nadal. 1 university student said: "Coria's so upset, there's not even a journalist or a fan present. He's upset."

However, the media did not received the treatment they expected from Nadal. In contrast, when this big kid stepped out, he immediately looked down. While making his exit, he never smiled or made any comments, he looked upset. A lot of media were fielding questions at him within these few seconds, Nadal didn't looked back and answered his fellow countryman whom was behind him - a Spanish journalist's questions.

Nadal was visibly tired after the long flight, he wore a Boss white short sleeve t-shirt with khaki cargo pants and the striking bright red track shoes were extremely eye-catching. His luggage was very simple; a Babolat racket bag, a big black Nike sling bag and a backpack.

His famous uncle and coach, Toni Nadal, was beside him. Toni was a bit surprised after being recognised by the Chinese media. He told the media as Nadal's currently nursing his knee injury, it will not be an easy task for him to defeat Federer. Toni's worried that the court surface in Shanghai will only spell trouble for his nephew. When a journalist asked Nadal for his views on the court surface, Nadal replied: "I'm not familiar with this court, I will try my best to play well in every match." Nadal's entourage is the biggest for this tournament, those whom arrived today are only the first group. Nadal's entourage - his family members will arrive in Shanghai on Saturday.

11-08-2005, 08:09 PM
I hope that Rafael does well in China because I read (on the Tennis Talk Warehouse messageboard) that Toni and Rafa does not like the surface that the YEC will be played on. It will be played on a surface called Gerflor and it doesn't suit his game. Gerflor is a fast carpet surface that isn't forgiving to players that have topsin shots (This is what I learned from reading messageboard, I am sure how accurate this statement is).

Vamos RAFANA in China
(I hope that Rafa hooks up with Ana Ivanovic, I think they would make a cute couple.)

11-09-2005, 04:06 AM
My translations:-


Bashful Nadal Raul’s Gift Of Football Jersey As Spaniard’s Good Luck Charm
Journalist: Shen Kunhuo

Nadal’s flight UX95 was earlier by 35 minutes, he spent almost an hour clearing immigration. The rumored entourage was not as big as expected, beside the famous Uncle Toni, there wasn’t any sign of Nadal’s family. Nadal’s parents will only arrive on Saturday as they are currently holidaying in Vietnam.

This is Nadal’s first trip to this city, to show the importance of this trip, he got a new hairstyle and also changed from his A/X white t-shirt into a short-sleeve Boss shirt on board. Nadal whom was 20 metres away from the departure gate, began waving at the crowd, however when he pushed out his luggage cart and faced the crowd, he looked down shyly. It was only when there were continuous shouts of “Rafa, Rafa”, he looked up embarrassedly and smiled.

Raul’s Gift Of Football Jersey As Spaniard’s Good-Luck Charm

This trip is of great importance to all Spainards as this is Nadal’s first Masters Cup tournament in his career. Spain’s golden boy, Raul, rushed over to send off this new Spaniard hero before Nadal boarded the flight. Raul also gave Nadal a Spain's national football jersey with “NADALEK” imprinted on the back; it means “Invincible Nadal”.  

A lot of local media were also rushing to send him off at the airport. Nadal donned a knitted shirt as Madrid’s weather is cooler than Shanghai’s. When 1 after another microphone was shoved in front of him, this teenager began to look dignified. His coach, Uncle Toni, was not optimistic about his nephew playing well due to the indoor court surface.
After Nadal stepped out from the departure gate, this was also the first question being asked. “Rafa, what are your expectations for this trip to Shanghai?” Before he could open his mouth to reply, a group of Spanish media beside him answered on his behalf by shouting, “Champion Champion, certainly the Champion!” Nadal just smiled.   

Even though bodyguards and ATP’s representative were absent, language is still the only link to communicate with this Spaniard. Before him, English’s discriminated, only Spanish’s effective. A journalist was communicating with Nadal in Spanish and at the end an important piece of news was delivered: Nadal’s still nursing his injury. “He said he has not recovered fully from his knee injury, he’s not very optimistic about this tournament.”

Friendly Uncle Toni 

Nadal and his practice partner (we Rafa fans all know is Tomeu Salva) were soon seated inside the Mercedes-Benz; his practice partner’s around Nadal’s age, he’s believed to be Nadal’s best friend. The main purpose of bringing him to Shanghai was to let him see the world. The Mercedes-Benz stopped at the entrance for a few minutes and cameras were flashing non-stop at the tinted windows. Throughout this process, a middle-aged man leaning on a luggage cart was relishing in the sight in front of him, looking on with amusement at the interactions between Nadal and the media. When the car sped off and we turned back, this man winked and grinned.

“Are you his friend or relative?” Obviously, he did not understand the question but muttered back, “Ah, you are his friend, very good.” Looks like his English’s standard is on par with Nadal’s, “What’s your name?” This time, he understood, “Toni, I’m Toni.” So this is where the famous Uncle Toni is. 

Toni’s Nadal’s uncle and also his coach. He’s the biggest catalyst to Nadal’s career, always by his side through thick and thin. Not long ago, this great uncle blasted at ATP because the Masters Cup court’s unfavorable to his nephew. However when this legendary figure appeared in front of you, he’s actually very friendly and will reply in stammering English every question about his nephew.    

“Those whom arrived today are his friends and the media, not 1 single family member has arrived, they will be flying in on Saturday. Nadal will play at his best for this tournament even though he’s having problems with his knees.” He further added, “Rafa, he’s a bit shy, wait till you get to know him, it will be different.”

__________________________________________________ __

Muddle-Head World No. 2 Nadal Wants Trophy Instead Of Bouquet
Journalist: Zhao Jin

A 19 year old big kid’s disarray is noticeable on Nadal, although his ranking rose up to No. 2 on the ATP ranking, but after the car door opens, Nadal leaned over to the front seat to search for his MP3 player and after stuffing it into his pocket, when he’s about to alight, he suddenly recalled he left his jacket behind at the backseat. He went back inside the car, grabbed his jacket and slung it over his shoulder. After rubbing his head, he turned back for another glance to confirm that he did not left anything left and finally a cheerful smile appeared on his face.

Flight UX95 was delayed by half an hour (we know this is not true), it was already past 9pm when Nadal appeared at Hilton Hotel. Previous reports claimed that Nadal would be bringing his parents, uncle/coach, agent and a group of 11 friends to Shanghai, however there was no sight of his parents last night. The security personnel sent by the hotel was the largest in number, even more security personnel than Federer’s arrival, ATP and the hotel respectively prepared 2 bouquets of flowers. Actually, only 3 media companies were present last night, however it was like a war zone at the hotel, 3 burly security personnel blocked the entrance and only allowed the media inside when Nadal’s about to step inside the lift. Then there were also security checks, then after passing through the tight security and rushing over to Nadal, the Spaniard was about to take the lift.

A journalist asked, “Do you have any confidence in winning your 12th title for this season, surpassing Federer?” A friendly Nadal turned his head and smiled brightly, “No, you cannot ask questions in the hotel, you can submit your application to the committee for an interview.” An ATP foreign female staff stepped out and urged Nadal to take the lift. However, Nadal stopped in his tracks, “I very much hope so......”

The Spaniard’s English was okay, he only blurted out a sentence after thinking for a while and the staff pushed him into the lift without waiting for him to complete his sentence, “25th floor.” Only 1 foreign journalist was allowed inside Nadal’s room for photography, the rest were all confined in the lobby.

At this moment, it was only discovered that, both the hotel’s and ATP committee’s bouquets were not given to Nadal, “Hurry go up to the 25th floor and present the bouquets to Nadal.” The girl was then shoved into the lift. Nadal didn’t managed to receive the bouquets, then let’s anticipate he will receive the Masters Cup trophy.


Coria Defeated By Nadal 3 times: Defeating Him Is Like Defeating Everyone

Maybe it was a coincidence, Nadal whom was supposed to arrive on 7.11.2005, only arrived last night and checked in on the same day with Argentine’s “Prince Of Clay Court”. Coria arrived at the hotel at 10.30am, “I know Rafael (Nadal) will also arrive today, I will be going for my practice session in the afternoon, I hope to defeat him.”

At 8.29pm, half an hour earlier before Nadal arrived at the hotel, a sweaty Coria clad in a short-sleeved shirt and shorts, stepped out from the Mercedes-Benz after completing his first practice session in Shanghai. Following behind him were his coach and assistant coach both lugging bags and tennis rackets, “Oh, that court’s not bad, I have only seen this mysterious stadium from photos but tonight, I witnessed it with my own eyes. I like the lightings.”

Compared to the other players’ physiques, Coria whose only 1.75m look tiny. Clad in a black shirt, he look like a normal tourist when he checked in yesterday morning. He look like a boy-next-door whom just completed his workout at night wearing sports attire. There was no bouquets, fans, not even camera flashes. Compared to the other players whom arrived, Coria has been given the cold treatment but do not doubt his ambition, “I do not want to rake up the past again.” Coria whom appears to be bitter about being defeated by Nadal 3 times in Rome, China Open and Monte Carlo, “I want to defeat him in Shanghai, defeat everyone.”  

