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College Football Week 9 (October 27-29)

10-27-2005, 01:38 PM
Virginia Tech Hokies -13.5

The Boston College Eagles are one of my favorite teams to bet on but this is definitely not the spot to take them. BC is averaging 423.4 total yards per game but what will they be able to do against a Tech team allowing only 238.1 total yards per game? Both these teams have Top 20 run-defense so you definitely have to look at who has the bigger advantage on the ground. Give that to Marcus Vick and the Hokies who are averaging 193.1 yards on the ground per game. Virginia Tech is allowing only 9.0 points per game which is currently #1 in the NCAA. Led by QB Quinton Porter, Boston College likes to move the ball slowly and this will cost them dearly. The Eagles are ranked 102nd in yards per pass and this is going to be a big problem in this game. Also, BC is allowing opposing QBís to complete 62.8% of their passes this season and Marcus Vick is going to be a one-man wrecking crew in this game. On the flip side of things, VT allow opposing QBís to complete only 49.7% of their passes and Porter is going to feel pressure all night.

Duke Blue Devils +14

Most of you will think I am crazy for taking this one but do you really think Duke will go all season without covering a game (currently 0-7-0 ATS). Answer is no. This is definitely the game to take Duke as they are coming off a very respectable showing against FSU last week where they put up 24 points. Navy came in this place on October 1 and just barely escaped with a 28-21 win. I think Wake Forest is one of the most improved teams in the Nation but I donít see them covering this kind of road game. QB Cory Randolph is still questionable this week and without him, Wake might come close to losing this game. I see both teams having success scoring and the points should come in bunches. However, the X-Factor in this one will be RB/KR Ronnie Drummer who is one of the most dangerous return guys in the Nation in my opinion. Drummer has Dukeís PLAY OF THE GAME in three games this year, returned a kickoff 100 yards for a TD against East Carolina, ran for an 81-yard touchdown against Miami, ran a 50-yarder against GTech and ran a 55-yarder against FSU last week. Drummer is averaging 12.4 yards per carry this season. This game should be a cakewalk for Wake Forest but trust me when I say that they will underestimate the Blue Devils badly and for a period of time, this game will be in jeopardy.

Auburn Tigers -19.5

Sign me up for this one in a hurry. Ole Miss is part of my overachievers list and it will be made evident today. Sure they might be playing well at home but coming into Jordan-Hare Stadium and actually having a decent game is just not going to happen. I would be completely shocked if Ole Miss managed to score more than once in this game as they average only 304.0 total yards per road game this season. The Rebels average a paltry 76.3 rushing yards per road game and must face a relentless Auburn defense allowing only 3.2 yards per carry at home. Ole Miss is completing only 48.1% of their passes on the road for 6.6 yards per pass attempt but must face an Auburn defense allowing opposing QBís to complete only 54.7% of their passes at home for only 5.7 yards per pass attempt. The O-Line on this team is as weak as it gets and Auburn is going to create turnovers left and right in this one. The Auburn Tigers come into this game averaging 416.2 total yards per home game on a whopping 6.5 yards per play. Ole Miss has played well defensively this season but can they stop Auburnís 178.0 rushing yards per home game? In the air, the Tigers are completing 60.7% of their passes at home for 8.5 yards per pass attempt and get to face an Ole Miss defense that allows 6.3 yards per pass attempt on the road. This game is going to be controlled from start to end by the Tigers and their ability to create turnovers is going to turn this thing into a blowout of epic proportions. The Tigers still remember that 24-20 loss here in 2003 and there is no way they let Ole Miss off the hook for their mistakes in this one.

Texas Tech Raiders -10.5

Why the hell is everyone scared off by a little hook? Either you buy it down or you take this line at -11. WhateverÖTexas Tech is rolling big time in this game and there is no stopping Hodges and the boys. After allowing 52 points to Texas last week, it is back to basics for TT and I expect a much better performance this week. The Raiders still average 557.9 total yards per game and although Baylor has played well defensively, I donít think they have seen quite the offense like this one before. The Bears have overachieved defensively and TT will show them to the tune of 6-7 TDís. Opponents are completing only 50.3% of their passes against Baylor this season which would explain why they have played well so far. Texas Tech will complete at least 70% of their passes under Hodges and Baylor doesnít have the personnel to keep up in this one. The Bears average only 332.1 total yards on offense and once TT goes up by a few touchdowns, the catchup game is going to be near impossible for a team not built for come-from-behind situations. Texas Tech still allows only 322.1 total yards per game on 4.7 yards per play. Baylor will have all sorts of problems against this defense that allows only 5.5 yards per pass attempt this season. The offensive line is as useless as it gets and Shawn Bell is in for one hell of a long afternoon.

