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09-19-2003, 01:31 AM
The MDG is the initials for the Men's Dice Game. This is how it will be played. First of all you don't need to bother sending in any points. For me that never really worked and I got annoyed lol. This game however is more based on luck and chance but its really fun. This is how I determine the winner of a match.

For example lets say Andy Roddick vs. Marat Safin. I roll the dice once for Roddick, and then once for Safin. The one with the higher number when I rolled the dice, gets a game. This continues until that player has won the match. If both players get the same number when I roll for them, then I simply roll again. It sounds a bit confusing but I promise it will be fun. On the Women's boards this sort of game already has had success with the feds ETPA and The Dice Game.

Once I get a the way...who do I ask to get a spot on the Forum? But once I get a spot on the Forum...I will post the Tournament Schedule and the First Tournament. So Please Join...I would really appreciate it. I think it will be fun and interesting. Its my first game and I am sure it will be lots of fun. Just reply with the player you want and the country they are from. Thanks! -Dan-

William Hunt
02-03-2004, 10:14 PM
Hi Arod, there does not seem to be much interest in your game. Are U still planning to run it ?