11-09-2005, 05:53 AM
Looks like Nadal's entourage is getting bigger and bigger as the day goes by??

Excerpts from the article:-

Nadal: Both Knees Are Wounded

The popularity of this 19 year old Spaniard is hot on the heels of Agassi. Nadal’s apparently prepared to be hounded by the press. Pushing 2 big luggages, Nadal walked on and looked straight without any expression. When microphones were being shoved in his face, he didn't even listened to the questions and just replied in Spanish. After that, he did not care whether you understood his answers. When the questions were fielded in English, he will occasionally muttered a few English words, pieced it together, pondered over it and then roughly know what he wants to express: “First time to Shanghai, first time in Masters Cup, very happy.”

High hopes are pinned on him. Looking at the current circumstances, he’s the only 1 who will be a tough opponent for Federer in the Masters Cup. Does he has the determination to defeat Federer? 
He shook his head, Nadal actually shook his head vigorously. “I’m still feeling pain in my left knee, my right knee’s not feeling good too but I will try my very best. The opponents are all very strong, whoever I face, not just Federer.” Young but not headstrong, Nadal didn't care whether the press were disappointed anot.   

Horrible Court? Older Nadal Defending himself   

Accordingly, Nadal will be bringing an entourage of 20 people. However, only 2 accompanied Nadal and both are “Nadals” (Huh??). Both are his uncles. There will be more “Nadals” arriving because Rafa has 4 uncles and a big troop of relatives. 

When the press mentioned his past comments (his complaints about the surface), Toni was uneasy. He didn’t know a slip of his tongue would caused him to be hounded by the press. “What I wanted to say was, Nadal’s not used to playing on this type of hard court, that’s all. This has nothing to do with Shanghai, really, I meant no harm.” Tony looked on innocently.   

When asked if the court will affect his serve? Nadal replied as he stepped into the Mercedes-Benz: “I will have to take a look at it tomorrow before making any further comments.”  

11-09-2005, 06:19 AM
Gold Group:
Rafael Nadal
Andre Agassi
Nikolay Davydenko
Gaston Gaudio

Red Group:
Roger Federer
Guillermo Coria
Ivan Ljubicic
David Nalbandian

Vamos Rafa :bounce:

11-09-2005, 07:09 AM
Another translated article...

Nadal’s Not Concerned About Meeting His Tough Opponents

Nadal pushed his trolley and only used his broken English to answer 2 questions ie. “Training tomorrow” and “Knee injured ”. Finally, before he stepped inside the car, the journalist asked the last question: “What are your chances for the Masters Cup?” Nadal answered without hesitation: “I will try my very best.” The unsatisfied Spanish media began chanting, “Champion”, “Champion”, “We are the Champion!”

With regard to the draw which will be held this afternoon, he’s not a bit concerned: “It doesn’t matter to me which team I am in and who I will face in the first round.” Nadal’s nonchalant because Federer’s not the only opponent for the Masters Cup title but also the other 7 players. “The Masters Cup tournament’s really very tough, it’s tough as others will treat you as a very strong opponent and at this moment they will become very strong and difficult to handle.” But since Nadal already said he will be trying his very best, let us cheer him on.  

Nadal Clan Out In Full Force As Entourage Of 20 Coming To Shanghai

Nadal’s on his way to the hotel, Uncle Toni and Nadal’s friend are still waiting for their transport. The journalist made use of the opportunity and interviewed the famous Uncle Toni. “Rafa’s left knee has not recovered, his practice sessions last week were not too good.” Toni’s apparently concerned about Nadal’s prospects in the Masters Cup, as to whether he can defeat the Federer whom had an operation recently and in the process of recovery, Toni firmly said: “Impossible.”  

Thereafter Toni began to reiterate his theory: “The Masters Cup are held on hard court, a big disadvantage to Rafa (Nadal). Plus his knee injury, I don’t expect him to win the title.” With regard to his uncle’s comments on the surface, Nadal replied nonchalantly: “Heard that it’s a very fast court, I have to see it myself.”  

Even though his “eighth characters” (an asian version of fortune-telling based on one’s date and time of birth) clashed with the court, Nadal treat this trip as his year-end holiday, he’s really bringing his whole clan over: Uncle Toni explained, “Nadal’s entourage’s not 3 or 4 person nor 12 as previously reported but a total of 20 of them. Nadal’s parents whom love to travel visited Shanghai in May, this Saturday they will be leading the entourage, currently both of them are on vacation in Vietnam. Nadal will also be returning to Mallorca for a well-deserved rest after the Masters Cup.   

11-09-2005, 09:18 AM
Vamos Rafa :banana:

11-09-2005, 09:42 AM
Thank you so much for taking all the trouble to translate the articles, Veyonce. :hug: :worship:

11-09-2005, 10:36 AM
Thanks a lot, Veyonce. :)

11-09-2005, 01:18 PM
Nadal begins on monday facing Gaudio.

His knees are ok, but his main worry right now is his ankle because after Madrid final he had the ankle inflamed and this was the main reason to pull out of Basel and Paris .

11-09-2005, 04:46 PM
awwwww i have to learn some spanish then:P

11-09-2005, 08:17 PM
:hug: veyonce, I really appreciate your translations, they add so much colour to the tournament. Thank you! :worship:

11-10-2005, 12:42 AM
:hug: veyonce, I really appreciate your translations, they add so much colour to the tournament. Thank you! :worship:

Thanks mallorn!! It's my pleasure since I'm billingual in both languages... ;)

I have to say this tournament's coverage are not as huge as in China Open todate.. There's more articles and photos from the Chinese media's coverage of China Open. Guess China's currently on high security alert.

11-10-2005, 12:45 AM
The TV Broadcasters' List For The Masters Cup has been updated:-

Tennis Masters Cup Shanghai 2005 TV Schedule by Country as of November 8, 2005

By Country

Australia: ABC, Fox Sports
Canada: TSN
Fiji: PBS
Italy: Sky Italia
Portugal: Sport TV
Spain: Digital+Deportes
United Kingdom: Sky Sports
United States: ESPN2, Tennis Channel

Full List Of TV Broadcasters For Singles Matches

Broadcasters (in alphabetical order) By Region

ABC: Australia
American Forces Network: World wide
BBTV: Thailand
BETV: Belgium
Canal 13: Chile
CCTV*: China
Digital+: Spain
ESPN International: South America /NZ
ESPN Star Sports: Pan Asia
FoxSports: Australia
Galaxie: Czech Republic & Slovakia
Gaora: Japan
Ho Chi Minh City: Vietnam
Melita Cable: Malta
NTV + On-line: Russia
PBS: Fiji
Polsat: Poland
RDS: Canada
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Senal (Enjoy TV): Columbia
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11-10-2005, 02:53 AM
As we all know the Gold team will be playing on Monday, 14.11.2005. Agassi will be facing Ljubicic in the first match. After which will be followed by the match between Nadal and Gaudio.

11-10-2005, 03:44 AM
All the best to Rafa :hug: At least he's in the Gold Group, which is relatively easier than the Red Group.. Btw veyonce, Agassi plays Davydenko, not Ljubicic ;)

11-10-2005, 03:45 AM
And thanks for all the translations, veyonce. I assume you're fluent in both Mandarin and English? My Mandarin, however, is :o

11-10-2005, 05:11 AM
Translations from articles today:-

Pre-Masters Cup Rivalry Nadal “Peeping” At Federer

After arriving in Shanghai on 8.11.2005, Nadal spent the next day at Qi Zhong Stadium. From noon onwards, he trained intensely for 3 hours.

Nadal’s first practice session was not scheduled at the centre court, instead it was on an indoor court at the other end of Qi Zhong Village. However, the first thing Nadal did when he arrived at Qi Zhong Village was to visit this highly acclaimed stadium, even though he dislikes the court.

After warming up by walking one round in his personal dressing room, Nadal made his way to the indoor court and began his first practice session in Shanghai.

Soon, Federer also arrived shortly after Nadal began his practice session. While taking a break, Nadal then took a good “peep” at this opponent whom he may possibly meet at the tournament. Meanwhile, Federer was exchanging strokes at the net with his coach. He seemed pretty relaxed and at times even returned a few drop shots. Half an hour later, Nadal had completed his practice session and observed Federer for a while before leaving.

With regard to Nadal’s current conditions, his uncle/coach’s getting more worried, “In my view, he has to improve in all aspects! Forehand, smash, service…. There are loopholes everywhere! It will be an uphill task for him if he wants to be No. 1.”


Excepts From A Article About The Masters Cup Players' Fashion Sense:-

They are energetic, tall and fit. They are already Masters Cup players at a young age. They have traveled and seen the world. They are constantly under the spotlight……

These Masters Cup players do not have any reasons of not being the trendsetters. The highly developing professional tennis circuit has given them a stage which is not only restricted on the tennis court. When a change in their sports attire can change the fashion trend, the Masters Cup players can also be qualified as fashion players.

Among the top 8 players in year 2005 Shanghai Masters Cup, there are a few veteran idols and a teenager who is already changing the trend. From the fashion sense of these Masters Cup players, maybe we can see a group of more real, more adorable sportsmen.

