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Davis Cup Interview: 10/10/03

09-12-2003, 11:34 AM
on Davis Cup site:

Juan Carlos, Davis Cup, semi final again for Spain, how exciting is that?

It's very exciting, to be again in semi finals, we've played here two years and we lost *mumbles* and we have the opportunity to be in the final again and i think we are in a good state because we're playing in Spain in Malaga, with all the crowd supporting us, you know and so its special

Talk about that special aspect. Whats it like when you walk out on court with the spanish crowd going nuts and crazy?

It's not easy to speak about this, you know, you feel that you know you see all the crowd scream and everything and you make me feel special because the people are crying all the time your name and you know supporting all the time and you feel special on the court. *female laughing in background lol!!!*

Playing Argentina, the Argentine players have got so many members in the top 100, obviously they are going to be very strong...

Very strong because i think they are playing very good and always its difficult to play Argetine guy and always in clay court they are very strong you know and they have very strong team you know and it's gonna be very difficult but i think we have a great team as well

You're playing on your favourite surface, grass right?
Yeah exactly we are playing on grass (laughs)..Malaga, so you know its going to be played and it's going to be great


09-12-2003, 08:00 PM
Thanks esther for the link and the transcript. Too bad the tie's excitement came down a notch with Coria and Nalby's withdrawal. But it should make it easier for the Spaniards to get thru the weekend, so it's all good.

09-13-2003, 04:01 AM
yeah i know...would have been an incredible tie if both teams were with their best players and would have been really close i think...
but now i think spain will thrash em even tho argentina has pretty good back up players