Kansas Jayhawks +6.5

This is one of the most laughable lines I have seen all week. To be honest with you guys, something tells me Kansas wins this game straight up and catch these dumbass Tigers sleeping. What people donít realize is that Kansas is sporting one hell of a defensive unit this season, unlike Missouri. This game is in Kansas and the way I see it, the better defensive team will win the game. Missouri ranked 66th against the run and 70th against the pass. On the flip side of things, Kansas is ranked #2 in the Nation against the run and 73rd against the pass. Mizzou is ranked #9 in the Nation in rushing and when the run-game is not working for Brad Smith and company, this team is not capable of functioning properly. The Tigers average 241.6 rushing yards per game this season and I fully expect this Jayhawks defense to concentrate on making Smith throw the ball (which usually results in turnovers). On the offensive side of things, Kansas needs to expose this shaky Missouri defense that is allowing 31.0 points per game on the road. Kansas is averaging 25.8 points per game on the road which is where they have played their best ball of the season (although against weaker opponents than Mizzou). Did you all forget that Missouri almost lost to Okie State a few weeks back on the road? I will put a small stake on Kansas actually winning this game since they have won the last two meetings convincingly.

Georgia Bulldogs +5.5

When the hell are these oddsmakers ever going to learn their lesson and stop making the Bulldogs big underdogs in a very important SEC matchup. Sure DJ Shockely is out this week but the last time I checked, this team was undefeated because of their outstanding defense. Shockley has played well this season but he is mistake prone and I donít think it will make that much of a difference. We can most certainly expect a very good defensive battle from two of the TOP 5 defenses in the Nation. I strongly believe that the difference in the end will be Georgiaís ability to move the ball on the ground via Thomas Brown and Danny Ware. Both of these RBís are going to pound the ball inside, wearing down the Florida D-Line and making them more susceptible to big plays downfield. The Bulldogs also average 9.3 yards per pass attempt compared to Floridaís 7.4 yards per pass attempt. Since this game is being played on a Neutral site, the homecrowd advantage is taken away and regardless, this game ends on a late FG by either team. Georgiaís defense is slightly better than Floridaís and like I mentioned before, these tight SEC games always come down to big defensive plays (that usually create offensive blunders). In my opinion this line is a big fat joke and most of you should get on it before it is brought down by the smart bettors. Donít let the injury to DJ Shockley influence your money one little bit. Sure Shockley is good but Tereshinski has taken snaps and he will be effective.

Fresno State Bulldogs -12 ****PLAY OF THE DAY****

This line almost knocked me out when it first came out. The Bulldogs are too good for the WAC and I truly believe that they would be successful competing in one of the big conferences. The Bulldogs are not ranked #24 for no reason and this is a young Hawaii team playing at an unusual early time. This game is being played at Noon Hawaii time and June Jones might show up in his rainbow striped PJís. Both teams are just as capable as the other to score points but I donít think Hawaii has faced a defense like Fresno Stateís yet this season. The Bulldogs are much better defensively than Michigan State. Fresno State is allowing only 300.0 total yards in road games this season and although Hawaii averages 540.3 total yards per home game, the Bulldogs will most likely cut that in half. The Bulldogs are averaging 411.0 total yards of offense per road game this season and get to face a disastrous Hawaii defense allowing 483.7 total yards per home game. Fresno State is going to have no problem whatsoever scoring at least 60 points in this game and to be honest, Hawaii will not score more than 30 and the -12 is the best line I have seen all season. Sure the Warriors might be fired up by itís NoonÖtheyíll be sleeping and Fresno State will be ready to go. Donít miss out on this line guys because it is truly one of the bigger gifts in 2005.



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bad gambler
10-29-2005, 07:16 AM
I'm with you on Fresno Flava

good luck mate

10-29-2005, 02:49 PM
Sorry I don't have my record haven't been able to keep it up cause I've just had sooo many things going lately. 3 plays for me right now today. Best of luck to everyone!!!!

4* Texas Tech (-10) (-125) Over Baylor - Bought 1 pt
2* Missouri (-3) (-125) Over Kansas - Bought 1 pt
2* TCU (-3) (-120) Over San Diego St - Bought 1/2 pt

Good Luck to All!!!!

10-29-2005, 04:51 PM
3 units Played a 10 point 3 team teaser:

Oregon St to win vs Arizona
fresno State - 3
Penn state - 5

and Clemson ml + 115 x 2 units

this is a good clemson squad thats had some tough close losses. I love the way Whitehurst runs this offense. Clemson the last few years has dominated this game only to let GT back into it late I dont see that happening this year so im taking the plus odds on the ml.

10-29-2005, 09:59 PM
wow true freshman starts the game and is playing like a stud for Arizona. Meanwhile Moore 4 ints and 1 fumble yet hes 16 for 22, so hes almost a lock for a completion hes just not picky on which side catches it. Looks like zonas gonna win and blow my teaser outta the water.

10-29-2005, 11:04 PM
christ 52 yard field goal was available for clemson and instead on 4th and 7 clemson completes a 2 yd pass to lose 10 - 9 Clemson had so many chances to win this game but could not punch one in all day. Guess the coach knows better than I if his kicker could hit from 52 but woulda like to have seen the try.

10-29-2005, 11:23 PM
with the game on the line Moore throws his 5th pick of the day. Geez this kid licks.

10-29-2005, 11:34 PM
the last one was a hail mary but officially today matt moore 32- 43 or more accurately 38 - 43 as he had 6 completions for picks. Another loss 29-27

blow outs I can take these squeekers lick ass

10-29-2005, 11:36 PM
chasing on fresno now. The lines moved some so I got them at -12.5 so they should win by a solid 12 lol.

10-30-2005, 01:38 AM

what a day today boys....