Chamelon Award: Nadal
“Pirata” Looking Forward To A Change For Every Year

Chinese fans will still recalled fondly the Tang costume parade during year 2002 Shanghai Masters Cup. The tall Masters Cup players looked sauve and stylish in the bright red, maroon and turquoise costumes. In this year’s Masters Cup, the players will be wearing an updated version of the Tang costume, hmm…, let’s imagine the long-haired, baby-faced Rafael Nadal in the Chinese traditional costume....

This 19 year-old Spaniard has been a phenomenon this season, his individualistic fashion sense has also raised a few eyebrows. Orange sleeveless shirt, white piratas, has simply become Nadal’s trademark. “Players in the early 19th century were already wearing these, I think it kind of suits me.” Nadal said it’s a revival of the old days.

Piratas has became fashionable since early January this year, back then Nadal was wearing them when he made his debut at the Australian Open, soon fellow compatriots, Moya and Lopez followed suit. Shortly, the sales of these piratas picked up, especially the piratas in either black or white from Nike, accordingly Nike’s online mall sold 400 pieces in 3 months.

However, it will not be long before Nadal changes his fashion sense. He has earlier stated that this attire will only appear in this year, “Who wants to wear the same clothes every year, I will definitely have a new look next year.” It was thought that during this year’s Masters Cup, it may possibly be the “farewell show” for Nadal’s piratas. But during the Madrid Masters held earlier, Nadal has already shortened his pants’ length due to the bandages to protect his knees’ injuries.

Baby-faced Nadal loves to surf the net, watches DVDs and listening to his IPOD. Like any growing teenager, he would occasionally has tricks up his sleeves and springs surprises. During this year’s China Open, Nadal and his 2 fellow older Spaniards, Moya and Ferrero wore empirical robes at Beijing’s Forbidden City. In the end, when a gust of strong wind came, it revealed their track shoes and Nadal’s piratas was visibly seen, it was a comical sight.

Luckily a suit has been chosen for Shanghai Masters Cup's opening ceremony. So even if Nadal brought a luggage full of piratas, at least we won’t be seeing the baby-faced Nadal clad in a Tang costume with piratas during the opening ceremony. No matter what, he will still be the foremost teenage fashion icon.

11-10-2005, 05:22 AM
:lol: at the last article!

11-10-2005, 05:22 AM
All the best to Rafa :hug: At least he's in the Gold Group, which is relatively easier than the Red Group.. Btw veyonce, Agassi plays Davydenko, not Ljubicic ;)

Thanks ataptc for pointing that out!! My Mandarin's ok...

11-10-2005, 10:00 AM
Thanks ataptc for pointing that out!! My Mandarin's ok...
You're welcome.. Much better than mine! ;)

11-10-2005, 10:21 AM
Nadal begins on monday facing Gaudio.

His knees are ok, but his main worry right now is his ankle because after Madrid final he had the ankle inflamed and this was the main reason to pull out of Basel and Paris .

joder en serio? no lo sabía...

thanks for all the translated articles veyonce :)

11-10-2005, 12:48 PM
This is a similar article from to the one from I posted earlier except's did not have Toni's comments..

Here's the extra portion which was not in the's article..

Now I understand why Uncle Toni's not confident...

After having his lunch, Nadal returned to the court to resume his 2nd practice session of the day - with Coria. This session also became an unofficial match. Both players' bodyguards which add up to about 15 were seated in the box seats beside the court. This is considered to be the biggest practice session these past few days, judging by the number of people present. However, Nadal, the World No. 2, started to look troubled while practising with Coria. Coria would hit the ball towards the baseline corner and Nadal couldn't catch up. On this court with huge friction, Nadal couldn't glide down the court as he normally does, this will no doubt choke him. Nadal let out a few growls after he failed to hit a good return.

While taking his break, Uncle Toni kept explaining to Nadal about "insideout", looks like without his glide, Nadal has to rely on hitting groundstrokes etc.

11-10-2005, 02:22 PM
Nadal will practise with Nalbandian tomorrow morning , today morning has practised two hours with Tomeu Salvà .

11-10-2005, 04:42 PM
Si nadal sigue con problemas dudo que juege, al igual que Federer, ambos estan con graves problemas fisicos, y si siguen asi, deveran retirarse, xq les toca un duro 2006.

Do you think that Rafa or Federer will retired from Shangai??

piensan que rafa o federer se retiren por problemas fisicos??

si fuera asi decaeria mucho el nivel del TMC.

11-10-2005, 11:16 PM
yo creo q si siente mucho dolor se retira...
no va a arriesgar su salud.

11-11-2005, 12:29 AM reported that the opening ceremony will be held tomorrow afternoon inside Qi Zhong Stadium. They did not state what time it will start. Similar to the Oscars, the organisers have prepared a red-carpet for the players to walk down and mingle with the fans. After the short opening ceremony, the players will hold a press conference and give their "final" speech before the start of the tournament.

11-11-2005, 08:29 AM
Here's the link for Rafa's interview at Shanghai...


Translations from articles dated 11.11.2005:-


The current French Open Champion, Nadal from Spain is known for his good temperament. However, Nadal was in a foul mood on the 1st day of his practice session. It turned out he was infuriated of being followed by the media.

One of Spain’s TV station sent over 2 crew for a up-close and personal interview for Nadal’s trip to Shanghai. The crew is responsible for reporting on Nadal’s training, matches and daily routine. When Nadal came back from his training on 9.11.2005, he noticed that the crew was still following him in a car behind him. This annoyed Nadal, so he kept asking the driver to speed up in order to shake them off. He looked uptight upon his return to the hotel, signed autographs for fans with his head down and thereafter immediately went straight to the lift, ignoring the crew whom was still following him with a video camera.

Even a person with good temperament will flare up sometimes, nonetheless Nadal is only 19 years old, it’s no wonder he would be furious at the crew’s paparazzi-style coverage. Maybe Nadal wanted to avoid the crew; he went for his practice session at 10 plus in the morning and only returned to the hotel at 5pm.


A Spanish Reunion

Yesterday, 3 Argentineans, Gaudio, Nalbandian and Puerta arrived in Shanghai at 7.35am. They don’t have much time left for warm-ups, rather than going individually, why not go to Qi Zhong stadium together. Upon reaching the stadium, the 3 Argentineans immediately went up to chat with Nadal whom has just completed his practice session on the centre court.

Nadal who wasn’t able to express himself freely in English to the media, finally meet 3 old friends whom are proficient in Spanish. He began chatting with them with his childlike smile, a contrast from his serious mood on court. “What’s your schedule for tomorrow? I will be training for only 40 minutes.” Nadal’s Spanish was as fast as a bullet, it was as if he’s conserving it for a gathering with his old friends.



Journalist: Yu Liang (Source: Oriental Daily)

Balears Islands situated at the Mediterranean Sea had created endless wealth for Spain in the past, now in the tennis world, the most dazzling celebrity also comes from Balears Islands; he is Rafael Nadal, born in Mallorca.

After changing from his sports attire into a shirt and jeans, yesterday’s Rafael Nadal showed us a laid-back side; he also obliged all photos and autographs requests. All this was watched on enviously by Angie, a Spanish lady, on official duty.  

Born in Mallorca, Angie, a special commissioner from the Spain Embassy, has only been in Shanghai for a year. Angie’s a sports fan, to her, year 2005 has been dominated by 2 young Spaniards – Alonso from F1 and Nadal from tennis. “Nadal and Alonso are sharing Spain equally, but the Balears Islands and the 70,000 population there belongs only to Nadal.”

Unable To Tour Shanghai Concentrating On His Training

After arriving in Shanghai for a few days, Nadal has only appeared in 2 places – Hilton Hotel and Qi Zhong Stadium. Although his family has mentioned “The Pearl Of Orient” to him a few times, he was unable to take into consideration the present scenery in front of him due to the pressure he’s carrying while preparing for the Masters Cup.

“I’ve been busy training these past few days, did not have the free time to walk around,” Nadal didn’t seemed to have any impression of this city which he has been staying for a while, “My family members have been to some places, they would always mentioned it to me during mealtimes, where they have been to, interesting incidents which they encountered, to them, everything here is full of vibrant and uniqueness, it’s a pity I’m unable to visit these places before the tournament starts.” Nadal shook his head despondently as he said.

When he was informed that a Chinese Temple – Ji An Temple, was only 2 streets away from the hotel, bashful Nadal started to blush and said: “This definitely won’t be my last trip to Shanghai, there’s plenty of opportunities ahead.”

When asked why they are staying behind closed doors, Nadal’s uncle and coach, Toni Nadal’s explanation was much more technical: “Nadal has already played a month of indoor tournaments in Europe before Shanghai, the courts over there are of medium speed, while the Shanghai Masters Cup uses a high speed court, we need a longer time to adjust.”

Whole Family Coming In A Group To Support Him

Compared to the other Masters Cup’s players, Nadal is obviously a family man, this time he seems to be “moving” his whole clan to Shanghai, his entourage is also the biggest entourage in Masters Cup history.

19 years old Nadal slowly revealed his child-like side when he spoke about his family, “We are a harmonious family, we rely on each other. As a professional tennis player, I will be participating in tournaments all over the world each year, I’m also used to the idea of flying alone, it’s impossible to deny that I'm lonely at times. My parents will be by my side this time; my condition will definitely be better, they will make me feel as if I’m playing right in front of my doorstep, I love this feeling.”

Following the withdrawals of Hewitt, Safin and Roddick, someone predicted that this tournament would be a showdown between Federer and Nadal. Nadal is also the only player this year whom has defeated Federer twice thus many foresee he will win the Masters Cup title.

Nadal though disagreed, his thoughts are that players whom qualified for the Masters Cup are strong contenders; he personally feels that Agassi, the American veteran, will be a tougher opponent. “It’s a pity that the 3 of them have withdrawn, but it is wrong to say that the standard of the tournament will drop because of them, players whom are able to qualify for the final tournament are all highly skilled, you should say regardless of who defeated who; it is actually a very normal thing.

Of course, Nadal cannot deny his admiration for Agassi, “He is obviously a player from a different generation but his techniques and physical condition are still very outstanding, I hope I won’t get to meet him soon.” Nadal jokingly said.

Concerned For Spain Hoping To Wish Raul Good Luck  
In last month’s Madrid Masters Series, Nadal won his 11th title of the year. Perhaps to reward himself, he attended the football match between Real Madrid and Valencia. In the end, Real Madrid lost the match by 1-2 even though Raul, his good friend, scored a goal. Nadal admitted that he felt happy and sad at the same when he recalled the events in Madrid.
Spain will be playing against Slovakia for the World Cup qualifying playoffs this weekend and the winning team will meet Germany. Everyone in Spain is treating this match with great importance, including Nadal.

“It’s a pity I’m in Shanghai, unable to catch the match but I will know the final results immediately. I have spoken to Raul in Madrid, he’s confident of bringing Spain to Germany. If time permits, I will call Raul, let’s hope lady luck will be standing at our side.” Nadal said happily.

11-12-2005, 09:26 AM
Unluckily his ankle problem continues and he's worried about it . Even he's practising less time than he would like.

The truth is that his preparation for the TMC is being as horrible as it's possible , practising with pain, shortening practises length , practising on clay when he was in Mallorca , not making some sharp movements trying not to hurt the knees and ankle..., To sum up, he isn't by far in his best fit

11-12-2005, 02:17 PM
Red carpet video: Rafa will appear in about 2 minutes of the video..

Nadal being interviewd about meeting Agassi:

11-12-2005, 05:01 PM

Eating Biscuits & Fingers Licking, “Brother Nadal”’s Smile So Adorable

At 4.30pm yesterday, a little boy jumped at Nadal when he walked into the room. The little boy opened his arms and jumped at him, however he can barely reach Nadal’s chest. So “Brother Nadal” smiled and with his “popeye” arms, easily lifted the boy and placed him on his lap.

As the spokesperson for Spain’s “Cola Cao”, Nadal revealed since he was 5 months old, his mother made him a cup of Cola Cao everyday till now. During the press conference, he would break the biscuit sticks placed on the table without any hesitation, dipped every biscuit stick with a thick coat of chocolate sauce and licked his fingertips after 2 mouthfuls which drew laughters from the kids below the stage.

When it was time for questions, a little kid asked “Brother Nadal” to sing a Spanish children’s song, Nadal laughed heartily: “I really want to sing for you but I really don’t know how to, why don’t you sing for me a Chinese children’s song.”

When the interview ended, Nadal insisted on adding a few words: “Today is my interpreter’s birthday, let us all wish her happy birthday!” And the room was filled with the singing of “Happy Birthday”. Nadal is just so thoughtful, even though this is the 1st time he met the interpreter, he can even find out and remember her birthday. Nadal from Mallorca is really like a big brother to the kids, innocent and down-to-earth with a warm smile on his face.

When he heard from the media that Uncle Toni revealed that he is already attached, he looked at Toni mischievously and shook his head with a smile: “No, no, if he said I am, then you have to ask him.” When asked why his coach, Uncle Toni, did not achieved his accomplishments like him today, he replied with a touching answer: “Because he’s not like me, he did not have a good coach. He was my football coach when I was young, in the end I chose tennis, he taught me how to be a man.” With regard to his 1st match on Monday, Nadal wasn’t very optimistic. “The court for this year’s Masters Cup is only an advantage to a few players, most of the qualified players are more used to clay courts, I think the Masters Cup’s court should be suitable for the majority.”


Mickey Mouse And Fried Pork Chop Are His Favourites, Nadal: I Don't Have A Girlfriend

Mickey Mouse and fried pork chops are Nadal’s favourites. This 19 years old Spaniard is like a big kid when he’s off the court.

During yesterday’s Cola Cao’s event, Nadal was having fun with a group of children whose ages are under 10.

Maybe it was because he had too much training that causes him to be easily hungry, “Brother Nadal” began eating the snacks which were placed on the table and even licked his fingers. Those who are observant will noticed that he always uses his right hand in daily life and only uses his left when he’s using the tennis racket.  

After being in Beijing for the China Open, Nadal was very excited that he’s here in Shanghai for the Masters Cup, he even said: “I hope I will be back in China for the 2008 Olympics Games.” When asked why he didn’t bring his girlfriend here like the other players, Nadal frowned and evaded the topic: “I don’t have a girlfriend!”

Nadal Deny He Likes To Soak In The Bathtub, Likes Listening To Kournikova’s Boyfriend’s Music

When Nadal stepped into the room, a little child immediately jumped onto him. This 19 year old teenager was visibly shocked for a moment while the child painstakingly climbed up his legs. Nadal smiled at the sight, carried the child and sat down. This afternoon, he and his uncle attended an event for Cola Cao, for the past few days he has been very busy, busy training and attending events which he was unable to decline. It is almost an impossible task to get up close and personal with this teenager, you can only noticed his lovable side which he revealed unintentionally when he’s happy.

Eating Snacks

Before the event started, his agent and friends were making fun of him in the middle of the crowd. Rafael Nadal laughed out loudly and was ignorant of the cameras around him. This is what he likes; it is a rare opportunity for him to be so relaxed in Shanghai. Uncle Toni and him took a quick glance at the Cola Cao products placed on the table. In the end, Nadal could not resist the temptation and began to munch on a packet of chocolate biscuit sticks.
Nadal looked like a kid too when he’s with the children, in fact, it is still a long way for this 19 year old to mature. He was very fascinated by the questions the children asked, 1 of them requested him to sing a song. “I am very willing to sing for you but I’m not very good in singing. Why not this, you sing a song for me.” The little fan was then brought onto the stage beside Nadal and shyly sang “Happy Birthday”. Nadal was seated on a chair similar to a bar stool and began swaying his 2 long legs. He was happily dipping his snack coated with chocolate sauce, however it was a disaster. For a moment, he accidentally dropped his chocolate stick on his thigh, he picked it up and continued eating; another moment, he was stuffing the chocolate stick into his mouth when it hit the headset microphone beside his mouth.

A birthday cake was pushed in to celebrate Cola Cao’s birthday, when he was about to cut the cake, he clumsily dropped the knife onto the floor. Everyone including Nadal laughed.

Would Humour His Uncle To Provoke Laughter 

He is not a muddle-headed teenager, if Rafael Nadal is willing, sometimes he would humour others too.

An ATP Spanish official asked Nadal, “How come your uncle can produce such a talented tennis player but he himself can’t be a good tennis player?” Nadal replied, “Because, firstly, he didn’t drink Cola Cao when he was young, according to my mother, I began drinking it when I was 5 months old; secondly, he’s not like me, he didn’t have such a good coach.” Uncle Toni laughed upon hearing it.

Throughout the 1 hour plus event, Nadal was in a good mood, until someone mentioned the surface of the Masters Cup and his smile disappeared from his face. He had expressed his unhappiness over the surface the day before, he began to voice out his unhappiness again. “The speed of the ball is too fast, even though I have practiced for these few days, I am still unable to adjust to it. There is not much time left before the tournament starts, what’s done has been done, can’t turn back the clock.” Rafael hopes that when he comes back the next time, there will be some changes to the surface.

Now Nadal has already begun to miss China. “I have been here twice this year, in the next 2 years I may be able to visit Shanghai and I hope I can go to the 2008 Olympics Games held in Beijing.” In the next 3 years, China may be the place to witness Nadal at the peak of his career.

Rafael’s A Timid Guy

“It’s the end of the event.” The host began to send the guests off, Nadal interrupted her with a “No”. He spoke in Spanish and a few Spaniards in the crowd sneered and whistled in the midst of his speech.

What he said was: “Today is my interpreter’s birthday, I want to express my thanks to her for what she has done and to wish her happy birthday.” He graciously put his face forward and both exchanged greetings happily.
This is a side of Nadal which you may not be familiar with, behind that shy demeanor, he is also a very thoughtful and gentle person. This is the first time this boy called Rafael approached Shanghai approached the people of this city, you may have already heard of his name but you may not necessarily understand his life.

If there isn’t any tournament, Nadal would normally start his day by waking up early. “I always like to wake up early, row my boat to the sea and watch the sunrise. My parents, they have their own boat.”

With regard to breakfast, he likes to have a cup of chocolate milkshake and Naples powder {think is a powder drink, ). Nadal’s dietary requirements are very simple but he can’t live without chocolate. Whenever he’s about to board a flight, he would always purchased 2 packets of chocolate biscuits. He would always sleep throughout the flight, occasionally he would read a few detective novels.

One of Nadal’s hobbies is reading, even though he didn’t further his studies, this didn’t deter his love for literature. He has studied 4 years of middle/high school but his dislike for mathematics prevented him from furthering his studies. His mother, Maria said: “I actually wanted him to continue his studies but he hates mathematics. I have enrolled for him but he has never planned to continue his studies.” He has long forgotten what he has learnt. “I was in a tournament 3 years ago and lost all my textbooks during the tournament.”

Hates To Be Called Girly

Like any teenagers, he likes to keep track of the fashion trend, he loves to match his fitting jeans with a dazzling belt. CK, A/X are his favourite brands. But he dislikes others calling him girly, “Who says I like to spend my time in the bathroom, flickering with my hair? I always spent the shortest time bathing in the bathroom every morning.”
This boy looks fearless, he’s always very calm on court and you will never see what he is thinking. But he admits that he is actually quite timid. “There are many things which I am fearful of, eg. dogs. Sometimes when I am walking on the streets, I would be scared to death when a dog which looked fierce suddenly appeared. I know this is very stupid.”

Matches are also one of his fears. He would always lock himself up in the dressing room and listened to music before every match. “I like pop, Marc Anthony, Bon Jovi, Bryan Adams amd even Enrique Iglesias (Kournikova’s boyfriend).

11-12-2005, 05:44 PM
But he admits that he is actually quite timid. “There are many things which I am fearful of, eg. dogs. Sometimes when I am walking on the streets, I would be scared to death when a dog which looked fierce suddenly appeared. I know this is very stupid.”

awww :hug:

so what's up with the gf story?? I'm lost :tape:

11-13-2005, 12:52 AM
Thanks a lot for the article, veyonce :hug:

But I really wish the media would hold back on the personal questions sometimes. It kinda gets out of hand :(

11-13-2005, 08:17 AM
Translated Articles from


Fans Up Close & Personal With The Masters Cup Players At The Red Carpet

The last player whom got the crowd wild was Nadal, even though he’s not considered dashing, his physique not as tall and straight as Federer but he is well-built packed with muscles. Maybe it was because he would unwittingly revealed this childish side which made him very popular among the teenage girls. The way he signed his autographs are very strange; he will signed his autographs continuously as if it is a factory’s production line and will not missed out any books which were shoved in front of him by the fans, however none of them can understand his autographs.

__________________________________________________ ________

24 Masters Cup Players

Journalist: Zhao Jing

24 Masters Cup players clad in black traditional Tang costumes slowly made their way from the start of the red carpet to the main area. At exactly 4.30pm last afternoon, the 2005 Shanghai Masters Cup is officially opened. Shanghai’s Vice Mayor, Yang Shao Du together with the National Sports Vice Minister attended the opening ceremony. ATP, ITF and the Masters Series co-organised this top level competition in the men’s tennis world which is the final tournament for the world's current top 8 singles players. It was held once previously at Shanghai in 2002. The Masters Cup will also be held at Shanghai for 3 consecutive times from 2005 onwards.

With the Qi Zhong Stadium as the backdrop, the 24 Masters players took a group photo for a souvenir. At a corner, tennis fans were screaming at the top of their lungs. Over 500 local and international media were gathered at the main area. In the coming week, the real “Masters” player will be revealed. The first match will start at 1pm this afternoon between Federer and Nalbandian.

After Nadal received the souvenir from the committee and returned to his seat, he immediately opened the box and took out a Chinese seal which was engraved with his name “Rafael Nadal” and he began playing with it happily. Federer was whispering to Davydenko for a moment and was sharing a joke with Gaudio the next moment. Agassi though was quite low-key and was staring blankly. The entourage below the stage was quite spectacular too. Federer’s girlfriend, Coria’s wife and the players’ friends were all mingling at the reception, having some drinks and finger food.
After the end of the opening ceremony, the players began to arrive one after another in the news centre room to have a round table interview with the media. 8 round tables, each with the players’ name on it, while the doubles players were arranged to have their interviews on the sofas at the side. At this moment, you can tell who the most popular Masters player is. Even though Federer has yet to arrive, 2 rows of media have already surrounded the table. The next 2 popular players are Agassi and Nadal. Agassi’s table had a number of people too; Nadal was the last to arrive. He began with the tv interviews and interviews which required translations. As the staff lead him into the wrong room, the media had to wait for 20 minutes. However, there were media whom were persistent on capturing footage of him had to incline their bodies at 45 degree for 15 minutes.

Compared to the 3 players, Coria, Gaudio and Nalbandian had a smaller number of media. They too, also knew that they were not so popular, so they did the interviews which did not required translations, followed by the tv interviews and interviews which required translations. Besides those players where English is their main language, ATP has also arranged for a English interpreter for the rest. In the end, Nadal was the only one who almost gave his interview in Spanish, the Spaniards’ English are not really that good.

Agassi: More Concerned About Performance, Not Concerned About The Outcome

The results of the Masters Cup are not that important to Agassi or the audience. This is already a legend for the 35 year-old veteran to be able to participate in this year's Masters Cup as the top 8 players.

Agassi has not been in top form for this year’s Masters Cup even though many think that the surface is an advantage to him. He hurt his ankle 4 weeks ago before arriving in Shanghai. Agassi had a special motivation and that was his painful memories of his previous 2 trips to Shanghai: He was eliminated in the 1st round of 2001 Henineken Open, he performed quite well in 2002 Shanghai Masters Cup but was eliminated in the team’s final round robin. “This in fact gave me a bigger motivation, I want to perform well again in front of the Chinese tennis fans.”  

Agassi has been on the tennis circuit for 20 years, now what's on his mind is how to stay on the court for another year: “I’m not so concerned about the outcome of this Masters Cup, the key lies in how to maintain myself in a good condition to play for another year.”

Nadal: Like Tang Costume Not Used to Leather Shoes  

“I’m feeling very happy.” Nadal smiled happily at the the media. However, Nadal is still not very happy about the surface. “It’s too hard, I don’t know why they won’t change it, I have played 8 matches on this surface and lost 6 matches, so…… I know it will be very tough for me to make it through the finals.”

Even though Nadal is unhappy about the surface, he is still at an advantage; he is injury-free, “Roger and Agassi are injured, so there is a huge possibility for me to defeat them.” Someone mentioned Alonso, the Spaniard who won this year’s F1 Driver’s Champion, Nadal said modestly, “He is already the world champion, and I’m not that great compared to him, so I don’t know who’s a better person to represent Spain.”
Nadal seems to be a bit uneasy wearing the Tang costume although he said he likes this outfit a lot and only used 20 seconds to figure out the row of buttons but he was clearly uncomfortable with the leather shoes on his feet, “Oh, I normally wear track shoes, leather shoes make my feet very uncomfortable.”

Gaudio: Wants To Watch Tiger But Time Doesn’t Permit

There’s not many Argentineans who speak fluent English and Gaudio is one of them. Although he does not have Federer’s physique, the ponytail on his head is his trademark which others will recognize him: “I have maintained this hairstyle for about 6 to 7 years, it’s the same when I’m playing tennis, this is my style.” Gaudio used “lovely” to describe the outfit he was wearing, “I like it very much, of course I wouldn’t wear it at Argentina, it will be a bit comical.”

Gaudio has only been in Shanghai for 2 days, beside sleeping and training, he has yet to shop, “I will be using my free time during the tournament 3 days later to get some stuff and visit Shanghai.” In fact, Gaudio likes to play golf during his leisure time,he also knows that Tiger is playing in Shanghai, “Normally, I do not have a lot of free time, so I can’t always play golf, I hope I have the time to see him play but I’m afraid this time I can’t.”

Davydenko: A Satisfaction To Defeat Federer, Not Concerned About The Ranking

The biggest impression Davydenko gives is the amazing record of tournaments he has participated in, 29, 12 times more than Agassi. This inevitably means that this Russian is actually playing in a tournament almost every week. Many thought that Davydenko did this to accumulate points, to qualify for the Masters Cup or to be in the top 5 but Davydenko denied our presumptions. This is a weird guy; one who thinks ranking is crap and one who enjoys competing in matches.

“To me, the Masters Cup is a good and bad thing. It’s an honour to be able to qualify for the Masters Cup but this means that I have lost 2 weeks of vacation . But I know that I have very bad results on indoor courts.” This 24 year-old Russian plays tennis for the sake of playing tennis: “It doesn’t matter if I am ranked in the top 5, or Russia is number 1, to me that’s nothing special. You know, I live to prepare for the competition, competition, then prepare for the next competition. I don’t want to stop, I just want to play even better, I want to beat those incredible guys, like Agassi and Federer etc.”

Snippets From Red Carpet

Bryan Brothers Declined Autographs

“Next up is the current world number 1 doubles players, the Bryan Brothers, I’m sure the fans will be very excited, they may take a while to walk over.” As the host finished, the Bryan Brothers appeared. The Bryan Brothers actually declined signing autographs for every fan and they jogged over, this was the only pair of players who rejected all autograph requests while walking down the red carpet.

Coria Lost His Temper

Agassi, the most popular player among the crowd arrived before Coria. After stepping down from the car to the interview section which is only a short 50 metres away. Followed behind was Coria whom was not so popular, he arrived at the interview section shortly but Agassi’s interview was just beginning. Coria was standing behind for about 1 minute and began to fold his arms across his chest impatiently. The host didn’t noticed him and continued to field questions at Agassi. Coria looked a bit annoyed and went to have a few words with a female ATP official.

Agassi Displayed A Big Brother's Demeanour
After walking down the red carpet, all the players were standing rigidly on the stage, waiting for the rest for a group photo session. When Agassi went on the stage, he began to exchange greetings with everyone and gave his friends a hug each. The atmosphere on the stage became more relaxed. After the group photo session ended, Agassi stopped Federer, shook hands with the new king and both laughed merrily while making their way to the opening ceremony.

11-13-2005, 09:36 AM
The way he signed his autographs are very strange; he will signed his autographs continuously as if it is a factory’s production line and will not missed out any books which were shoved in front of him by the fans, however none of them can understand his autographs.
However, there were media whom were persistent on capturing footage of him had to incline their bodies at 45 degree for 15 minutes.
:rolls: I just love how detailed these reports are. :yeah:

veyonce, thanks again :hug:

11-13-2005, 01:37 PM
Thanks veyonce, such a nice interview !! :D
OMG, why do I tend to melt down everytime I hear of his behaviour off court ? (
He's so cute end sweet ! I really hope he'll stay like this, like the big baby I love sooooooo much !!! (

11-13-2005, 02:06 PM
Thanks so much for all of the articles, veyonce. :hug:

Some of them are quite personal.. :bolt:

11-14-2005, 03:23 AM

Football Family Dotes On Rebellious Star, Bashful + Innocent = 19 year-old Nadal

It is quite a physical task to communicate with Nadal, at least that’s what I personally feel, I don't think many can withstand more than an hour unless you can speak Spanish.

This type of exchange requires filtering through 3 languages, this is how the complex procedure goes: the journalist will field questions in English, another Spanish journalist's help is required to translate the questions into Spanish and explained to Nadal who is seated opposite, sometimes his replies will be irrelevant so you have to do it all over again. Finally, the journalist will sum up the main points and translate it into Chinese. Everybody is already looking awkward and breaking out in cold sweat at thought of doing it for the next half an hour.
Nadal was very apologetic about it, he kept saying “Sorry” in his heavily Spanish accented English. Everyone laughed, we can’t request too much from a 19 year-old boy. Moreover, this tiny flaw to a lot of people is part of his adorable character.

Only Concerned About Tennis

Uncle Toni is like Nadal’s ‘crutch’, this may sound awful but it is the truth. After being with Uncle Toni for a long time, reliance will become a habit.   

Uncle Toni was absent on the day of the interview, so Nadal can only tagged along with the ATP’s news staff. The staff was unsure about the interview location and only realized that he was walking in the wrong direction after walking for a distance. All this while, Nadal was following behind with his head down, ignorant of his name written on the plate at one corner. Luckily, Uncle Toni has given the journalists a vaccination jab - this boy doesn’t bother to worry about anything else except tennis.

According to ATP’s computation, Nadal has already earned US$4,590,579 in winnings but the most valuable possession on him is only a laptop, his clothes are only CK, jeans and other medium range brands. Uncle Toni also said that this boy doesn’t take first class flights. Are you surprised? Nadal doesn’t think this is very weird, “I am also very happy this way, why not?”      

This actually fits the Nadal’s family values – traditional and to enjoy life the simplest way. Nadal told the media, his home is situated at the east of the Iberia peninsula; one of the Balears Island’s first largest island, Mallorca and east of Manacor at the Mediterranean Sea.

“There is a magnificent Saint Maria cathedral, with 100 years old olives trees, a city atrium filled with sunlight, it is quite breath-taking.” This is Nadal and his family’s old home and stage. It is not overbearing to say this because Nadal’s ancestors have settled down there since the 14th century and they have not left for the past 700 years. 

Football Family Dotes On Rebellious Star

When Nadal was young, he received the same sports education like the other kids. His father brought him to watch a Barcelona football match but Nadal actually prefers Real Madrid. Maybe it was because his uncle, Miguel, was a football star, thus Barcelona has already lost its mystery in little Nadal’s eyes and naturally he became a little traitor to the adults.

Don’t ever think that all celebrities come from a poor family, Nadal comes from a wealthy family, his father, Sebastian, Uncle Toni and Uncle Miguel are all businessmen. Sebastian owes a very big factory and together with Miguel own shares in a famous hotel in Mallorca. They even have property and finance investments in Manacor’s Palma. Nadal is the eldest so he is named after his grandfather – Rafael, everyone in the family also dotes on him as he is the eldest grandchild.  

“This time, my family will be here to support me, this is our tradition, if possible, the whole family will be together.”

Nadal’s family is a young and vibrant family. From the young to the old, all are natural born sportsmen. Nadal’s uncles called him "double turbine wheel" previously, now he is called “triple turbine wheel’ because he has astonishing “drive”, when he is with the elders, he will reveal his true self: a little sluggish and shy teenager, very well-mannered because if he misbehaved, his mother, Anna Maria will not let him get away with it. During the conversation, Nadal would at times sat up straight, smiled adorably, brimming with warmth resembling a red Indian with his black hair and eyes. 
If this person didn't appear in his life, maybe Nadal would have become a football player. This is not a joke, this little chap said he would still secretly watches the Spanish league in the locker room, even if it is only a sneak peek.

So beside Uncle Toni, there is another person who has a bigger influence on Nadal, that would be Moya who made him chose tennis over football.  

Moya and Nadal are both Majorcans. Moya with his handsome pirate looks, looks exactly like Nadal’s older brother. Nadal said, “The first time I played against Moya was in Palma, I was 14 and he was 24, he is my idol. I love that match.” Now, Nadal and Moya’s friendship and respect has grown deeper as time goes by. It was said that Moya’s coach once said to Moya that he would rather Moya play against Ferrero rather than Nadal but Moya disagreed, “It’s okay, even if Nadal defeated me, it’s nothing.” Nadal has the same views. He jokingly said when he defeated Moya the first time in Hamburg 2 years ago, his grandmother was not too happy. She called Uncle Toni and questioned how Nadal can be so ‘disrespectful’ of his elders.

Now Nadal has already surpassed his idol and become the icon of the next generation. But this is not Nadal’s final goal, he said he wants to break more records, until these ‘youngest’ became ‘oldest’. Of course he wants to end his tennis career with a beautiful victory.      

Embarrassed When Asked About Rumors

Maybe a lot of people wouldn’t believe, although Nadal has defeated almost all junior players a few years ago but in fact he didn’t know how important the mesh wire was to a player, he also didn’t understand how the weight of a racket can affect the quality of his return. These were all taught by Uncle Toni. “I can still play with him last time, but now I can’t. I don’t know how this child’s muscles grew. Maybe it was heredity from the genes.”  

Actually Nadal also didn’t understand how he got this physique; there was no special training and it was like he was born with this physical ability. Maybe we have to dig up his family history to find out why.   

Now Nadal has already grown up, he is over 18 and has already left his parents’ bosom, ready to begin a new phase of his life. But Uncle Toni said till now, he doesn’t know how a nightclub and disco looks like. This is not a lie, asks Nadal “Club” and he was visibly puzzled by the word. The Spanish media beside him was snickering at this question and at this moment, Nadal’s handphone rang. This little kid lowered his head and blushed. When asked in English whether he received a short message from his girlfriend? The Spaniard apparently understood the question, he plays the fool at the same time and was blushing down to his neck.   

Relationship questions have always been Nadal’s taboo subject, his uncle said he has, he immediately denied, shook his head while squeezing the mineral bottle in his hand at the same time. Everyone could tell that he was coy and he simply just gulped down the entire bottle to divert everyone's attention. It was quite obvious he was lying but nobody intended to pursue the matter further.
He is only 19, let’s not pursue any further.

__________________________________________________ _____
Nadal Centre of Attraction Uses Spanish To Cheer Nalbandian On

World number 1, Federer was playing his first match and of course the audience’s main focus is on the match. However, Nadal who was in the stands attracted a lot of attention too.

Before the match between Federer and Nalbandian started, Nadal has already appeared and sat down quietly after locating his uncle. However, when he heard people in the stands started cheering for Nalbandian in Spanish, the kid-at-heart Nadal could not resist any longer, he too began shouting loudly in Spanish.

However, most of the time Nadal was performing the role of a celebrity. There was always a book being passed to him for autographs during the match. There were even fans whom asked to have a photo taken with him when Federer and Nalbandian took a break during the match. Nadal always amiable, obliged to their requests and this caused more fans to request for his autographs, he really took the spotlight away from the match.   

11-14-2005, 03:33 AM
Good luck tomorrow, Rafa!

I love the new haircut :drool:

11-14-2005, 10:56 AM
Nadal's withdrawing from the Shanghai Masters? It was announced he injured his left foot.

Oh no...

I haven't even see the new haircut.

11-14-2005, 11:02 AM
yeah in GM they said he's withdrawing... pity :sad:

11-14-2005, 11:09 AM
ok just saw his public interview, and seems he was walking alright.

11-14-2005, 11:26 AM
Rafa :sobbing:

what a horrible event this will be :(

donna karen
11-14-2005, 12:02 PM
too right. i feel like breaking the tv,hav been sitting in front of it for the past two hours ,so as not to miss it.

11-14-2005, 12:22 PM
Nadal Withdrew From Masters Cup Due To Injury, Reason To Withdraw Suspicious

Just as the match between Agassi and Davydenko was ongoing, the Masters Cup committee had released another shocking news, this year's French Open champion, Nadal has just announced his withdrawal from the Masters Cup due to injury reasons and will be replaced by Puerta.

Accordingly at 7.49pm this evening, the ATP press official suddenly gathered all the media and announced that this year's French Open champion, Nadal has withdrew from the Masters Cup due to injury reasons. Nadal was supposed to play against Gaudio, this match will now be played between Puerta and Gaudio which means that Puerta is now officially Nadal's replacement player. The ATP also announced that Nadal will hold a press conference later to explain his situation.

Even though the press release stated that Nadal withdrew to injury reasons, however this reason given by Nadal will no doubt raise a few eyebrows as before the start of the Masters Cup, Nadal's uncle/coach had already expressed his unhappiness with the surface and that this surface is not suitable for this important tournament. He felt that this surface will be an disadvantage to a baseline player like Nadal. Although Nadal did not openly expressed his unhappiness but this sudden withdrawal will no doubt cause suspicions, why he did choose to withdraw at the last minute? Isn't this an insult to the Masters Cup and ATP?!

Although the ATP press official further added that Nadal was unable to continue the tournament as his injury worsened while training today. But this is apparently not convincing enough, Safin and Roddick withdrew to injuries, Hewitt had to withdraw as his wife is about to give birth. Including Nadal, 4 star players have absented themselves from the Masters Cup, this is a first in Masters Cup history!

11-14-2005, 12:29 PM
Agassi loses, joins Nadal, many Masters Cup defectors

Nov. 14, 2005
CBS wire reports

SHANGHAI, China -- Andre Agassi lost 6-4, 6-2 to Nikolay Davydenko and then pulled out of the Tennis Masters Cup on Monday, less than an hour after No. 2-ranked Rafael Nadal withdrew with an injured left foot.

Nadal withdrew while Agassi was on court. The 19-year-old Spaniard had been due to face Gaston Gaudio in his opening round robin match in the Gold Group.

Mariano Puerta was drafted in to play Gaudio in Monday's later match at Shanghai's Qi Zhong Stadium.

Agassi lasted 1 hour, 14 minutes against Davydenko and then told reporters he had to withdraw after aggravating an ankle problem.

"No chance for me to play again -- it's very dangerous and risky for my future," said Agassi. "This is an unfortunate setback."

The two latest injuries are a major setback for the season-ending Masters Cup, which is supposed to feature the top eight players of the year.

No. 3-ranked Andy Roddick and Australian Open winner Marat Safin withdrew before the tournament because of injuries and Lleyton Hewitt, ranked fourth, opted to remain in Sydney with his wife, Rebecca Cartwright, who is expecting the couple's first child within two weeks.

11-14-2005, 02:07 PM

Part 1 video clip of Rafa's Press Conference:

Part 2 video clip of Rafa's Press Conference:

Interview With Nadal: A Pity For My First Masters Cup, Disappointed Raul

Q: You were asked 2 months ago in Beijing whether you hope to meet Agassi again in the Masters Cup, at that time you said you do, but it is a pity that both of you have withdrew now, what do you want to say to the Chinese fans?

Nadal: Yes, it is a pity we have both withdrew, it is very normal to get injured during competition, I am very thankful for all the support the Chinese fans have given me, including last time in Beijing and this time in Shanghai, they welcome me with open arms, I am very happy during my stay here. I will try my best to achieve good results to come back to Shanghai.  

Q: You are the French Open champion this year, are you optimistic about retaining the title next year?

Nadal: I will try my best but it's very hard to say as there's still half a year's time before the tournament next year.

Q: You are one of the popular players in the Spanish tennis world, this time they also have very high hopes on your performance in the Masters Cup, are you feeling very sad because you have to withdraw due to injury?

Nadal: Yes, this is my first Masters Cup, I was looking forward to achieve good results but my injury have worsened which doesn't allow me to play further, I can only say I am very sorry to them.

Q: From the media, we know that your good friend, Raul went to the airport to send you off and wishes you to achieve good results in the Masters Cup before you came to Shanghai, what will you say to him when you return to Spain?
Nadal: I am very disappointed, he is in fact my very best friend, I can only wishes him in advance that he will win the World Cup title held in Germany next year.

Q: Now you can plan to go on a vacation, have you decided where to go, will you stay in China for a vacation?
Nadal: No, it's a pity I can't stay in China, I will return to Spain immediately to examine my injury. I have not considered where to go for a holiday yet.

11-14-2005, 02:30 PM
:awww: andre too?????? :hysteric: this TMC sucks!! :hug:Rafa :hug: Andre

11-14-2005, 02:33 PM
:hug: Rafa :hug:

The only one left for me to cheer for is Gaston.... This TMC is the worst... :sad:

11-14-2005, 04:36 PM

:sad: poor Rafa! poor Tournament! I feel so bad for tennis in general now. :sad:

11-14-2005, 04:58 PM (
OH NOOOOOOO !!!! :bigcry: :sobbing: Rafaaaaaa !!! :hysteric: I was so happily looking forward to seeing him again, I've been missing him so much lately ! But all I got on leaving work was the news of his pulling out...:crying2:
Well, to soothe my pain a bit, I could see his interview on court, explaining why he couldn't play...It was obvious he was so disappointed ! :tears: I just can't believe how some people can even think he did it on purspose !!!:mad:
My goodness, is there a limit to human stupidity ??? :rolleyes:

11-14-2005, 06:27 PM
This is what Nadal has said . sorry for my english :

" I’ve done all what i could do to play , but finally it wasn’t possible for me to play . I trusted that the excitement about playing would make me forget the injuries. I hadn’t said anything to the mass media about my injury , but the pain was always present , i’ve always had a continous pain after Madird , even i went to Barcelona two times to be submitted to medical tests but the inflamation hasn’t disappeared .

After Madrid’s final my foot got inflamed and i couldn’t practise during the next week and when i resumed my practises again slowly , i made short practises , only one hour , and i hardly made movements.

The pain hadn’t never disappeared and on friday ( practising with Nablandian ) increased . Today i didn’t practise , i was submitted to medical tests becuase i was practising in pain the previous days .
All the doctors in Spain and China advised me not to play , but always the final decision about playing or not is mine and this time i decided to obey them . I was excited about playing this competition but i think it was a lack of respect towards the rest of players to play against Gaudio knowing that i would have to withdraw during the first match .

Luckily the injury seems to be less serious than i thought , i was afraid my foot was broken , but it isn’t broken . I hope to be ready for the Aus open , now i will come back to Spain, will be submitted to medical tests and to take a definitive decision about the recovery process

These are hard moments , hard to assimilate , but i have to accept and assimilate it as soon as possible . The truth is that it has been an incredible year for me and in any moment had to happen me something bad . This injury comes in a bad moment , an injury never comes in a suitable moment though .

This kind of things ( injuries ) hurt you , but in the long run help you to be mentally stronger . "

It seems Agassi has said approximately that Nadal has a very physical playstyle that is playing very hard all the points and maybe it will have him ill effects in the future.

About this comment , Nadal has said :

“ If i served like Roddick, had Federer’s forehand and volleyed like Sampras, maybe i would have less injuries

I work every day to improve my game and i know i have to improve some parts of it to give me the possibilty of wear down less during the matches.

The next season maybe i wll have to play less tournaments ".

11-15-2005, 07:17 AM
Oriental Sport Daily

Nadal Appeared At News Centre To Apologise, Fellow Spaniards Strongly Affirmed This Child Is Not A Coward

At 10pm last evening, the media at the news centre were busy reporting to their respective offices on the news of Nadal and Agassi’s withdrawals from the Masters Cup. At this moment, Nadal entered the room quietly.

“Nadal is here to apologise to the reporters.” Everybody stopped in their tracks and raised their heads to look at this Spanish “troublemaker” upon hearing what the committee’s staff said. Nadal has personally came to apologise to the Chinese media; even though he had already “apologised” to the Spanish media in the press conference held earlier. So, everybody went up, Nadal took the initiative and held out his hand. The teenager’s hand was icy cold, a lot of their hearts were as cold as his hand not long ago but at this moment, they would have felt a little warmth.   

A lot of reporters will no doubt feel pity for this teenager. What are on everyone’s mind at this moment were his upcoming plans, nobody even asked whether he withdrew due to his injury which worsened or whether it was due to his dissatisfaction with the surface.  

“Rafa, when are you leaving?”
“Tomorrow, I will leave tomorrow.”
“Rafa, hope to see you again next year.”
“Yes, I hope so too.” He left quietly after 5 minutes, just like his arrival.
But why did Nadal withdraw without showing any signs, this is a question you will think aloud to yourself. With regard to this, all the Spanish media ruled out the possibility of Nadal faking his injury.  

A journalist from ‘Marca’ said, “We all knew that he was already injured when he came to Shanghai; because he cares too much about the tournament, so he thought of trying his luck. Actually there was something not quite right with him during these past few days’ training sessions, at first we thought he was not adjusting well to the court, we only knew his injury was getting worse in the end.”
The female journalist from ‘Sport Daily Paper’ (my direct translation) firmly shook her head when asked about the rumors that Nadal withdrew mainly because of the surface and affirmed that Nadal’s withdrawal definitely has nothing to do with the surface. “No, no, no, nothing to do with the surface, you have to know, Rafael is not a coward, he withdrew not because he’s scared.” The veteran journalist from ‘Ultima Hora’ beside her agreed in unison, “Poor child, he really needs a good rest, this has been a very tough season on him.”

After Nadal bid his farewell to the Masters Cup, a majority of this group of Spanish media may also pack up their bags. “We will see, since we are here, maybe we will take a look. Moreover, he will not be leaving so soon.” This is something new as Nadal had earlier said that he will be returning home the following day, but the Spanish media insisted that he wouldn’t be leaving so soon as he has a lot of sponsors to deal with. “We will be staying put until he is on the flight back to Spain.”   

11-15-2005, 04:46 PM
Here is the chat transcript. Overall the chat only lasted for about 30 minutes. 1 of my questions which I posted earlier in the messageboard was chosen. I asked Nadal about the status of his driving licence..

Video of chat ( only showed 17 minutes of the chat):

Nadal's Chat Transcript; Girlfriend Must Be Humorous, Does Not Have An Advantage Over Federer

On the afternoon of 15 November 2005 at Beijing Standard time, young Spaniard, Nadal was a guest at Sina's chat room and spoke freely about the Masters Cup and his future, the following are the transcript of the chat:

Host: Good afternoon everyone, we are now coming live from Sina's studio at Shanghai's Qi Zhong Stadium. Today, we are extremely honoured to invite Spain's famous tennis player, Rafael Nadal to be our guest at Sina’s chat room and to have an online chat with everyone. Firstly, let us welcome Nadal.

Host: We know that before the start of the competition yesterday, Nadal was very disappointed he had to withdraw from this year's Masters Cup. Regarding your sudden withdrawal, all your fans are also very concerned about your condition, how's the injury?

Nadal: Thanks to every fans for their concern, but now I do not know the current status of my injury, I will only know how serious the injury is after I return to Spain tomorrow and go for a full medical examination.

Host: You have won 11 titles in 2005, has this year been an unforgettable year to you?
Nadal: Yes, 2005 has been an unforgettable year to me; when this season just started, I never thought that I can win 11 titles, but now I have achieved it, so you can say my dreams have come true this year.
Host: This year at Roland Garros, you made your first debut at the French Open and won your first Masters title, was that 2 weeks in Paris your most magical days for this year?

Nadal: Yes, nobody would have predicted it would be like this beforehand, that two weeks in France has been one of my happiest moments. But only one because I have too many rousing memories, certainly the 2 week-long experiences are so unforgettable.
Host: Among the 11 titles you won this year, 8 were won on clay courts, some claimed that you are the new king of clay, are you willing to accept such a title?
Nadal: Actually, I really don't know what to say regarding this title, I only know this year has been an unbelievable year, I won more matches on clay courts compared previously. I also don't know what to expect for next year, but I hope to win more competitions, not only on clay courts.
Host: In other words, you are preparing to play on grass court and other surfaces next year, to win more competitions right?

Nadal: My results on hard court are actually okay. I have won titles from Madrid, China Open and was at Miami Finals. Of course, next year I hope to improve on grass court.
Host: We know that you also participated in the football team when you were young. Spain is also a country that is very crazy about football, what made you finally gives up football and chooses tennis instead?

Nadal: I played football and tennis when I was young and actually gone through all types of physical training. However in the end, I realised I am better in tennis, I won Spain's Juniors competition and also Europe's Juniors competition. To me, it is also not easy to juggle between tennis and other sports at the same time and because I have too many attempts, so in the end I chose tennis.  
Host: Do you play football during your leisure time?

Nadal: Now I don't play because football is a very physical game, now I have to protect myself from further injuries.

Host: There's a Chinese saying "a successful youth", now you also have a lot of female fans. Everybody wants to know what is your dream girl like, can you give us a description?
Nadal: Well...... I really don't know what to say, let me think, my dream girl should be an ordinary girl, she doesn't have to be very famous or extremely attractive, but must have good personality, very humorous and fun. I like girls who are not attention seekers but very feminine.
Host: A lot of fans hope to write to you directly, can you tell everybody your mailing address and whether you are free to read the mails and reply back?

Nadal: If you want to write to me, you can go to my website directly -, the fans can also write to me directly but if 1.3 billion people write to me, then I don't have time to reply back because I reply to all my mails personally. However, if I give out my personal mailing address, and everybody writes in at the same time, then the mailbox will be full. (Smiled)
Host: A lot of online users said that Federer and you will be dominating the future tennis world, then when you are playing against Federer, what advantage do you have over him?
Nadal: Federer? No, I do not have any advantage! There are actually a lot of good players in the whole ATP tournaments, not only Federer and me, you can't say that the future tennis world belongs to the both of us.
Host: Many would like to know if the passionate Nadal we see on court is as energetic off court?
Nadal: Oh, No. I don't have so much passion off court, my off court persona is opposite to my on court persona. Maybe I am more reserved off court but that doesn't mean that I only like to idle away at home. I would always find interesting stuff to do, for instance now I like fishing very much!
Host: Can I say you are quiet by nature?

Nadal: Yes.

Host: One online user is very concerned about a matter. You have won a Mercedes-Benz in Stuttgart previously but at that time you do not have a driving licence yet, how is your driving skills now? When can we see you on the road?  

Nadal: Not yet.... But I will have my driving licence in one more month! Of course currently I don't have.

Host: There have been 2 outstanding Spaniards on the international sports scene this year, one of them is you and the other is Alonso, who is more popular in your homeland? 

Nadal: Then maybe Alonso is more famous because he is the first person to win the F1 World Driver Championship for Spain and this Championship was also recently obtained. Actually Spain has a lot of outstanding athletes, let's not talk about football, the rest includes MotoGP 250cc category's Pedrosa, he is also very famous.

Host: You are currently an idol to many people, do you have any tennis idol?

Nadal: I do not have any idol, of course currently Federer is the best player. In terms of admiration, I would say the player should be Moya. When I was young, I like to see Moya play but I do not have any particular idol.

Host: Can we talk about your parents and other relatives?

Nadal: I only have a 14 year-old sister, very pretty and adorable, I have a very good relationship with my parents, my parents are also here with me in China.

Host: Have you set any goals for yourself in 2006? For example to defend the French Open or to win the other 3 Masters Series or even to be World Number 1 by end of the year?

Nadal: I should say I have 2 goals, the first is to improve my tennis everyday, the second goal is to come back to Shanghai again next year.

Host: I think this is also what all the fans are anticipating for because it is disappointments this time that we won’t get to see Nadal play, moreover, the fans also hope that you will be world number 1 when you return next year.

Nadal: Many thanks to everyone for their encouragement, I don't know if I will be ranked number 1 or number 2, anyway my goal is to come back again!
Host: We know that you will be leaving tomorrow, can you say a few words to your fans in China and the online users?
Nadal: I would like to say thank you very much to everybody, being here for a week, even though I couldn't play but I can still feel the all the fans' warmth and this is a very unforgettable moment to me. I have previously been to Beijing for 2 weeks and I can also feel all the fans' warmth. I want like to thank all the fans even though I couldn't play for everybody this time, but I would also like to thank all the fans who were there at the stadium and to the tournament's organisers.

11-15-2005, 05:12 PM
Thanks for all that information. Rafa sounds just as good as he looks and that isn't always the case :) I was sorry to learn about this foot injury. Here I had been concerned about the knee problems he has had and it was his foot that stopped him from playing. The Masters Cup has really been hurt with pull outs before the Tournament even started and now there are more pull outs. I know Rafa wouldn't play unless he could give it 100% because that is how he plays, but I do feel sorry for the people in China especially the people who put the Tournament together. They have really gotten hit hard with all the withdraws. :sad:

11-16-2005, 11:44 AM
Thanks for all that information. Rafa sounds just as good as he looks and that isn't always the case :)
He really does.
I mean, look at what he said about his sister. that's the sweetest thing a guy could say about his sis ^^

Thanks for the info Veyonce :)

11-16-2005, 05:24 PM
He really does.
I mean, look at what he said about his sister. that's the sweetest thing a guy could say about his sis ^^

Thanks for the info Veyonce :)
Yes thanks. And it was very sweet what he said about his sister a lot of older brothers wouldn't have said that. And I do wish Rafa and other players who don't have English as their first language would stop worrying about it. We all know he is from Spain and I think he can make himself understood quite well in English. If I were over in Spain, I couldn't make myself understood at all :sad: